PRC to Expedite Decision on APWU Complaint

APWU Web News Article 76-2012, June 15, 2012

The Postal Regulatory Commission will issue an expedited decision on a complaint filed by the APWU that seeks to stop the USPS from implementing its network consolidation plan on July 1, the panel has announced. The union filed a complaint on June 12 asserting that the USPS cannot implement the changes without first obtaining an advisory opinion from the commission

The PRC announced [PDF] June 15 that it will issue a final order on the APWU motion in advance of the July 1 implementation date announced by the Postal Service, and ordered the USPS to reply to the union’s motion by June 20.

Federal law requires the Postal Service to request an advisory opinion from the commission when it seeks to make nationwide changes in service, but the agency announced it would proceed with its latest plan on July 1. The USPS announced a modified, two-stage version of its network consolidation plan on May 17, and filed a formal notice of the revised plan on May 25. The PRC is not expected to issue an opinion until close to Labor Day.

Phase 1 of the modified plans calls for the consolidation 48 Processing and Distribution Centers by the end of August and for another 92 plants to be consolidated or closed in 2013. Phase 2 calls for an additional 89 plants to be consolidated by the end of 2014, for a total of 229 — half of the nation’s mail processing centers. The PRC was considering an earlier version of the plan when the USPS announced a revised timetable, along with changes to plans for service standards reductions and revised projections for savings.

Under the modified plan, overnight delivery of first-class mail will be limited to “intra-SCF” [sectional center facility] mail beginning July 1. Periodical mail will also be slowed. Beginning in 2014, overnight delivery of first-class mail would be available only to large presort mailers and periodical mail will be further slowed.

The complaint also contends that the service cuts scheduled for July 1 are unnecessary, unsupported by the evidence, and in violation of federal law that establishes criteria for service.

At a June 7 hearing on the modified plan, the APWU asserted that the Postal Service justify the plan by relying on testimony and evidence presented to the commission about the earlier version of the plan.

“Given the complete lack of analysis and evidence, there appears to be no justification for management’s claims of an estimated $1.2 billion in savings from Phase 1 of the plan,” APWU counsel told the panel.

18 thoughts on “PRC to Expedite Decision on APWU Complaint

  1. With republican majority in congress,what did you expect?You did not heed the advise of your unions and you voted these poloticians in.Did you not know they are anti-union and anti-middle class?PROBLEM SOLVED.VOTE DEMOCRAT!

  2. Of the thousands of measures introduced in the current Congress – only 132 passed. And about 1 in 5 of those was to approve official names for post offices. This country is circling the drain when it comes to runaway government spending and deficits – and 20% of the bills that got through Congress were to name post offices.

    enufisenuf was not one of them on the list, but will keep trying.

    Guffey & enufisenuf.. BFF 🙂

    Stay thristy my friends

  3. With a blatant disregard for the people of this country and the poiticans who are enacting legislation to save the postal service from demise,PMG Donahoe is going to do things his way on July 1st.,to dismantle the infrastructure of the mail processing centers and reducing hours at thousands of post offices.Along with changing delivery standards,this will result in delayed mail for everyone.Who can step up to STOP this atrocity?The clock is ticking!

  4. Hot off the DC’s L’Enfant Plaza Press

    (1) Congress will never let the USPS go under, (2) USPS can only embrace digital technologies via work share contracts with the private sector, and (3) despite cascading physical mail volumes the USPS is still a $50 billion dollar business projected to handle half the world’s mail volume by 2020.

    Party on

  5. APWU will NOT be part of any VERA. They don’t want your money to leave. You…they don’t care about, but your dues money – NO WAY! They will “allow” USPS to offer it but they will not sanction it. They wanted USPS to somehow help to soften the blow on APWU by being selective about timing and groups ( and maybe even including the remainder of the years dues to APWU) however USPS is in a panic and needs to go now! Like USPS would help APWU…!

    Get your 1188s in and save some bucks before you go!

  6. The deadline for getting your liquor drink selections in for the August National APWU extraveganza and pin-trading bash will be end of June. A suite has been reserved this year for drinking and schmoozing.

  7. To engeleberthumberdinc in above post, I understand the prc does not have the authority to decide the position the Postal Service takes,but thier oppinion against thier actions will put majore pressure on them to back off on thier delivery standard changes and postal consolidations.

  8. Since the majority of people in this country want to have thier mail delivered with the same delivery standards and the democrats have a bill to continue these standards without lost of thousands of jobs and the republicans are blocking this bill.Why would you vote for a republican? The postal Service is only the begining of the rebublican party`s philosophy to dismantle the middle class values.Remember to vote democrat this November.


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  10. If the unions would have sat down with management and negotiated a reduction of force , due to technology and reduction of mail volume we would not be in this mess.
    All the self-serving refuseal to reduce the work force in order to preserve their estravagant wages and benefits as UNION REPS., because they fear reduction of employees means less of our money to lead the good life….Its absurd to hear a UNION complain about their Employer being forced to pre-pay retirement benefits… I”D wager all the Union BOSSES retirement benefits are 100% paid for.

  11. Most working Americans get abused without STRONG UNIONS i hear it all the time from friends and familys, I see it with the casuals and the PSE employees.. so to put it mildly you anti-union dickheads Fuck the GOP pepubulican party and fuck you. Other then that Happy Daddy Day tomorrow.

  12. to “bob” on post above…your are incorrect about the prc deciding
    what service standards the american people will recieve. the post office
    ONLY had to present the plan and then the prc was to issue a non-binding
    opinion on those changes. in plain english that means the post office was under
    no obligation to follow anything the prc recommended. the prc recommendation had absolutlely no weight. chairman goldway, i think that is her name, admitted several months ago that donahoe didn’t have to wait for the prc’s decision to go forward with the changes and that the post office didn’t have to do anything the prc said. so why have the prc/postal regulatory commission at all? why have this expensive bureaucratic agency that is just set up to be a money wasting
    gov’t agency that employs useless bureaucrats and has no power. why have it? who the hell knows. to give big political contributors a high paying, do nothing job i guess.
    guffey is well aware of the non-binding decision and power of the postal regulatory commission. this is just a big waste of time and money on his part because the prc will see things donahoe’s way and they have no power to change anything even if they didn’t see it donahoe’s way.

    for mikey scalares post above:

    do you really believe that the paltry $15,000.00 that was offered to the
    mailhandlers was a good thing and somehow was a “soft landing” for mailhandlers
    as you said? get real. the two payments of 7,500 taxed and spaced one year apart are a drop in the bucket. better than nothing i suppose, but this certainly isn’t going to
    get people to leave their postal jobs unless they were going out the door anyhow.
    the early out / vera is ok for somebody who was leaving soon anyway or the vera
    will give some a chance to go who otherwise wouldn’t be entitled to start receiving
    their monthly retirement checks because they weren’t old enough. as for guffey and bell criticism, you may very well might be right. perhaps the apwu would be better
    served with more honest, harder working, more competent leadership. however, the way this thing works is other folks need to get involved, run for office and then
    make the changes necessary. the last contract would certainly never have passed
    if the apwu membership was not such an apathetic membership that just wants to be spoon fed everything from their reps and takes no time or energy to educate themselves about the issues. hell, most of them don’t even vote in the
    elections of the apwu. in a certain way, the apwu membersghip got screwed
    in the last contract because we deserved to get screwed because our membership
    was not paying attention and taking an active participation role.

  13. Guffey is trying his best, to stop all of you from going, dumb bastard, yet the mail handlers union wanted to see their members have a soft landing, knowing that all hell will break loose , and downsizing will come, Obama and some Dems have screwed up, now we will see the GOP, and they will cut even more and not just the USPS, so down the line will not be better, but progressively worse, and Guffey, Bell and all their hordes see one thing, their lavish lifestyle, not your agony, email and call these morons every chance you get, the union is going down eventually, so these pig-heads with the support of Business agents and local presidents, will continue to dash any hopes of incentives and maybe the VER itself,sad day for us, but for the National APWU, in LA, in August, Party Time !

  14. The postal regulatory commission will decide the fate of the amreican people with regards to delivery service standards in this country.You can contact the commissioners,Thier names and phone numbers are listed individually.Please contact them and let them know that expect delivery standards to remain as they are.

  15. Since the philosophy of the pepubulican party is to cater to the wealthy and destroy the middle class,i urge all citizens to vote straight democrat so we can get legislation enacted to get this great country going again.

  16. Same ol’ same ol’ ! So many rules can’t remember them yourself – – lotsa troubles !

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