Video: Should We Privatize the Post Office?

Postal Service board of governors member Mickey Barnett explains why the Post Office is losing billions of dollars to John Stossel at Fox Business.

Well this is why I would say we need private sector competition because when you talk to the government people about cut back they all — have a reason why we need.

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  1. Guest- looks like you are the one who is actually stupid. Learn how to spell before you make a post accusing others of being stupid.

  2. USPS loosing millions $$$$ daily. How are the cost overuns paid.? Who pays?
    Eliminating 6 day strret delivery would save million in vehicle/fuel cost as well as well as eliminating 1 day carrier workhour cost. Survey reveals 70% Americans favor eliminating Sat. delivery. Why provide delivery service when people could care less. Communications are via smart phones, tablets and computer via instant messaging. Services provided by USPS were needed in 20th century to provide nation wide communication. The 21st century is a different world resulting from advanced technology in communications.

  3. what, the post office doesn’t take tax dollars, have another doobie stossel. i guess you should have sued schultz for brain damage instead of hearing loss, what a loser.

  4. John Stossel, you truly are an uninformed a__hole!!! Oh, I forgot. Being one is what qualified you for your job at FOX.

  5. Those people know nothing about fair service,just abject greed. Sure privatize today and gouge the public tomorrow,and by the way{ lock the market drive up the cost} have a CEO,COO,Asst.CEO,company plane,tax write-offs,etc,etc. Employees: nada,maybe $8 a hour maybe not.

  6. Funny how the USPS made money up till 2006. Isn’t that the year the Government started stealing $5 Billion a year from USPS! Mickey Barnett didn’t mention that! That tells me the Feds and Donahoe are in KaHoots!

  7. Stossel fails to bring up the fact that the P.O. is required by law to provide universal service at the same price for all addresses in the U.S. Also, the P.O. cannot adjust their pricing on the fly like UPS and FedEx- it must be approved by the Board of Governors. And no, John, the P.O. does NOT use taxpayer dollars and it is B.S. that he tries to push that lie.
    I would have found it more entertaining to have “Dr. D” David Shultz on the show and give Stossel another bell ringing like he did years back on 20/20.

  8. Stossel? WTF. Give ME a Break! I used to believe his Bullshit on 20/20 but now I wonder?!

  9. John I use to like you till I saw this video. How would like everyone to stop watching tv and just watch videos? Where would you go? You didn’t even know that thd taxpayer didn’t subsidize the Postsl Service? So how do you get off on saying privatize when you don’t even know who’s running the Postal Service. I’m finished you! Dip shit.

  10. Hey blind monk………talk about drones……you probably solute Rush Limbaugh and follow him like a blind monk! I am not a Democrat, but I am against Republicans. If you are Republican you are one of three things….1. Rich or 2. A Biggot or 3. Stupid!

  11. Take off the blinders and you will see republican hands in your pockets,unless of course ,you are wealthy.

  12. I thought Stossel as always was to the point and on the money compared to the mindless drones on CNN and the democrat Borg drones that post here.

    All democrat lemmings follow the leader, zieg heil!

  13. It amazes me that people cannot wait to sell off the Postal Service. A service that serves every American in this country, no matter what their income level. Want to save money, why don’t we cut John Stossel’s wages to what a postal worker gets and see if he could even survive. It is easy to run your mouth when you pockets are lined with other peoples money. Does John Stossel or any newsman out there have a concept of what a service is. Service is delivering mail to the backwoods of Idaho as well as the well populated cities. It shows his minor mentality when right in the beginning he quotes how the Post Office is run off Your tax dollars. Let me clarify this, Your tax dollars have not touched the Postal Service in Years, and it runs on the money it makes from sales of its products And if there is a profit they have to use it and show a zero balance. I wonder how many of our news people work with no profit. Remember that even though the amount of mail keeps going down you still need hard copies and they have to be sent. So ignorant people like John Stossel who does not investigate the true meaning of what he is reporting won’t have a problem when the private sector as he so well quotes, charges you $18 for a letter, but then with his salary he doesn’t care, and that is the bottom line of the whole story…HE DOESN’T CARE!!!!!!!!

  14. A thorough investigation needs to be done on the over payment of billions of dollars into the postal service retirement fund.Where is that money? Where is all the interest on that money?What government agency uses that money?Dont be suprised if the investigation abruptly ends at the pentagon.

  15. Just another attempt by the postal service to gather public support with thier lies of gloom and doom from a republican friendly news agency.

  16. Stossel has no clue what he’s saying….tax dollars going to the PO….sell the business….and this Barnett guy probably never worked in a PO. Why didn’t Barnett mention the pre funding mandate STARTING in 2006. What a piece of garbage news reporting. And I like fox news.

  17. Love how the largest expense (the multi-billion dollar pension prepayment) isn’t even brought up! What a joke.

  18. Everything that the Federal Government “manages” goes broke for some reason?

  19. both patsies were reading from script, non informative, nothing new, stossel is an idiot and should stick to interviewing pro wrestlers who kick his ass.

  20. The last Dinosaur of the Federal Government is dead, the USPS has come to a natural end.

  21. It was a set up piece. Governor Barnett went on the show knowing full well what Stossel was about. While Governor Barnett did, at least lamely, try to correct some of the misinformation, he was there to add credibility to Stossel’s wild claims.
    This was scheduled and approved at the highest levels and the people who represent the Postal Service likely knew what they were walking into but the interview served their purposes – to break the bonds of the American people with the Post Office.
    Fox News is a joke, it lacks all credibility as a news agency, but the real problem here is that they wer4e likely aided and abetted by the Postal Service.

  22. Not one of the millionaire talking heads on Republican “News” will ever tell the truth about anything. They don’t even pretend anymore.

  23. Like so many topics, Stossel does not know what he is talking about. Like most of the people that talk on FOX news.

  24. John Stossel, You proved you are stupid when it comes to facts about the post Office. Pull your head from a Rush rump and learn about a subject before you speak on that subject.

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