Video: Dismantling the Postal Service is not the way to save it

You should say hello to your letter…while you still can. Because you may soon be saying goodbye.

Back in 2006, Congress passed a bill that needlessly drains the Postal Service of billions of dollars each year.

Now, some in Congress advocate shutting local post offices and eliminating Saturday and door-to-door delivery. They would rather cut your services than fix the problem Congress created.

Dismantling the Postal Service is not the way to save it. Tell Congress: Vote no on H.R. 2309.

14 thoughts on “Video: Dismantling the Postal Service is not the way to save it

  1. Everybody keeps saying how rich Romney is. Grated he is wealthy . But what about Obama, he is wealthy too. He is worth about $10.5 million. I consider that wealthy too. $200 million or $10.5 million what does it matter. Anything past a million can buy anything you can dream of.

  2. Republicans would outsource to China if they could as the only important to this group is outsourcing free enterprise to low labor cost in countries that have no regard for human rights. The return on goods produced in third world countries has no respect for people but only for creating revenue to increase company earnings which increases corporate wealth such as Ralph Lauren getting contract for Making US Olympic team clothing at a low cost in China to increase his as well as corporate wealth. Free enterprise allows whatever is necessary to make dollars as China producing American olympic clothing is a prime example. Ralph Lauren shouldt no allowed to own land in Montanna outsource him to china as his money machine is in production there.
    Working middle class Americans need to have a clear understanding of super rich such as Rommey, Lauren and other republicans that have no concern for working people but only concern is making profits without any concern for human beings used regardless of where they live in the world to work at the lowest possible wage to increase profits/revenue for corporate super rich.

  3. This Social Security idea that it will not be there in the future is a bunch of bull. Social Security will ALWAYS be there. The only thing that will happen is adjustments will be made. Workers will either be paying more or people on it will be receiving less or both.

  4. Jarmeel: Good luck on that. Congress will never give it back because it makes the deficit look better. USPS is the only agency that makes a profit if you don’t count the pre-funding BS. As voting union, VOTE UNION!! but don’t give to COLCPE.
    The union will give it to politicians that will take your money and then stab you in the back. Obama(5 day delivery) Senators S. 1789.

  5. I’am a 20+yr employee of usps and i think congress needs to come off that money and return it to it’s rightfull owner(usps) that won’t happen so do the right thing and take it off the books making the postal service pay off a 75 yr debt in only 10 yrs is strong arm robbery(irs tactics)imagine having to pay ur 30yr mortgage within 5yrs who would’nt be in the streets???? Lesson learned we vote these people in make them pay at the polls!!!!!!!!!! and for gods sake vote union!!!!!!!!!! go APWU!!!!!!!!

  6. Wrong! The Postmaster makes more then the VP not the President. President makes 400k, PMG $271,871, VP $230,700. This of course is base salary. Other compensation adds to that.
    As to 5 day delivery, it would not save as much as the USPS states. The overtime on Monday and lost business would negate the savings. EBay, Amazon would switch to another carrier. FedEx and UPS or some other carrier would fill the void.

  7. Eric….if they dont do something to cut finances we wont have a post office. Going to 5 day delivery is certainly better than not having a post office. I really dont see that it would hurt anything, really. Mondays would be hell, but 5 day is better than the alternative. They need to lower that bill we need to pay too, or either make other agencies pay something to. Its so unfair to dump that on the postal service. Thats why we are in the hole. Plus lower the pay of the Postmaster General. God he makes more than the President of the US. Go figure???

  8. Judy: Who do you think helped pass the 2006 Act? The Dem. Who helped elect those Dem in 2004? The Unions and COLCPE. DO NOT GIVE TO COLCPE!! I didn’t say vote for REP. Don’t vote for anybody or vote who will be the best for the country as a whole. Obamacare will create the biggest bureaucracy ever and will not save money. You think deficits are high now you watch! About single payer. Who would pay for it??? Nobody ever thinks about that.

  9. Greg: The 50/50 split was actually 47/53 against when it passed. Now the latest polls show 53/41 for repeal! (Rasmussen). Once people figured out what was in it they were opposed. All the new taxes, mandates and 13000 pages of regulations. Now that the mandate is considered a tax the “Gestapo” IRS will be in charge of it.
    I would not call the SS fund successful to current and future retirees The trust fund has no money and IOUs. It will run out of money in 2024.
    Who would you vote for somebody that pretends to be your friend and takes your money but turns around and stabs you in the back. Or a politician that admits he doesn’t like you and will destroy you but might be better for the country as a whole.You decide in November.

  10. I’ll say it again, if you are blaming this mess on the Unions, then you really don’t understand the whole process. This whole mess is because of the 2006 Postal Reform Act passed during the Bush Administration requiring the PO to make a hugh overpayment to our health care fund. The real truth of it is the US Postal Service has always been such a good money maker throughtout our history, ( a cash cow for Congress). That’s why they increased our payments so we could earn them some of the money that they waste and can’t manage. It’s only when mail volumn dropped recently that we got in trouble. And if we didn’t have to make that payment, we’d still be OK right now. We have good union jobs; they are only good because of collective bargainin and our Unions that negotiate them. Democrats are the ones who support good union paying jobs, and the working man, the middle class, and all of us who struggle. If it were’nt for unions doing that, then you’d be making what the PSE’s and casuals make; is that what you want? And yes to the guy above, I’m tired of Repulicans saying the American people don’t want universal health care. I’m an American, and I do. If you think about it, how could anyone be against health care? It’s a basic human right to seek help when you are sick.

  11. I think the healthcare bill was about a 50/50 split for/against. Saying the bills passage was against the wishes of the people Erick makes it sound like everyone is against it. You being against it doesnt mean everyone else is; especially someone without insurance. To get it to pass it had to be watered down; eliminating single payer for example; but you have to start somewhere. Remember they didnt think SS was a good idea when it started and look how successful it is. The raiding of its funds by politicians has lowered its reserves as well as people living longer. The problem with COLCPE giving is its gonna take a lot of working stiffs giving $5/paycheck $130/yr to offset some millionaire/ billionaire writing 1 check. Save your coins. Obama has been somewhat dissapointing to the middle class but most unionized workers aint gonna vote Republican. U think its bad now with a Republican on board they would be looking to bust unions and privatize the PO>

  12. Our federal government has bankrupted the country. Now they want to bankrupt the only government agency that was supporting itself with a 5.5 billion dollar annual tax. Say hello to third word country! Thanks to our federal government!!

  13. Its the fault of the unions. By supporting the Socialist Democrats election after election, you caused what is going on in this country. You and the unions opened it up for the Republicans and the Tea Party to get in and decimate the working people of this country. Don’t give to COLCPE! I gave to COLCPE for 8 yrs. When the healthcare bill was passed and supported by the unions against the wishes of the people I cut COLCPE OFF! They will just continue to give money to the people who will screw this country. Remember the president was supported by the unions and now he is stabbing us in the back with 5 day delivery.

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