PRC to Review USPS Second Proposal to Cut Post Office Costs and Operations

Washington, DC – On May 31, the Postal Regulatory Commission issued  Order No. 1361 establishing Docket N2012-2 to provide a public hearing and issue an advisory opinion on the U.S. Postal Service’s Post Office Structure Plan (POStPlan). The primary focus of the proposal is to reduce costs by changing operating hours at approximately 17,700 of the 32,000 postal retail locations nationwide. The Service’s previous plan, the Retail Access Optimization Initiative, to close 3,700 post offices has been put on hold.

Vice Chairman Nanci E. Langley will serve as “Presiding Officer” for this docket. “This proceeding will provide all interested persons with a full opportunity to provide input,” said Vice Chairman Langley. “At the same time, the Postal Service has said it would like to be able to begin to implement its plan in September, and the Commission will conduct a timely review with this in mind.”

The Commission proceeding provides a transparent, on-the-record process to ensure that any nationwide changes in postal services are consistent with the Postal Service’s obligation to provide prompt, reliable, and efficient postal services to customers in all areas and to all communities. The public is encouraged to share their written views with the Commission. Comments may also be shared via the Commission’s online customer service form at

“The public should have a clear understanding of the changes the Postal Service is currently proposing to reduce the overall level of rural post office service,” said Chairman Ruth Y. Goldway. “I encourage postal customers to become familiar with the new proposal and to let the Commission know of their interests and needs.”

Procedural Schedule for Docket No. N2012-2

Notices of intervention                                                                          June 18, 2012
Close of discovery on Postal Service direct case                        June 28, 2012
Notice of intent to conduct oral cross-examination                 July 2, 2012
Hearing on the Postal Service’s direct case (if requested)
(9:30 AM in the Commission’s hearing room)                             July 11, 2012
Notice of intent to file rebuttal testimony                                     July 11, 2012
Rebuttal Testimony (if requested)                                                   July 18, 2012
Filing of Briefs (if no rebuttal testimony)                                      July 20, 2012
Filing of Reply Briefs (if no rebuttal testimony)                        July 27, 2012

4 thoughts on “PRC to Review USPS Second Proposal to Cut Post Office Costs and Operations

  1. Apparently the post office NEEDS money. If a unit is making money,why close it hoping another unit will pick up the profit of the unit closed? Close those not making money and try to open other locations that will ALSO make money. That is how small indelendent business prosper. I dropped out of school and worked 80 hour weeks for $12.00 as a kid. Today I am a multi millionaire., and retired after establishing businesses in four states and the U. S. Virgin Islands. If I had run my businesses like the postal service I would probably be living on welfare.. And don’t forget that many of these managers have college degrees. WOW. Sure glad I got the heck out of school when I did.

  2. David; Your description of usefulness of PRC is totally correct. Same as officers of TITANIC a sinking ship that ignores the obvious hazards that caused the ship to sink.

  3. PRC are a bunch of wasteless, overpaid do nothings. Seriously, the whole group is a bureaucratic nightmare. Look at these peoples salaries. They make half mill a year each and basically tie the USPS hands from doing anything. First thing USPS should do to save money is dump the PRC.

  4. Why you lookin here? No VERA here….jus keeps movin along. Goofey informally looks for way to appease masses of lemmings while discussing how USPS can helps him hold on till August when he cashes in his chips and takes that APWU Officer Only Retirement Plan paid for by your dues.

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