One thought on “USPS Postplan Implementation- PMR Opportunity FAQs

  1. Too bad you can’t kick the living daylights out of failures whether the President of the USA or President of a Union, Guffey failed the membership with the giveaway contract, union’s fight, they do not settle unless it is in the best interests of the membership,30 hours is Full time?, crap!,APWU and all of Guffey’s National should be ashamed, Guffey also screwed the other unions, management said point blank, “We used that (APWU) contract in our negotiations with the other Unions”, so keep on drinking Guffey and his supporters Kool-Aid, any union defenders or defenders of the current union and its officers, are wrong to defend this current APWU hierarchy, the union itself is a necessity, those running it currently , have done irreparable harm to the current and future members,so we must firmly believe that the Union is negotiating on our behalf, after the anti Union Contract that the APWU signed ( and how many sheep led to slaughter voted for it? ), there better be results in favor of the members,unless the Union shows that it is USPS that has doomed any Voluntary early Retirement, and that VER must be like the Mail Handlers, across the board, Guffey has the benefit of the doubt for now,how many NTFT jobs does the National Union have?, did they forgo raises and colas?

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