Issa targets six-day provision in appropriations bill

From the National Association of Letter Carriers:

Coming next week to a member of Congress near you:
An appropriations battle on six-day delivery service

Next week, the fight to save Saturday delivery will take center stage in the House of Representatives. The House is expected to take up H.R. 6020, the annual Financial Services and General Government appropriation bill. Although the bill does not appropriate any taxpayer money for the Postal Service, its passage is important to the future viability of the USPS since it includes a provision (policy rider) mandating the continuation of six-day delivery service – just as it has every year since 1984. NALC has learned that House Government Reform Committee Chairman Darell Issa (R-CA) may seek to strip the provision from the bill next week when the House begins debate on the legislation by raising a parliamentary point of order arguing that the six-day mandate violates House rules that bars Congress from legislating on an appropriations bill. Issa sent a letter to Rules Committee Chairman David Drier in June requesting an “open rule” for the debate on H.R. 6020 so that he can raise the point of order, which Drier granted.

Six-day delivery service has broad bipartisan support in the House, as demonstrated by the 222 co-sponsors of f H. Res 137, who call for six-day delivery service to be preserved. Nevertheless, Issa is using the financial crisis caused by the 2006 mandate to pre-fund future retiree health benefits as an excuse to massively downsize the Postal Service. If he is successful in stripping the six-day delivery service provision from H.R. 6020, some 25,000 city letter carrier jobs and 80,000 USPS jobs could be threatened. Such a service cut would do more harm than good as more mailers would abandon the USPS as the value of mail declined.

NALC is mobilizing its grassroots network of legislative activists to resist the Issa attack on six-day delivery service. We will target our efforts to build a solid majority of Congress to support continued six-day delivery service.

A Senate appropriations bill, which serves as a counterpart to H.R. 6020, contains the six-day provision and has been passed by the Senate Appropriations Committee. A vote of the full Senate on this measure is still pending. Once both houses of Congress have acted, a conference committee would need to reconcile differences between the bills. NALC will fight to preserve six-day delivery service in the House and in any future conference committee.

38 thoughts on “Issa targets six-day provision in appropriations bill

  1. Too bad you can’t kick the living daylights out of failures whether the President of the USA or President of a Union, Guffey failed the membership with the giveaway contract, union’s fight, they do not settle unless it is in the best interests of the membership,30 hours is Full time?, crap!,APWU and all of Guffey’s National should be ashamed, Guffey also screwed the other unions, management said point blank, “We used that (APWU) contract in our negotiations with the other Unions”, so keep on drinking Guffey and his supporters Kool-Aid, any union defenders or defenders of the current union and its officers, are wrong to defend this current APWU hierarchy, the union itself is a necessity, those running it currently , have done irreparable harm to the current and future members,so we must firmly believe that the Union is negotiating on our behalf, after the anti Union Contract that the APWU signed ( and how many sheep led to slaughter voted for it? ), there better be results in favor of the members,unless the Union shows that it is USPS that has doomed any Voluntary early Retirement, and that VER must be like the Mail Handlers, across the board, Guffey has the benefit of the doubt for now,how many NTFT jobs does the National Union have?, did they forgo raises and colas?

  2. For you Insufficient dumb ass I do not pay union dues of any kind or work for the usps. Now you can put your teeth back in and shut your pie hole.

  3. Issa—-I sure screwed APWU when they gave me COPA donations in 09! Thanks APWU and thanks to all your lemmings that went along with it the way they blindly go along with everything served up to them by the folks at 1300 L street NW ! Its never about us politicians or the companies you work for…its all about you and who you allow to dictate your thinking and your decisions. Keep paying dem dues!

  4. Your union dues pay for the following:

    Union steward only parking spaces at USPS facilities.
    Steward superseniority which allows junior stewards to bump ANY senior employee being excessed INCLUDING returning military vets.
    APWU Officer Retirement Plans not available to you-the dues paying peon
    Extended breaks for stewards
    Week long all expense paid trincket for stewards to this years National Convention
    No VERA
    Arbitration Hearings on locker size at Postal Facilities

    Keep paying dem dues bruthas n sistas!

  5. It sickens me to see what politicians are trying to do to the usps. Both sides are refusing to acknowledge the prefund payment or as I see it, the big pink elephant in the room. It accounts for almost the entire loss you here about on the news yet none of the bills coming up for vote contain any provisions to correct this. The prefund is the result of the postal enhancement act of 2006 (republican anti labor bill). It was a voice vote in a lame duck session of Congress(cowards). Can you imagine the results of any business that was mandated to fully fund their retirees health care for 75 years into the future and pay for it in 10? Instead, I hear all these comments about fixing what is not broken. If i had to guess, I would have to say the usps has been bailing out the gov’t with this prefund and overfunded retirement/health care accounts and now the politicians either want to steal or it or don’t want to explain why it’s no longer there.

  6. commies socialists liberals marxists blah blah blah destroying America blah blah blah

  7. TO the republicans in the house; Bye bye so long farewell,bye bye so long farewell,See you in november .see you when the summers through, here we are saying good bye on the hill.after summer vacation you voted for issa`s bill.Have a good time,but remember there is danger in your summer vote.Will we see you in november or lose you to a summer vote.counting the hours and the minutes too,counting the votes that wont go to you.Bye bye so long farewell,bye bye so long farewell.

  8. stevieg, we must be patient and understanding. Remember, the temporary president is evolving. He may claim to be a democrat, but he really is a radical socialist. Liberals break their own neck with their tongue, radicals break the necks of conservatives. Like Salinsky, he believes in complete destruction of all social, economic, and political establishments. And democrats believe he cares about them. He cares for no one and will use them as his feet and mouth to accomplish political nihilism in America. The color of his skin has nothng to do with anything other than the fact he and his minions will use race to defend his destructive agenda. Remember Tee Party, he is half white.

  9. Wait a minute. all you democrats. Isn’t the president, a Democrat, in favor of 5 day delivery?????? Isn’t he??? So stop blaming everyone else

  10. diamond tony, it would be interesting to know what you meant by “Osama Bin Laden is dead and everyone knows why”. Surely you are not suggesting that the worthless piece of crap in the oval office had anything to do with this? If you are a supporter of this monumental mistake, I must ask you three questions. First, do you know who Saul Alinsky was? Next, do you know Van Jones is? Finally, do you know what political nihilism is? Most, generally all Obama lovers answer no. If you don’t know in depth knowledge of these three subjects, you have no idea who Barak Obama is. To overshadow SEAL TEAM 6 great sacrifice in taking out UBL with any indication of giving credit to a carpetbagger, community organizer, food stamp, welfare, interloper president is an abomination to the true patriots of this country.

  11. You’re a wise man enufisenuf…in our building I have not heard of any mailhandlers that are taking a VER and we have 150+. Most of them are fattening up on unlimited OT and many are making $100K+. Clerks on the other hand, see little OT, in large part have 30 yrs. service and IMO twenty or more would take a VER, including me. I hope the APWU doesn’t screw this up. Just sayin’

  12. Mad Jack on Thu, 5th Jul:

    You might be right about NALC supporting Issa however I do believe Issa received APWU financial support in his run back in 09. Just goes to show how their COPA system is flawed and corrupt. How many politicians have been paid for by APWU COPA only to turn around and screw the APWU? But…APWU never will learn. Right now mailhandlers will be taking the money and heading for the doors while APWU withholds their support of any VERA for clerks. Meantime…if USPS gets enough takers from other crafts to leave, any offer or contemplation of an early out for clerks will be withdrawn and the vacancies created by exiting mailhandlers will become landing spots for clerks. BUT…keep paying dem dues bruthas n sistas!

  13. Issa is like many wealthy gay men- preening and self important.
    Gay republicans are known to be very submissive to their male lovers.

  14. Hey ne age dummycrat– Every time you open your green teeth mouth you show your ignorance. Get some new material you basket case.

  15. Romney? Come on Man! It’s like Toast with no Butter, Mash Taters with no Gravy! Sorry, just don’t understand, what do these people see in this Guy?

  16. Edith: I don’t know if you work here, but a VERA for the Carrier Craft is NO WHERE IN SIGHT….the USPS cannot afford to lose any carriers right now.

    “low wage dimocrat”: Why are you SOOOOO dumb?? The Senate RULES OF CLOTURE is the reason that the OBAMA DEMOCRATIC AGENDA was never fully implemented during the first two years….what is irritating is that A REPUBLICAN BUFFOON LIKE YOU keeps repeating a LONG DEBUNKED TALKING POINT like the one you were CARPING ABOUT.

    Most intelligent people KNOW about the Senators of THE PARTY OF NO bloc and THEIR OBSTRUCTIONIST WAYS….


  17. “You dumicrats were real silent when the dumicrats had the white house and veto proof majority in the house and senate. for 2 years. Why didn’t you dumicrats fix it then? Because you’re all a bunch of whiney lemmings groveling for obamacare.”

    THIS IS NOT TRUE!! The Democrats never had such a majority. They had 47 seats and two independnets. The MN senator (Frankin) didn’t take his seat until after the recount of the election, by the time he took his seat, Senator Kennedy fell ill and was absent from the senate. Why don’t you teabaggers actually look something up once in a while instead of just repeating FOX falsehoods like a freaking robot?! And it wouldn’t be a “vetoproof” majority. Why the hell would they need a vetoproof majority if the Pres is a Democrat? What you meant to say was a super majority meaning they couldn’t be fillabustered by the ReTHUGlicans who are only interested in puting up road blocks to progress in this country in the hopes of keeping Obama from achieving a second term. The hell with people who can’t pay their bills and are in danger of losing their homes. They don’t matter as long as we can keep Obama from re-election.

    Oh, by the way, Osam Bin Laden is dead and everyone knows why!!

  18. Wingman, It’s really sad to see many American Worker’s AND Veteran’s voting Republican. WHY? I can only think that it’s for the wrong reasons. You make a good point. I have many times argued with my wife for voting Republican. Many times I have said “at least vote for your job!” The GOP just jumps on board the platform of some religious interest and comes along and accually Steals the “Church” vote. Forget the fact that the unemployment rate for our young is 32%. Forget the fact that many of our young are dying in Affganistan and coming home to work at Mcdonalds. That Flag we are waving? Is it made in China? Did Obama create this? Oh…..wait……………., am I a Soicalist? If anyone on this website is a Postal Worker, a Veteran, or a Blue Collar Worker…..and you vote Republican…..YOU’RE CUTTING YOUR OWN THROAT!

  19. Unfortunately Congresscrook Issa will never be voted out of office in his district. The average home value in his district is $5 MILLION. I’m pretty sure they will vote republican every time. How else can a convicted car thief keep getting reelected?

  20. COLCPE is the main problem here. We NALC members donate and the Dems WILL not close the borders. The illegals slowly drop wages across the board. The drywaller, electricians, you name it and JOB lost happens. These are UNION people. We donate money TRYING to buy votes and in the long run the DEMS back stab us all. STOP PAYING INTO COLCPE!

  21. Neither the NALC or the APWU support Issa enufisenuf. The NALC backed him through COLCPE in 2008 and he turned on us like a rabid dog. Oh so typical for your average Republican.

  22. Edith if your supposed to get your prescription on a Saturday and po is closed and you don’t recieve it till Monday that’s 2 days. What if there is a holiday on Friday or Monday then its 3 days some non issue. Llus I’m only 1 sick call away from a 3 day weekend.

  23. Heywood, if you want to make a salient point, and I agree the last thing we need is Romney, don’t call people ignorant and/or stupid and have poor grammar and spelling in your post. The “your” you should use in referring to an individual should be spelled “you’re”, short for “you are”. “Your” is possessive, meaning it’s “your car or your job”. I only say this to help us fighting the good fight not sound like the hoards of Republican voting idiots, none of whom can spell or punctuate properly and then call us stupid.
    Otherwise, I can’t agree more that voting for douche bags like Issa, Boehner and Romney is an incredibly stupid thing for anybody to do who has any interest at all in his job security and the best he or she can do for their families.
    Sadly some of these people are swallowed up in Christianity and those braindead minions almost always vote Republican because the GOP acts like they’re Christian too, and the followers are too gullible to suspect that the GOP lawmakers are faking the whole thing for votes.
    What may be the worst result of people keeping the Republicans in power is that all of us suffer because of it. I do not understand especially why union workers would even remotely consider voting for Romney, but there are several in my office who will. It goes without saying that they’re the dumbest, slowest and meanest people in the office and the least popular, too. That is no coincidence.

  24. Issa is the richest congressman only because lemmings keep voting for him. Don’t you people see what kind of jackass he is. I understand most Republicans believe of moral issues of pro-life and owning guns but, people, realize these criminals also want everyone to work for minimum wage. Religion will not make you rich. Please vote for Obama and save your jobs. Thank You.

  25. Funny, just like Narfe “National Association for Federal and Retired Employees keeps carping, we (are) Political but we are (not) partisan, the 3 Major Postal Unions appear to take the same approach ending up with similar results. If your too stupid or ignorant to catch on that a huge majority of anti-union and anti-federal employee legislation is originating and being advanced (primarily) from ONE side of the Political Isle being Red and Republican, then your obviously incapable of either phoning or lobbying your Legislators in your voting District to voice your opposition. Keep voting Tea Party and you will finally have “Right to Work Laws” in (all) 50 States. Simply amazing what you racist bigots are willing to do just to get the (Darkie) out of your White House. Go for it, Issa, Ross, Ryan, Cantor, McConnell, Rand, and Boehner (all) have your “back”. Just remember,if you think “Obuma” is ineffective and bad, wait until you see what Romney and his “Job Creators” have in store for you. MIght as well leave off your employment application at Walmart (now) and beat the rush after the November Elections. Who would figure that our Parents fought in WW2 to save our American way of life and now we have a Nation of “Joe the Plumbers”. How said!

  26. Edith

    You are correct in the salaries the postmaster are paid in small post offices. I box mail, work retail, distribution, operate DPS, put out mail for carriers and these small office postmaster make $10,000-$15000 more than I do and I do more than these postmasters.

  27. You dumicrats were real silent when the dumicrats had the white house and veto proof majority in the house and senate. for 2 years. Why didn’t you dumicrats fix it then? Because you’re all a bunch of whiney lemmings groveling for obamacare.

  28. USPS has a terminal financial condition and refues to take antibotics to recover.
    Survey reveals that 70% of Americans favor eliminating SAT. delivery although Wed. could work better to cover Mon. holidays. 6 day street delivery is a wasted expense in the 21st century as First class mail volume will contine to decline resulting in further loss of revenue. Electronic mail will continue to increase as writing messages, purchasing a postage stamp and awaiting for 1-3 delivery time is a past product of the 20th century. Parcel delivery is a growing market resulting from firms such as Amazon and other online firms. USPS must focous on what is in demand to create revenue. Operations must be cost effective which would create the need to close/consolidate community post office that as the community general store which existed 50-60 years ago have gone via the mall concept. USPS should model business concepts such as FED X and UPS which must create earnings. Medco and CVS have one concern and that increasing their bottmline: 1 day difference in prescription is a non issue involving the USPS. Politics as well as craft and management unions have no concern for the USPS future financial health but only deal with the present to further their cause. Employees numbers must be reduced VERA a must for carriers, clerks as well as postmasters IN small offices that are basically clerks selling stamps and boxing mail at outrageous salaries for duties performed.

  29. I agree with you bob but don’t surprise how many postal workers will still vote for issa, ross, mccain, and romney the main ones trying to eliminate thousands of jobs! A least i can leave when i get ready.

  30. Issa he nuts,excuse the pun,but really, vote this millionaire idiot congressman out of office and all the other shirt tail republicans who think this way.Just what this economy needs,another hunrdred thousand people out of work.CONGRESSMEN,DO the will of the people,keep the postal service in tact.Your constituents will be keeping a close watch on you as you vote at roll call.We will not forget you in november!

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