Photo: Hereford, TX Post Office Wood Sculpture

A sculptured wood mural located in the Hereford, TX. 79045 post office. 

Title: “On the Range”
Artist: Enid Bell
Year: 1941

 A poster commented on the Flickr page:

According to the TX PO mural book this piece is lucky to still be in one piece and in the PO:

1967, during PO renovations, a contractor took the piece home and installed it above his fireplace. In the early 70’s after the US General Services Adm. took control of the building and art, they tracked the piece down however, they stored it in a warehouse in Ft Worth for “years”. Reportedly, the GSA refused the Hereford Postmaster’s request to return it to Hereford. In 1973, with intervention by US Senator Ralph W. Yarborough, the GSA returned the piece to the PO. Then, in 1985, a painting contractor knocked the piece off the wall and it split into sections. Fortunately, the worker was able to reassemble the piece with carpenters glue