PMR opportunity for retiring Postmasters

Accepting position will not affect annuity payments

Postmasters eligible for optional retirement — or eligible to retire under the current Voluntary Early Retirement offering — have an opportunity to continue serving their communities by applying to become Postmaster Relief (PMR) employees.

Accepting a PMR position will not affect annuity payments. The pay rate for a PMR who takes advantage of this opportunity will be $11.76 per hour.

The Postal Service will hire PMRs to work in Post Offices where the operating hours are reduced to 2-4 hours and where other conditions are met. Postmasters who retire will be eligible for these positions.

Eligible applicants can apply by providing a written request to their Human Resources District Managers that includes the locations where they are interested in working.

The Postal Service believes retired Postmasters make excellent reemployment candidates for these positions because of their knowledge of postal products and services, their community connections and their ability to provide continuity of service.

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9 thoughts on “PMR opportunity for retiring Postmasters

  1. They may get takers on that offer. Only work 3-4 hours per day in an eight hour office. If they get a 2-4 hour office, then they probably won’t even show up at all and still get paid like they do now. Sounds like a sweet deal to me!

  2. please correct me if i am wrong……. the postmasters get 20k to retire with 2 postal retirements—-fers or csrs, and a postmaster fund. that has to be more than they are making now. so we rehire these people and basically they get a raise to work part-time. what am i missing?

  3. You HAVE to be kidding! Talk about adding insult to injury, I cannot think of anything worse you could have done after axing these people. But I see that you actually raised the PMR rate from the measly $10/hr up to a whopping $11.76. This is hilarious! Our little post office in this town (which you are planning on cutting hours on) is already only open 1 1/2 hours on Saturday. They’ll really be raking in the dough at that rate! You people making these decisions are absolute idiots and imbeciles.

  4. Sharyn Stone
    Central Region Coordinator Before the Blowout party in LA!
    55 E. Jackson Blvd.
    Suite 400
    Chicago, Il 60604
    312-986-8747 (FAX)
    (312) 786-0390 (TDD)

    Mike Gallagher
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    Sicklerville, NJ 08081
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    (856) 740-0715 (TDD)

    John H. Dirzius
    Northeast Region Coordinator
    5 N. Village Ave., Suite 3
    Rockville Centre, NY 11570
    (516) 678-1327
    (516) 766-0967 (FAX)
    (516) 678-1813 (TDD)

    Princella Vogel
    Southern Region Coordinator
    15055 Woodham Dr., S. 100
    Houston, TX 77073-6024
    (281) 821-9000
    (281) 821-9028 (FAX)
    (281) 447-5378 (TDD)

    Omar M. Gonzalez
    Western Region Coordinator
    1350 Old Bayshore Hwy.
    Suite 360
    Burlingame, CA 94010
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    (650) 685-7429 (FAX)
    (650) 685-7429 (TDD)


    Myke Reid
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    Martha Shunn-King
    Organization Department
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    Joyce B. Robinson
    Research and Education Department
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    William J. Kaczor
    APWU Health Plan
    799 Cromwell Park Drive
    Suites K-Z
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    410-424-1589 (FAX)

    Sue Carney
    Human Relations Department
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    Judy Beard
    Retirees Department
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    202) 842-4210
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    Tom Maier
    Assistant Director

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    Patricia Williams
    Assistant Director (A)

    Lyle Krueth
    Assistant Director (B)

    Lamont Brooks
    Assistant Director (C)

  5. Is this true?
    USPS Offers Separation Incentive to APWU Employees
    6.15.2012 – USPS reports: “USPS is offering a Voluntary Early Retirement (VER) opportunity to employees represented by the American Postal Workers Union ( APWU ) In addition, USPS has reached an agreement with the APWU to offer a separation incentive (up to $18,000) to employees the organization represents.” – APWU Statement – Federal Times

  6. So many APWU members could retire, but no, the Pukemasters get it, and the other craft that moves no mail, just moves their butts from one place to another waiting on the docks, Privatize now ISSA and ROSS, now !, screw this place!, if APWU President Goofey Guffey goes to the Big expensive blowout party in LA in August, and there is no early out for APWU , and we find out he screwed us, there will be anarchy, plus there will be many, many “SCABS”, we paid dues up to and over 30 years, and we now wait for this dumb ass Guffey to decide our fate?, God Damn him !

  7. We would have more use for a Circus Monkey………, at least they are entertaining! Give me a break!

  8. I believe if the RPM positions were offering atleast $15.00 per hour you would see many Postmasters take the VER.
    The fact that you know you have a job after retirement would give a lot of employees the confidence of knowing they will have another income.
    The way that the economy is right now makes for a scary retirement. I’m sure thats why many people won’t take the VER.
    Yes $15.00 per hour……………..hmm I would have to think about that.

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