18 thoughts on “Photo: Strange Mailbox

  1. Hey Mad Jack, News Flash from Kenya: A viiliage is missing their idiot, your president. If you want to be a socialist, go elsewhere.

  2. Is this for real? America has a much too disturbing fascination with guns! A display like this just screams for gun control. IMO

  3. If you think things are bad at the p.o. now, Willard will make better by doing the Bain Capital on us and we’ll all be out of work or making 10 bucks an hour and no benefits. You hate Obama, how much are you going love Willard?

  4. Since the inauguration will be on January 21 next year, I can only assume that you are talking about him taking the oath of office as president of the Communist Party of America. On January 21st, Mitt Romney will be taking the oath as President of the United States. At that point, the hatred toward the country from the Oval Office will cease.

    If you think this clown has a chance in hell of getting a second term, you are totally delusional.

  5. Hey company man, on January 20th 2013 President Obama will be taking his second oath of office. He’ll be a little too busy to worry about some knuckle dragging gun nuts mailbox.

  6. Can we get one installed backwards at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue? At least until January 20, 2013.

  7. I’d feel a lot better feeding it from the back. If the oversized gun-mailbox isn’t scary enough, I can just imagine what kind of NRA gun nut must live there. I’d never tell that customer I’m a Democrat, that’s for sure.

  8. I can see it now…USPS failed to provide safe working environment for carrier…carrier now has FMLA claim…files on the job injury….gets to stay home with pay…traumatized and unable to work…lost workday injury. That’s the way it is in the PO!

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