APWU: Update on Incentives

APWU Web News Article 94-2012, Aug. 2, 2012

As we reported in June, the APWU has been engaged in informal conversations with management on financial incentives to encourage employees to leave the Postal Service.

Although no official offers have been made, discussions are continuing, APWU President Cliff Guffey has reported.

“I understand that there is great interest in this topic among some members, but it is simply not feasible or smart to conduct negotiations in public,” he said.

“As additional information becomes available, we will keep members informed. This process cannot be rushed. In the meantime, please rest assured that needs of APWU members are uppermost in our mind. We will not be pressured into accepting an offer that is not in the best interests of our members.”

71 thoughts on “APWU: Update on Incentives

  1. For the sake of those willing to retire with a VER, lets hope someone at the covenction that begins on August 20, 2012, at Los Angels, CA adds the issue to what will be discussed and Mr. Guffey takes immediate action to negotiate the incentive.

  2. Just let the P.O. give us the damn incentive offer and let us make up our own minds you Jackass!

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  4. Bobby………..agree 100% In addition, I think Mr. Guffy would have been perfect for our current Congress!

  5. Brother Guffy, if you can still call yourself that with a straight face, you made a decision that was best for you an your paycheck as opposed to the members you were elected to represent! Your fight with the Postal Service will continue regardless. Holding those of us who have paid our dues to the P.O an the union demonstrates a selfishness unworthy of a national president.

  6. I can’t believe all the stupid, ignorant , uneducated, and just plain morons that leave these comments about Guffey. Anyone that feels they should get out of the Union are just plain idiots…take a look at your benefits…did they fall out of the sky. If you don’t like the Union then please quit the Post Office. The American Postal Workers Union got all of us a decent life with decent benefits. Most of you are paying your bills and living a reasonable life because of what you earn in your check…negotiated by who?…….The APWU…that’s who. Stop complaining and get a life. Take a look around you….how many of your friends or family have a no layoff clause? I never have to worry about a pink slip in my mail box…so shut up and be thankful for what we do have….a job for life.

  7. I thought a ver came from the postal service? What right does the union have in negotiating one? If I am wrong about this please correct me. This is for Elizabeth, I have 35+yrs. I can go whenever i choose., But after one closure now possible another it would be nice to get a little incentive after all the bulls–t I but up with over those 35+ yrs. Thank You

  8. Thanks for the “BIG WIN” Ratzo! It was not my intention to use my real name, but appreciate the Ratzo Rizzo, Midnight Cowboy is one of my most favorite movies of all times, Dustin Hoffman was amazing in that roll. Will keep you informed.

  9. Guffey, just get us our incentive and early out, we don’t care if you’re “looking out for our best interests”, we’ve totally lost all faith in you. Just get us our VER as soon as possible, and quit using us as pawns against managment to get what you want. What the mailhandlers got is fine!

  10. It’s not about our needs, it’s about the Postal Service’s needs. Right now they can’t afford to have untold thousands of clerks heading for the exits because most distribution clerks have to be scheme qualified. Even though there is a surplus of employees, right now it’s a strain on some areas where qualified employees have already retired. It takes time to train replacements and that’s what they don’t have, time and money. It’s not a matter of if we get an incentive but when. Game recognizes game, the Union is just trying to make it look good.

  11. Cliff Guffey or Goofy, do you realize that you are the laughing stock
    of all the Postal Unions, NALC, NRCLA, & Mail Handlers and soon
    to be Nurses? Your actions have brought nothing but derisiveness,
    and shame upon the APWU. Negoatiate now before the window
    of opportunity closes.

  12. Cliff:

    Have a NICE time at the Convention on our Union dues since it will most
    likely be the last one you attend as our fearless leader. Most of the people
    I have spoken with are calling for thier anniversary dates, and I think you
    know why. Can’t say it was nice knowing you since you Screwed all your
    clerk craft members out of a parting gift courtesy of the USPS.
    Please give my regards to Bell, Morris and the crew as you have Screwed
    them also as they will also be nothing more than a bad memory after this
    next election.
    I’ll bet you never thought that one issue such as this would bring down
    your reign as King Cliff. As they say you have to pick your fights and
    know which ones to participate in. In this case you picked the wrong
    fight with your own Union members by holding them hostage and not
    agreeing to allowing them to have an Incentive to retire.
    How dare you think you could do this to these members and act like
    nothing you have done is wrong. Take a lesson from the Mail Handlers

  13. I don’t think the incentive talks are STILL in negotiations, I think its a bluff….All accusations aside now, how bad could the initial offer have been? Mail handlers were offered $15,000, Postmasters were offered $20,000. All this going on and the clerks were valued at ????? Now for those who have posted about “clerks whining” and “why dont we all just go ahead and retire if we are all this anti-establishment” maybe those of you who posted such remarks need to understand how difficult it is to want to leave , able to leave, eligible to leave and know as soon as we do, here comes the money….one day…two day…three days later?…..Its a crap shoot….I’ve seen it to many times the frustration of those who left…even AFTER the USPS said “NO INCENTIVES” Just a few months later, offer came, clerks were bought out in 2009. Those who left just prior to that……how pitiful….they were whining more than the rest of us who were left behind to hang in just a few more years. I mean, how bad could it have gotten for us? Well, this is as bad as I’ve ever seen it. Could get worse, could get better, its a gamble…Now during the last buy out, everyone said, “oh, the economy is bad, we’re broke, headlines say we’re all gonna sink….rumors even started payroll would be in jeopardy….its still here. We are still here, and I would rather be whining from the other side of the fence!!!!

  14. Dear Kevin J. Baker, Secretary/Treasurer of the Miami Area Local APWU:
    Firstly, allow me to apologize to any member of the Nat’l AWPU if I have misinformed any of them into thinking that “ALL UNION MEMBERS WERE TREATED EQUALLY NATIONWIDE”. HERE IN THE “MIAMI AREA LOCAL APWU” WE ARE REWARDED $250 AFTER COMPLETING 25+ YEARS OF MEMBERSHIP IN THE APWU. Why this reward applies to the members of the Miami Area Local & not elsewhere is beyond my comprehension? *As I had posted earlier: In order to receive this $250 reward you must obtain and provide a copy of your union anniversary date “SEGMENT E” form which must be printed directly from the “EMPLOYEE MASTER RECORD”, which you may request from the USPS/HR Shared Service Center, but my manager was very instrumental in promptly obtaining this document for me. Please do not rely on your steward, as I was given the wrong info. it only delayed the payment process, (and we know why employees get involved with the union, for the same reason employees sign up for mgmt positions, they don’t want to work). Once you obtain a copy of your union anniversary date “SEGMENT E” form – fax it to the attn of: Kevin J. Baker, Secretary – Treasurer at 305-591-5975 **I received my check via US MAIL in approx 1 week.

    PS. I hope that I have corrected this information to allow you time to do more important duties than checking on blog sites to get updated information on how the membership is feeling. I wish not to go there about my political opinion in this open forum.

  15. I am confused also!! When did it become common practice for people not to want to retire unless given incentive? Is it the Postal Services fault that you lived beyond you means? Is it their job to make sure you have enough money to retire? Wasn’t that what YOU were suppose to be doing the whole time you worked? To put money away to be ok to retire when the time comes? I am not saying saying that the union has not sold us out, but where have you people been for the last 20+ years, that is all the union has been doing? But now your ready to retire and have something at stake you all of the sudden want to hang people? Where were you when people were be sold out, PTF’s have been getting screwed for years on end yet no one cared. So as for as I am concerned if you are ready to retire and you think its so bad, then go! Stop whinning and get out.. If you don’t have enough time, well then keep working shut your mouths and start saving.

  16. As a PTF clerk, I feel sold down the river. I have paid all my union dues, for years..I am in my 26th year. I seriously wonder if the union has ever been named in a class action suit. I have paid, am an excellent worker, have 2000 hours sick time, am 55, willing to work, and my local union at least..is silent…like someone else said earlier, unless you are that moron, who should be thown out the door fired, you are the only one the union backs. Bahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

  17. Remember back when the vote on the new contract was occurring, how dare anyone get up and speak against the union! NBA’s were sent to locals to get a yes vote. I applaud those who spoke against!

  18. The Union does not want to lose all the dues paying members it is going to lose once the early out comes. That is their MAIN concern. The last contract proves that. F the union and its leadrers/thieves.

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