President Obama Nominates Stephen Crawford To USPS Board Of Governors

Obama Nominates Democrat

Stephen Crawford, Nominee for Governor, Board of Governors of the United States Postal Service

crawfords_full_protrait_1x1Stephen Crawford is a research professor at the George Washington Institute of Public Policy at George Washington University. From 2009 to 2011, he served as Vice President for Policy & Research at the Corporation for Enterprise Development, and from 2008 to 2009 as Deputy Director of the Metropolitan Policy Program at the Brookings Institution. Previously, Mr. Crawford was the Director of Social, Economic and Workforce Programs at the National Governors Association from 2002 to 2007 and Vice President, Treasurer, and Board Secretary of the National Policy Association from 2000 to 2002. Earlier in his career, he served as Executive Director of the Governors’ Workforce Investment Board for the State of Maryland from 1997 to 2000. Mr. Crawford served in the U.S. Army, including as an infantry officer in Vietnam, and he was awarded a Bronze Star. He holds a B.A. from Cornell University, a M.G.A from the Wharton Business School at the University of Pennsylvania, and a Ph.D. from Columbia University.

Political experience includes positions as president of the United Democrats of Frederick County (MD); elected member of the Frederick County Board of Education; and Democratic nominee of MD’s 6th Congressional District (1996). Crawford also served three years in the U.S. Army (airborne, ranger), one as infantry officer, Vietnam (Bronze Star).

As President-Elect Barack Obama named Stephen Crawford to his transition team for the United States Postal Service and Postal Regulatory Commission.

24 thoughts on “President Obama Nominates Stephen Crawford To USPS Board Of Governors

  1. Anyone who bashes the union and works a union job is a freaking moron. Also, anyone making less than $250,000 and votes republican is also a moron. I guess all those years of being in the sun have finally taken its toll.

  2. Heaven forbid anyone criticize or make Hussein the butt of a joke lest one be labeled a racist!

  3. Why is another person being put in a position with no experience with the Post Office? Why is it so hard to find someone with a PHD that has Carried the mail Before? In order to know how craft jobs operate you must work in it, at least for a short period of time. Now we have another person that wants to run the show but is clueless on how things really work.

  4. Talk, Talk , Talk!, ( Cliff Guffey stopping the consolidations with one hand) Start the campaign against the union called APWU, well it has started, email, fax and phone, and send Guffey packing home!, if he fails to negotiate the incentive and VER, he is a goner , if not now, later, unfortunately, many are getting their anniversary date and dropping out, as Rome Burns, Guffey was Nero, and then was born again as the captain of the Titanic then again as the Captain of the Costa Concordia, the man is a waste, and his National Flunkies are goners too, any NBA who supports him , will be on a hit list, this is war, and Guffey is offering up those who need the VER to go, they cannot stomach the USPS hostile work environment, being excess-ed with infirmities and age to become carriers, nor being used as fuel for the fire of Guffey’s Damnation, Cliff Guffey is the end of the Union, who is he working for?, definitely not the members, oh!, wait, for that big paycheck and all the bottled spring water he can drink, or all the parties he can attend with his Boyfriend, did not know that did you, your dues support Guffeys “Big man Friend”, go to hell Guffey!, and take all your fairy national pukes with you!, I failed anger management, loose cannon.
    09:27 PM ET (US)
    Effective October 7,2012 CFS Operations will

  5. Scott Walker is a f**king tool being used by billionaires like the Koch Bros to destroy collective bargaining in this country. Good luck with out it, Dumbsh*t Deb.

  6. Scott Walker has guts and brains.
    No more bad unions.
    P.O. run by bad stupidvisors, like U.S. run by bad president.
    Obama is a zero.

  7. the p.o.has been run into the ground w/ unqualified management, such as the usa is run into the ground by unqualified Obama. It’s either blame it on Bush, or now it’s blame it on Europe. Obama should stop his selfishness & do his own kids a favor and step down, otherwise there goes their future too! He & wife are not patriotic people. Don’t forget Reverand Wright, beer-gate, wife said 1st time in her life to be proud to be an American, only after her husband, blk. man got the nomintion, but so fake, not sincere. most postal workers are set in their ways, tunnel vision, can not see a different view point, different idea, keep with their old school thinking. Keep thinking the union is still doing wonders for you, no longer true. a person not raised in usa can not be 100% loyal. obama courts the enemy, leaks secrets, divisive, and shown his loyalty is not to this country. obama only interest to rub elbows with Hollywood, become part of the 1% rich dude. california people idiots keep throwing money at him. if a stupidvisor is doing poorly, employees want him/her out, but when Obama is doing a poor/bad job, knuckle heads stand around and applaud him.
    Scott Walker = great job, do what’s right & good for state’s citizens and future.
    Obama = no qualifications, given a full term in office, can’t produce anything good for this country.

  8. Another form of waste. A political pay back. Appointment same as placing an Eskimo in the Amazon rain forres to trap peniguns.. Zero results.

  9. YHVH suspends mercy in response to god (government of deceivers / governing oppressive dis ease) suspension of inalienable rights (life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness) in the American Holocaust. see USSC 99-565 & supplement (Congress, SCOTUS and all rules, regulations and law enforcement agencies in Collusion to aide the death fix it / EO 12871 / terminal injustice / murderbyproxy) against Active Military, Veterans, Postal, federal, state and local employees. Terrorism – Coercion / Collusion / Corruption / Sabotage / Subversion / Subterfuge / Corporate Cointelpro (Wet Work) responsible for the total destruction of entire American families creating the Postal Holocaust the precursor to the American Holocaust / population control / EO 12871 . Economics over Justice / Jesus equals Terrorism.

  10. When the p.o was 80%white it was making a profit,But now the blacks are running it its on a free fall,because all they want to do is sleep and complain when they have to do some work. And thats that
    over and out

  11. Dude…

    Blacks make up 13% of the population…

    Who exactly do you think put Obama in the White House…

    I mean obviously it was neither the 13% nor you guys in the trailer parks…

    African Americans & Rednecks are a small percentage of American society!!!

  12. Another one for ‘dude’ : Dow Jones Stock market is up about 40% since Obama took office.

  13. Whatever! Another flunkie to screw us over, just like Obama and all the rest of ’em! We really have nobody in our corner, except for maybe a very, very few. And also, it is really difficult to truly understand all the intracacies of the USPS if you have never worked (actually done work) there. I worked in “the real world” for 20 years before I started working for the USPS and I sure had NO IDEA what it was really like. The US government is just like the USPS, way too ‘top heavy’ with “cheifs” and not enough Indians to do the work. Why else would Donahoe really want to change the class of delivery service? There is NO REASON IN THE WORLD that should ever need to happen, and if it does, it alone will be the undoing of the USPS. I wouldn’t call this article “news.” It’s just the same old BS that the white collar people who sit in their offices with their degrees and “accomplishments” on the wall like to spew about themselves. It all means nothing to me, except “wait for the next screw-job…”

  14. Fake ‘diamond’ in a dozen…
    The MILITARY made the call, planned it, accomplished the job. The military personnel deserves ALL the credit. NO-bama is a pretend puppet with no qualifications and no substance. Hope your wallets are out of cash as NO-bama is running you into the poor house. Some you you can only see to be poor, can’t handle the rich. Can only blame yourselves for your problems, not the rich. NO-bama shows no loyalty to this country. Eager to spill secrets to the enemy. Beer-gate was his accomplishment – police officers can’t do their job without it typed cast as another racial profiling. Everything is racial profiling, BuT affirmative action is not considered to also be racial profiling when the whiners use it to get ahead of others, like cheaters in line. NO-bama is now part of the 1%, so go protest against him you 99% don’t what what you are suppose to be doing people. NO-obama is the 1% who is richer than you. Only knows to vacation and campaign, among the rich. No can talkie and answer the questions without the ear piece feeding answers to him – ahh, ahh, ahh = duh. O.M.G. = Obama-bummer Must Go.

  15. Hmmmm…Dude. How’s Osama Bin Laden doing?

    Oh yeah, that’s right! He’s DEAD!!! Who made that call?

  16. If people like “dude” think he’s making a clever statement, just look at the tons of mispunctuation and misspelling his post has. I’m pretty sure he can spell “white hood”. The racism “dude” expresses here is a pathetic example of what is driving our country toward disaster. Citing nothing but race in his attack, with no consideration for the topic at all, “dude” writes so much like many of his equals: semi-illiterate, disjointed, and just plain stupid. Apparently George W. Bush was wonderful in this hate monger’s twisted world.
    People like “dude” are the biggest threat to real freedom this country has. They can only deal with the world they understand, which is zero. Too bad people like him can’t relocate to Siberia where we could wish them “good riddens”. Geezus.

  17. @ Dude, just another internet gangster. Your pathetic… Will you move out of the country when Obama wins again or will you just crawl deeper into the hole that you came out of?

  18. dude on Fri – Please get off the computer in your parents basement, turn off Fox, and go outside and get some fresh air. Your brain is on life support. The GOP pats themselves on the back every time they get one of their single-digit IQ followers like you to spew their nonsense.

  19. Hey dum dude:
    I am sure all the WHITE men before Obama had something to do with the mess this country is in. Idiots like you who were in the ghetto white house

  20. NO-bama Must Go.
    If a white man had the past record and no experience like o-bummer, the white man would never have been elected to office. but everyone listens to the whining people and put in an affirmative action guy for president. DuH!!! you rather rub elbows with ghetto than a rich person… don’t blame your problems on rich people, you are where you put yourselves.
    this country is a disater with o-bummer in office, leaking national secrets to the enemy, siding with the enemy, he shows no loyalty to this country. don’t forget, he hardly lived in this country when he was growing up, so have no loyalty , but he is loyal to the enemy.
    Adios, good riddens, no more ghetto white house.

  21. don’t stop there appoint all democrates to the board and get rid of the postmaster and his flunkes

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