USPS paid out nearly $1 Billion In Overtime During FY 2012 First Quarter

According to reports filed with the Postal Regulatory Commission USPS paid out $964,756,219.13 in overtime during the first quarter of  2012 fiscal year . Last year during the same period USPS paid out over $980 million. USPS attributed the $980 million to reduction in personnel (VERA and attrition) , mail rerouting, and equipment deployment delays and […]

Mandatory Overtime to End Soon for Many APWU-Represented Employees

Beginning Nov. 23, 2011, mandatory overtime will end for many APWU-represented employees. In accordance with the 2010-2015 Collective Bargaining Agreement, full-time regular career Clerk Craft and Motor Vehicle Craft employees who work in an installation and functional area with Non-Traditional Full-Time assignments cannot be required to work overtime (except in an emergency), unless they are […]

OIG: USPS Exceeded Planned Overtime Costs In FY 2010 By $1.15B

Update: Last year reported that some USPS Districts are utilizing  temporary ‘change of schedules’ to avoid or circumvent paying employees overtime. As noted in two APWU grievance settlements: “Each of the Districts have apparently initiated a policy shift instructing supervisors to discontinue work on employees’ days off in an overtime status. In one such […]

OIG: USPS Could Have Saved $122 Million In FY 2009 By Using Lower Costs Employees To Deliver Mail

Postal Service could have avoided paying almost 7 million of the 28 million overtime hours for full-time city letter carriers Our analysis identified that, during FY 2009, city delivery supervisors scheduled full-time city delivery carriers to use overtime hours to deliver the mail on city routes. Management actually expended overtime hours at a cost of […]

USPS Using Temporary Schedule Changes To Avoid Paying Employees Overtime

It appears management officials in many USPS offices across the country are using “temporary schedule changes” to avoid paying Postal Employees overtime. There are also reports that USPS is using Full-time Regular employees like Part-Time Flexibles. Here are two Western Region grievance settlements “Temporary Schedule Changes to Avoid Overtime (PDF)” that may be of interest […]

OIG Audit Report On USPS Overtime Workhours

 Excerpts from the OIG Audit Report On USPS Overtime Workhours: This report presents the results of our self-initiated audit of Postal Service Function 4 Overtime Workhours (Project Number 09RG009MS000). Our objective was to determine whether Postal Service officials effectively managed Function 4 workhours to reduce overtime costs. This audit addresses financial and operational risk. Footnote:  […]

APWU: Casual Exception, Penalty OT Exclusion Periods Set

FY 2010 Casual Exception Period Set Article 7.1.B.5 of the 2006 National Agreement provides exceptions to the six percent and 11 percent casual caps during accounting periods 3 and 4. For Fiscal Year 2010, the casual exception period will be from Nov. 21, 2009 through Jan. 15, 2010. 2009 Penalty Overtime Exclusion Period Set The […]