New PMG Video To Employees explains how USPS will continue moving forward


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PMG Pat Donahoe updates employees on a number of important matters affecting the USPS in a new video message.

All employees are requested to view this video by July 24, 2012.

In the video, Donahoe notes that along with the challenges USPS faces, such as the continuing decline of mail volume, there’s plenty of good news. For example, USPS is generating more shipping business and is maintaining the volume of First-Class commercial mail — bills, financial statements, etc.

“That’s a very good thing,” says Donahoe. “We want to maintain that volume as much as we can.”

The news surrounding scanning also is positive. Nationwide, scanning rates remain over 93 percent. In addition, service levels across all product lines are at an all-time high.

Donahoe tells employees that new service standards were instituted July 1. The new standards will allow the Postal Service to consolidate up to 140 network facilities, while still providing excellent service to customers.

Donahoe also explains that Congress still has time to approve legislation reforming the Postal Service if the House introduces its own proposal and works out differences with the Senate version of the legislation.

The PMG closes by noting that his next video will focus on improving the customer experience. On that note, he congratulates employees on their performance. “Keep up the great work,” he says. “Thank you for the great job you do every day.”

24 thoughts on “New PMG Video To Employees explains how USPS will continue moving forward

  1. Donahoe is going to talk to me about service????? GIVE ME A BREAK!!!!!!!
    Maybe he can tell me how taking 20 percent of the mailboxes off of my collection
    route in the last year has helped me “service” my customers better. Instead of
    them being able to walk 2 blocks to send a letter or letters now they have to
    walk 8 blocks. Oh, wait, I get it! I’m really “serving” my customers better by helping them burn more calories. Gosh, thanks, PMG, I’m now in the personal
    trainer business. And who said Donahoe wasn’t innovative???

  2. Reply to KK: “If this is the only job you have ever had, you do not know what
    real work is, and that goes for every craft.”

    I don’t know what it is that you do for your “real” work, but you are one arrogant
    and mistaken person. Higher ups just love it when employees from different
    crafts bicker with each other. It serves their purposes of divide and conquer. Have you worked in every craft? Have you worked in all conditions, indoors and
    out? Just who the hell’s side are you on anyway???? If you think you’re so su-
    perior, get out of the USPS and go where the “real” workers are. If you work else-
    where, stay there and leave us the hell alone. There are thousands of us who
    work damn hard in this organization who resent being stereotyped by a ahort-
    sighted self-important individual like you.

  3. The hole country is going to shit not just the post office.

    Mitt Romney (Made in China) what a fucking joke. When did the PO become a company?

  4. Since 2010 the USPS and the Feds have been spewing venom regarding the USPS as being an ancient dinosaur in need of major reform. They have blamed it on the workers, labor. Now, Mitt Romney’s financial advisor has informed the public that Mr. Romney, if he becomes president will immediately sell the USPS to private enterprise at roughly 100 billion dollars. Now, tell me, why would anyone buy a so called dying organization like the USPS? With all the negative publicity, why would anyone in their right mind consider purchasing this company? These are the types of statements one hears everyday when talking to management, contradictory.

  5. We try to screw the scan and sabotage everything in WNYD.
    VER or hell to pay!
    Someone hang this prick! with Goofey!

  6. Unfortunate but well known Congressional failure, expected, so money for incentives is there, or VER could be given , no need for Union in VER, lack of people who took MH out, add up, well prior to end of July EO,VER etc.

  7. Lola McGee, a Los Angeles resident and former long-time United States Postal Service employee, in her memoir, Why People Go Postal: From An Inside Personal Perspective, cries for help in written correspondences to the Postmaster General, but to no avail.

    For years, many pondered one question: Why do people go postal? In this first-hand account, a former United States Postal Service employee sheds light on a discussion that is long overdue. McGee states, “There are hundreds who have suffered tremendously while working for the United States Postal Service; some died, taking their hurt and pain silently to their graves, while others are physically or mentally ill as a result of working in such a horrendous environment. Some lost their families behind the stress placed upon them from their job, and they had no where to turn.” Why People Go Postal: From An Inside Personal Perspective maps out McGee’s detailed personal account of how being an employee of a prominent United States government agency ruined her life and health because of racist managers coupled with incompetence and institutionalized discrimination from the bottom to the top.

    Give the VER, the early retirement, now ! or we will go Postal !
    Hear us PMG and Cliff APWU Guffey!

  8. No VERA so you guys that have been postponing retirement for the last few years might as well go now. If it was going to happen, it already would have!

  9. Yes…USPS moves forward. Now that mailhandlers have left and now that APWU has no plans on backing an early out for their folks, we will withdraw any early out considerations for clerks and will place impacted clerks into those mailhandler vacancies. Yes…clerks got screwed but then again…isn’t that always the case?

  10. Yes, we provide great customer service because we, the bargaining unit employees care for our customers and are aware that the public view of the Post Office starts and stops with us. Management relies on this fact and continually over burdens us by cutting our complement, adding additional duties and over staffing their own ranks to act as guards on patrol of the work room floor micro managing every scratch and every breath. Thanks to our ethic, our customers receive the best service we can give…now we only need to get the TE workers to be held to the same standards we strive to uphold.

  11. clerks , for such an easy job that you do, you complain too much. you are overpaid and have the farmost injuries i have seen in the history of my job with the USPS and that goes for every craft. If this is the only job you have ever had, you do not know what real work is, and that goes for every craft.

  12. Congress will never aprove legislation reforming the USPS. Most lack an understanding of economics,laws of supply and demand , and USPS loosing 36 million $$$ a day, Politicans for the most part play manipulation to gain favor to get votes for reelection. Cost has no bearing on the issues being dewlt with. Consolidating or closing small sububan neighborhood post officies with in a 5-6 mile radius that have no reason to continue to exist in the present but were nececessary to provide service in the 20th century but as the result of changing demographics and advances in communication technology in the 21st century the need for small office have no reason to exist in the 21st century. Comparable to McDonalds having a McDonalds every other block drawing from the same customer base. A loosing financial situation.





    LOL….donahoe is going to tell someone how to improve customer service…
    wow, i think about how donahoe has screwed over the customer with lousier service for years now and it just amazes me that idiot donahoe could possibly have the unmitigated gall to make a video about improving the customer experience. what the hell could donahoe possibly understand about IMPROVING
    customer service? maybe donahoe will hand out vaseline to all postal customers so the screwing they have taken, and will take, because of HIS/donahoe’s policies won’t be quite as painful.
    that would be improving the customer experience, wouldn’t it?
    saying pmg donahoe’s name and mentioning “improving the customer
    experience’ shouldn’t be allowed in the same sentence. the two things couldn’t be further apart. donahoe has done nothing but degrade the service and now he will release a video on improving customer service???
    having donahoe talk about improving customer service is like hiring archie bunker to make a video on improving race relations or racial tolerance! or for those to young to remember archie bunker…..having donahoe talk about improving customer service is like hiring jerry sandusky as a boyscout troop leader, the two should NEVER BE COMBINED! having donahoe talk about improving the
    customer experience is like having charlie sheen make a video on the joys of living a sober life! if donahoe carries through on his threat to make a “customer service video” i sure hope the usps labels it pure fiction or a comedy before they make
    one poor bastard suffer through it!

  15. You’ve got to admit this A-hole has big un’s. Thanks for doing a great job? What ball’s this guy’s got! He’s the number one reason we’re in as bad a shape as we are. A f”n window clerk from Pittsburgh running a trillion dollar business! Only in America.

    you’ve got to admitt the

  16. I think this new Lead Clerk position should solve a lot of the post offices problems…what a joke

  17. no, pat the liar donahoe i will not watch any more of your bullshit
    propaganda as you destroy the postal service with your service
    slashing policy. how much business has donahoe already
    driven away by making customers jump through hoops, delivering mail SLOWER, and cutting service at the post office? donahoe’s videos should be in a cartoon form because they really are laughable. donahoe is a cluelesss bureaucrat that
    hasn’t shown the intelligence to successfully run a lemonade stand much less a 70 billion dollar company. but, such is the politics of the postal board of govenors, putting a clueless lifetime bureaucrat in charge, keeping it in the family, so to

  18. Please, no more videos, no more meaningless talk. Just give the Clerks an early out incentive to get out of this hell hole. Everyday it gets worse and every day the customers get madder at the window. We have become a joke of a business.

  19. why would donahue wait for the congress to act?
    incentives money was already approved.
    retirements would help the bottom line .
    make it happen asap.

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