Video: Mail-grabbing dog draws USPS ire

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. WOOD – Ed Sattler’s dog, Zelda, grabs the mail as the postal carrier pushes it through the mail slot on the front door of his house Turner Street NW in Grand Rapids.”The dog’s doing what it’s trained to do and has to be trained to do,” he told 24 Hour News 8. Sattler, in his 30s, is confined to a bed and a motorized chair in his home.But the US Postal Service suspended delivery to his house in mid-April after a substitute mail carrier complained.

source: Mail-grabbing dog draws USPS ire | WOOD TV8.


2 thoughts on “Video: Mail-grabbing dog draws USPS ire

  1. A sub carrier – who wants attention – not a career employee- where was the supervisor with a brain in this one – this could have been a great story but instead it is a very negativve on which shows just how stupid some of these things are getting -no common sense and it is just getting stupider – absolutely no one should have listened to the sub.Sounds like the sub is most likely a trouble maker and should be cut – – – not a good career employee with the postal mission in mind

  2. wonderful. just what the post office needs right now… negative publiclicity. the ship is sinking and then a substitute carrier comes along and apparently doesn’t think the ship is sinking fast enough. why don’t we all just find reasons not to do our job? after all, we probably won’t be doing it in the near future anyway. not if donahoe gets his way… which he apparently is. (where is that sarcasm key anyway? i can’t find it on my kyboard.)

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