USPS OIG Seeks Help From Postal Employees To “Pick Out the Bad Apples”

USPS OIG creates new fraud awareness poster

USPS OIGThe Office of Inspector General (OIG) is distributing a new fraud awareness poster. Poster 204 encourages employees to help the OIG “pick out the bad apples” by reporting postal crimes or misconduct. The poster features a Quick Response (QR) Code, which allows employees to report misconduct to the OIG Hotline. Anyone with a QR Code app on their smart phone can scan the code and be connected directly to the Hotline.

Posters have been distributed to all postal facilities and should be prominently displayed on workroom floors and employee bulletin boards. Copies of the new poster are free and may be ordered from through the eBuy2 system under Material Distribution Center catalog listing 7690-08-000-0914.

PostalReporter reader:  Unfortunately, the OIG doesn’t care about those who cheat or steal from employees (e.g.. Out of Schedule Premium, Overtime).

23 thoughts on “USPS OIG Seeks Help From Postal Employees To “Pick Out the Bad Apples”

  1. bad apples in white house at d.c. ghetto running your lives into the ground to support freeloading vacations, the enemy, race card beer-gate, etc…. maybe the p.o. can be saved when o-bummer is out of the white house. no more ghetto country. go with the rich, much better than ghetto anytime.

  2. Nobody likes Postal thieves or fellow employees goofing off. Having said that – there is much more waste & wrongdoing in management. I am sure OIG is instructed to ignore this.


  4. i posted my comments unannomously because I fear ONLY GOD. I walk by Faith, not by sight.(FYI) what I experienced at the hands of OIG was humilliating, frustraing, undignified, irrating, and last but not least, unwarranted! There is no reward in finding fault in others. When you dig one (1) grave…DIG TWO (2)…

  5. as a victim of rats/snitches to OIG, I PERSONALLY ADVISE craft personnel to consdier the hurt, harm, n danger ur acts of jealousy, envy, n/r hateration may cause, not only your cowkr but his family and loved ones of whom he/she provides for financially. Ppl who betray one another I view as “Judas” (scripture teaches what happed to Judas!

  6. what about the supervisor who send employees for random drug and alcohol testing who work in safety senative positions? The supervisor himself come to working on a regular bases smelling like alcohol and have regular mood swings. What kind of apple do you call that ? Has this been reported by other supervisors or managers to the OIG? No this is ignored on a daily bases by their upper managers so maybe this apple is the apple you need to share, instead of taking your fellow employee job when his superior is doing the damage. If this is good in southern cal what ‘s their point. keep it real! The po management does not know what anonymous mean keep your name clean in your facality.What’s in it for you? MORE STRESS

  7. another waste of money but management gets the money. just put money in management and add it to the losses. just keep spending before it changes.i think the next step is to hire the SS. what a joke this place has become.

  8. The OIG folks are too busy pulling surviellance on employees that file EEO complaints on Management. (i.e. for denying limited duty as per doctor’s orders for an on the job injury). Then, if they can’t bust you; they hire contract investigators to watch you around the clock for three months. (i.e. $100,000 USPS Funds well spent for nothing). Maybe they should investigate Management first to see if they have a personal ax to grind? Of course, this is just a drop in the bucket for postal mis-management!

  9. As a steward ads like this make me sick to my stomach. If another craft employee has it better than you maybe it’s because he has defended his job and worked for it. Why rat out your fellow workers? Why do their work for them? KEEP YOUR NOSE IN YOUR OWN PAPER! Protect your own route and your co-workers.

  10. Isn’t it just like management to encourage rats and snitching? Like one of the people who posted on here, the biggest fraud and abuse is in management by far. Bonuses for a non-profit organization, spending a million dollars on a weekend junket to Vegas where the attendees allegedly drank, whored and gambled and laughed at the situation the Service is in, and paying $150,000 apiece to two high ranking postal officials who moved less than 50 miles to new digs, and spending God knows how much sending up bean counting worthless supervisors to monitor if you are separating your outgoing mail the way they want it done when it all goes in the same fucking machine anyway, shall I continue?
    My office has had to deal with a few snitches for some time now, and the last thing we need is for management to encourage them. There are times when you must report wrongdoing like drinking on the job, drug use and dealing and other serious stuff, but this will just give the A-OK to have rats running to the PM for all the wrong excuses like not keeping pink cards lined out and other pointless shit.
    This poster and campaign is about nailing craft. Those egomaniacs in management, the OIG and Inspection Service aren’t about to turn on themselves. It’s just like the cop who lets his fellow buddy cop speed past him on his day off. You think anything is going to happen there? Besides, doesn’t every decent person hate a snitch?

  11. Help fire your fellow employee. Help management get rid of employees that might be eligible for retirement and destroy their lives. Some of you might want to look into becoming management, seems you are eligible for the job, you RATS. No damn wonder labor is so weak, with such strong union support as you show. And don’t come back to me with so and so doesn’t pull his or her weight. Usually I find that people using this complaint have built, over the years, a route that they can’t carry. Are envious of the letter carrier that carries by the book, protects his route and his fellow employees. If over the years you have built a 1200, 1500, 1800 , 2000 or greater stop route, and you dread coming to work or bid off of a “monster” of your own making, then you are the dangerous one. Runners make errors in delivery, pay no attention to safety, and are involved in most of the accidents. Runners think that the others that rarely ever misdeliver, drive safely and perform all the duties required are the bad employees. But hey, Rat the hell out of one another, at my station we don’t allow such childish behavior, we politely inform RATS they aren’t one of us. If you as a laborer cause another laborer to lose his or her job, you are the enemy of a union, join management where you belong. Love ya, mean it.

  12. From L’Fant Plaza to your local office, management and supervision will cease to exist if this is the case.

  13. let them do their own jobs, they get paid enough.
    will any of them OIG employees get laid off soon????
    the bad apples are in management, like that turban head MDO at Bay Valley that stole millions from the P.O.
    OIG needs to get on the ball and do the job they were hired for, not dish out work for others to do for them.

  14. So what is the number to call? i have several that have been defrauding the government for years. It is about time someone got off their duffs and decided to do something about this.

  15. There’s a guy that’s stealing from the po. He’s creating fraud by willfully delaying the mail. He also accepts bonuses while the company “claims “to be losing billions every year. His name?? Patrick Donuthole.’

  16. The only bad apples are craft according to OIG, managements crimes get whitewashed, so do your usual setups for craft, while management fleeces the USPS!

  17. I have reported employees acting like fools durring working hours putting other employees in harms way and nothing is done the buck is passed and then it is dropped like a hot potato. Why waste your time it has to meet their certain criteria before they will consider doing anything about Postal Misconduct.

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