Deputy PMG promotes ‘culture of customer service’

Pledges support for customer experience improvement plans

stromanTreating customers well is key to revenue generation and keeping USPS competitive, Deputy Postmaster General (DPMG) Ron Stroman told Chicago District employees last week.

The DPMG also called for tapping into the “reservoir of trust” USPS has earned as the most trusted government agency to establish a culture of customer service. “We also need to re-instill in our employees a sense of pride in working for the Postal Service, pride in their appearance and pride in how they treat each customer,” said Stroman.

Stroman visited Chicago to meet with the district’s leadership team, customer service managers, and with retail associates and letter carriers at two stations. He noted that USPS beats the competition when it comes to delivery service — but that alone isn’t enough to increase revenue.

“We beat FedEx and UPS in package growth last year,” Stroman told the station managers. “We have more competitive prices, and we have more business opportunities. Now, we have to provide better customer service.”

Stroman noted Chicago’s efforts to improve customers’ experiences with USPS and pledged his support as station managers listed ideas to address four key areas for continued gains — building strong relationships, loyal customers, repeat customers and revenue growth.

“Our customers have choices, they don’t have to come to us,” said Stroman. “How people are treated makes all the difference in the world.”

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11 thoughts on “Deputy PMG promotes ‘culture of customer service’


    How can I get the info. on this senior junior regional supervisor of central illinois. Looked up on the internet, with no success!

    Oh, thanks for your response and any other suggestions that you can give me, greatly appreciated!!!!!


    I started with the Post Office Manager, Supervisor, someone in Wisconsin who so called makes up the routes for Woodstock, the USPS Inspectors General office, Politicions and the local NW Herald, including a few others. As you can see, I’m still at base one since May 14, 2012. Do you have anyother suggestions?

  3. Mr. DPMG, Whatever it was that you told Chigago; PLEASE Make it an Executive Order, Put it in writing, and tell The bosses to obey your order. If I help an elderly person at the counter use tape or position the stamp on their mail, I’m told that time is being wasted; tell the 85 year old veteran to get out of line and come back when their mail is ready to go. W T H ! Thank You

  4. Hey Mr DPMG let me clue you in. The people trust their carriers and clerks. We always give the best service we can. It’s you clowns who are mucking up service.
    That’s reality, deal with it.

  5. to poster..patricia altieri…
    you need to speak with the senior junior regional supervisor of
    overcoming stupidity for the central illinois region.
    no seriously, i don’t know that you can get a intelligent, honest answer from
    anyone in postal management. this is how the whole sinking ship operates.
    one layer of worthless management on top of another and each making
    assinine decision after assinine decision with no accountability.

  6. Goofey & Omar sang:

    This is the end
    Beautiful friend
    This is the end
    My only friend, the end
    Of our elaborate plans, the end
    Of everything that stands, the end
    No safety or surprise, the end
    I’ll never look into your eyes…again

    They then walked off with their APWU Officer Only Retirement Plan which was paid for by the lemmings dues.

  7. My mailbox and post were hit three times, by the third time they were both distroyed. I thought it’s best to move both to another location, in front of my house were it’s less to be hit again. Given permission from the Post Office and explaining the story to the Supervisor, I moved and replaced both 30ft. across my driveway. I live on a cul-de-sack, duplex. I did everything by the Postal Service requirements!! The Postal Carrier does not have to go out of his way and located on the same side of the street, curbside. He doesn’t walk, he drives to each mailbox on the block, but mine. Just drives right by my mailbox. I was told by the area Supervisor that the carriers don’t get paid for an extra stop! She gave me an alternative, either move it back to the same location or they won’t deliver my mail or get a PO BOX at their building and pick up my mail myself. I was being Bullied and this is the same Supervisor who gave me permission from the very begining!! PUBLIC SERVICE NOT IN WOODSTOCK, ILLINOIS!!! It may not be the carriers but the people who run it!!!!

  8. deputy postmaster stroman and pmg pat donahoe have done nothing but promote stupid ideas that trash customer service and drive the postal customers away. then idiot donahoe stands by some graph with an arrow pointing down showing sales are falling and blames all the decline on the internet! horse puckey! how these idiot bureaucratic clowns have kept their jobs this long is amazing to me. obviously,
    nobody with any business sense is paying attention, or has any power to fire donahoe and company and replace them with an individual that at the very least has some real world business experience and the brain capacity to plan and execute for the future. donahoe and stroman have been unarguably total failures!

  9. They want customer service,while they continue to cut service.Someone please explain this to me.Grow the parcel business?We’ve been saying that for years.Boy these guys at the top are really smart.I say FIRE THEM ALL!!!

  10. Holy Crap! “Culture of Customer Service”? Really? There is NO customer service anymore. At our window we have only 2 clerks from 3 to 5:30 – since we do passports along with the window, There is usually only 1 clerk in the window and 1 clerk in passports. This is the busiest time in the window and we were actually told that 20 minutes waiting in line is “just the way it is now”. This is so frustrating!! The people are starting to complain and some are getting mean. Managers do not care. We get complaints everyday from customers on all sorts of things. So, Mr. PMG, you may want to rethink what you are saying. It is not true. It all sounds wonderful on paper. But you never back it up!!!!!

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