Sen. Carper Deeply Disappointed by Reports of House Delay on Postal Reform

Urges immediate action to avert USPS default

WASHINGTON – Today, Sen. Tom Carper (D-Del.), Chairman of the subcommittee that oversees the U.S. Postal Service, reacted to recent reports that House Leadership will not consider postal reform legislation before its five-week recess beginning in August. The U.S. Postal Service is obligated to pay $5.5 billion to the Department of Treasury on August 1. Without legislation, the Postal Service will be unable to make that payment and will be forced to default:

“I find these reports that the House Leadership is now considering delaying action on postal reform legislation until after its August recess deeply disappointing. In light of the challenges that face the Postal Service and the economy as a whole, the House’s continued unwillingness to act on this issue is completely irresponsible. In April, the Senate came together to pass bipartisan postal reform legislation. Since then, the U.S. Postal Service has hemorrhaged nearly $2 billion in losses in the time that the House has sat on its hands and failed to take up our bipartisan Senate bill – or its own bill – to reform the Postal Service. Meanwhile, the House has managed to find time to vote on any number of issues – many of them highly political in nature, will never become law, and certainly don’t have the ability to preserve jobs and economic activity as postal reform would. The American mailing industry employs over 8 million people and generates almost $1 trillion in economic activity each year and a healthy Postal Service is essential to this industry. The longer the House delays action, the more consumers and businesses become uncertain about the future of the Postal Service, undermining confidence in the Postal Service’s future and harming its ability to build new business. The only way to protect the Postal Service and the industry that relies on it is for the House to act now, not wait until September or later. I strongly urge them to act swiftly to debate and pass a bill to preserve this American institution for generations to come.”

11 thoughts on “Sen. Carper Deeply Disappointed by Reports of House Delay on Postal Reform

  1. Weak minded republican lawmakers to avoid bringing up Postal Reform legislation until after the november elections.This tactic may very well backfire on them.The good people of this country are on to you! We will remember you in november!

  2. dialed, thanks for your input. you are right, they had too much else on their plate. like spending almost those full two years cramming healthcare down our throats that only the parasites wanted.

  3. Heywood, before you call others idiots and fools, learn your punctuation and spelling. It negates everything else you claim. I’m a postal employee and I don’t appreciate your assumption that all postal workers are idiots. At least I know my own language better than you do.
    Otherwise, I doubt Congress will do anything with the reform bill in August. I’ve read reports of them waiting like cowards until the lame duck session after the election. This is because those Representatives of districts where the public has really gotten vocal about saving their offices don’t want that thorn as an election issue, but they are fools because any attempt to stall legislation will be viewed as a negative vote just waiting for a more opportune time. Legislators who favor a decent USPS reform package should have no reason to keep dragging this issue out. My Representative is worthless and totally indifferent to postal employees’ concerns, but others can tell their Congressmen that a failure to help the Service will cost them a vote whether they stall or not.

  4. Lactose: I believe your intolerant and and a Idiot too! Unless you`ve been living under a rock or been listening too much to Rush Limbaugh and Fox News, virtually everything that has been brought up in the “Democratically” controlled Senate since (Obama) was elected has been killed off by their asinine (Closure) vote process where it requires “60” Votes to pass everything and anything, not a simple majority of 51. You are a Fool and have proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that your a Postal Employee! Want to know why the Postal Service is heading for the crapper. They (promote) from within. Even that mass of Intelligence, PMG Patrick Donahoe and former PMG Jack Potter came up through the Ranks as lowly Distribution Clerks, They still can`t get past looking at the OTDL or looking at the Holiday schedule. They are still convinced that Holiday Pay is “Double Time and working Christmas Is Double Time and a Half where anyone can easily see if they have the IQ of their (waist measurement) that since your going to get a (Days Pay) for the Holiday anyway whether you work it or not, all your going to get in an extra Days Pay at “Straight Time”! Only the Christmas Holiday is actually paid at time and a half, just like working any regular day off, Idiot. Yet, most are convinced they are getting paid 2 and a half times the regular hourly rate. You wonder why the USPS is in trouble, LOL

  5. lactose,
    The Democrats has other issues at the time they had control of Congress. 11% unemployment, declining stockmarket, a massive recession, and of course, healthcare. The USPS was only in it’s 2nd year of the PAEA. Bleeding? Yes, but so was every other company in America. Don’t look back to point fingers. The only thing that can be controlled is what gets done NOW. Issa has stalled this and other pieces of legislation for Postal reform. He is solely to blame for this inaction in the House, and he should be held accountable. Politics at it’s finest, thanks to Issa (p.o.s.).

  6. Need I mention, the Democrats had veto proof majorities in the House and Senate for Obama’s first two years as President and they didn’t do anything to save the USPS.

  7. greg….guess you did not get the memo….all postal workers will be off work sept and oct, fmla, SL, AL, workmens’ comp, vaca, and stress leave…they left us hanging these past couple of years, dismantling us now….so guess none of us are really needed to get that political nonsense out, or their votes via USPS….they took their numerous extended vacations…..relax and enjoy taking autumn off !

  8. yeah Carper was in attendance at the postal accountability and enhancement act signing by President Bush in 2006 so he clearly supported it back then. I saw that photo op recently; he was wearing a broad smile and no gun was pointed at his head! Guess he lacked the foresight to consider the damage this bill could do. 96% of PO money troubles are directly tied to this legislation. To bad I have to deliver political mail nonsense and propoganda when I really want to trash it!!

  9. No sir; Mr. Carper, it was you and your kind that has bankrupted the U.S. Postal Service with your unfair 5.5 billion dollar annual tax on the service. Your kind, has bankrupted the whole country with your foolish handling of the peoples money over the past 50 years! There is little solution now. The high taxes paid or monies stolen from our social security and medicare accounts were not enough to satisfy your lust for money. Is it too hard to understand that you cannot send money that you don’t have? Like any large company, the USPS has it’ s share of waste. But, the post office was designed to operate at a break even philosophy. NOT, to fund the wasteful spending of the federal government! Can’t you folks do your job without bankrupting the whole country!!! Be smart with our money and quit trying to make someone else pay for your mistakes!

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