USPS becomes part of company’s rebranding initiative

What’s in a Name

C2 Management


USPS is helping C2 Management with its shipping needs.



Berryville, VA, Postmaster D’Ann McClellan knew that CIE International — a full-service asset management, investment recovery and recycling company — wanted to build a better brand.

Changing the company name to C2 Management helped reflect its mission of cradle-to-cradle, high-tech, sustainable solutions to asset management. As part of its change for the better, the company also took McClellan’s advice and chose USPS as its shipping provider.

C2 Management now enjoys cost-effective shipping solutions and benefits from postal products and services. Being able to order free shipping boxes online and take advantage of Carrier Pickup are other benefits of doing business with the Postal Service.

This new customer is projected to provide up to $450,000 in new revenue annually for the Postal Service.

“Never stop talking about the value of our great products and services,” said McClellan. “You never know what will come of your suggestions.”

source: USPS News Link