USPS: More Village Post Offices Open For Business

Three additional Village Post Offices (VPOs) opened for business this month, bringing to 22 the number of these facilities.

More than 20 VPOs are scheduled to open in June. Another four VPOs are scheduled to open before the end of May.

Great Lakes Area is home to two of the new facilities — Long Lake and South Branch, MI. The third VPO is located in Faxon, OK — the first in that state and the fourth in Southern Area.

As of May 21, 33 VPOs have been awarded contracts and are waiting for PO Boxes, signage and stamp shipments before they open. More than 250 interested vendors have inquired about becoming VPOs.

USPS introduced the VPO as an expanded access potential replacement for communities either lacking a postal retail facility or affected by postal consolidation efforts. The nation’s first Village Post Office opened last August in Malone, WA.

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