Video: Suspicious Powder At Waco Postal Facility Prompts HAZMAT Response

WACO (August 4, 2012)—The Waco Fire Department’s HAZMAT team responded Saturday morning after workers discovered a suspicious white powder at a mail-processing center.

The powder spilled onto a pallet at the U.S. Postal Service annex at 7200 Imperial Dr. in Waco.

One thought on “Video: Suspicious Powder At Waco Postal Facility Prompts HAZMAT Response

  1. ISC
    Who’s jerking who around?  
    USPS does not has to answer to APWU on whether to call a buyout. Buyout money does not come from the Union. If the APWU thinks that they are holding USPS hostage over some measly negotiation, they need to think twice. The official contract has already been settled and this holdup only delay the exit of eligible employees.   
    USPS now has reasons to declare a bankruptcy and have the court review the contract in having it void and reorganize.   
    Even though Guffey is saying he is not negotiating in public, what is the “accepting the best offer that is not in the best interests of our members”? What can be improve of this buyout other than more money?  
    Will Guffey reveal what was his best interest offer for employees if USPS decides to go ahead with the buyout without the union’s approval?  
    Congress is going home and won’t return until the end of the month but USPS will continue to lose $2 Billion a month.   
    This $2 Billion is more than enough to complete the 100,000 employees exit. So far only 4,000 postmaster and 3,000 mailhandlers are leaving. This 7,000+ number is far short of expectation of USPS.   
    Are people forgetting USPS plans of 30,000 a year for the next 5 years? They’ve been short for the last 2 years.

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