FERS & CSRS Disability Retirement & the Postal Service: An Exodus, and the Reasons Why

The following is an editorial by Attorney Robert McGill written exclusively for PostalReporter.com The fox will gnaw its hind leg off in order to escape from the claws of a trap, to go away injured and less of a predator, but to return to survive for another day.  But man – that most unfortunate of […]

USPS Incentive Offer Available to Postal Employees Seeking Disability Retirement

APWU News The union has received a number of inquiries recently seeking clarification about whether employees who retire on disability are eligible for the incentive negotiated by the APWU, President William Burrus said. “The agreement does not exclude such employees,” he noted. “The Memorandum of Understanding provides for an incentive of $15,000 for employees who retire […]