Arbitrator Issues Award in Rural Carriers Contract Case


The link below is to the Award issued by the interest arbitration panel chaired by Arbitrator Herbert Fishgold as well as to the separate statement from NRLCA Arbitrator Dennis D. Clark. The Award sets the terms of the 2006-2010 USPS-NRLCA National Agreement.

Click here to view the Award and the separate statement from Arbitrator Clark


A- Salary increase effective 11-25-2006 1.2% increase in each step level

                              effective 11-24-2007 1.5% increase in each step level

The 2006 and 2007 step level increases will be paid as soon as practible.

                              effective 11-22-2008 1.5% increase in each step level

                              effective 11-21-2009 1.5% increase in each step level

B- Four year contract.

C-Cash payment of $686.00 for each regular carrier and proportional cash payments for other employees.

D-COLA roll-in base May 2007 with COlA roll in for RCAs February 2011

E- EMA $ 38.5 and increase of $ 07.5 over three years broken down as follows: 3 cents in January 2008, 2 cents in October 2008 and 2.5 cents in October 2009.

F- An additional 15,000 employer provided vehcles.

G- Change of address credit of 15 seconds.

H- TRC cap of 15% for each area level.

I- Employee health plan contributions will see a 2% increase in employee paid contributions for 2009, a 1% increase in 2010 and another 1%increase in 2011.

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USPS Press Release

Contracts Now in Place With All Four Major Postal Service Unions

A three-member arbitration panel led by neutral chairman Herbert Fishgold issued its award today, establishing the terms of the new collective bargaining agreement between the Postal Service and the National Rural Letter Carriers’ Association (NRLCA). The award establishes a four-year contract (from Nov. 20, 2006 to Nov. 20, 2010), affecting approximately 68,000 career employees and 55,000 non-career employees who deliver mail to residences and businesses on rural delivery routes.

“We are pleased to have contracts in place with all four of our major unions, bringing the 2006 labor negotiation process to an end,” said Doug Tulino, Postal Service vice president, Labor Relations.

The Postal Service and the NRLCA reached a tentative four-year contract agreement in Dec. 2006, in collective bargaining negotiations, but the two parties entered the arbitration process after the union membership failed to ratify the agreement.