German firm has agreement of cooperation with USPS

The Postal Service is one step closer to PMG Jack Potter’s vison of being the last mile of delivery for every American. Deutsche Post — which owns DHL — announced today that it has an agreement of cooperation with USPS that will have us delivering 40,000 more packages a day using Priority Mail and Parcel Select Service. The agreement also makes USPS the exclusive delivery provider for DHL to nearly 3,600 of the nation’s ZIP Codes.

“I am pleased that DHL has chosen to expand its relationship with the Postal Service,” said Acting VP Ground Packages Jim Cochrane. “This new volume is a natural extension of the delivery service we already provide to DHL and further recognizes the value of our delivery reach. Last-mile delivery remains a fundamental strength of the Postal Service.

“Partnering with us has environmental benefits as well, because it reduces the number of different trucks in the neighborhood serving the same locations,” Cochrane added, “locations we visit every day.”

DHL will use Priority Mail — USPS’ premiere two- to three-day shipping service — and Parcel Select, one of the Postal Service’s ground package services.

Parcel Select is a reliable, low-cost way for businesses to ship packages to residential customers. Postal Service business partners — including traditional competitors like DHL, FedEx and UPS — pick up packages from large retailers and then transport and deposit these packages at a USPS facility near the customer’s address. From there, letter carriers deliver the packages the last mile to their final destination.