Editorial: This “Breather” Can Kill Your Job

The PMG’s big announcement of a new Network Consolidation Plan appears to offer relief to many postal employees when in reality it is another management delayed ploy. The reality is this “revised timeline” has three phases disguised as two (typical postal math). On August 11th 48 Plants impacted by Phase 1 will have hundreds of […]

Carry the Rally Cry and protest PMG’s proposed changes to service standards

The following alert was released by Omar M. Gonzalez, APWU Western Region Coordinator: FIGHT THE PMG’S QUEST TO UNDERMINE SERVICE TODAY! The Postmaster General’s dastardly plan to close mail processing plants and postal facilities REQUIRES him to change service standards. Management is “selling” these proposed changes as a good thing. But the documentation required and […]

USPS to Implement Nationwide Clerk Excessing In November

Issued by the Office of the APWU Regional Coordinator Omar M. Gonzalez, Sept. 26, 2011 USPS Pacific Area Mandates Non Traditional Bids Info indicates there will be a nationwide excessing move date of Nov. 19, 2011 [ SAN DIEGO, CA ] In a telecom Area compliment management informed the Region of management’s intent to staff […]