Video: 12 arrested in Occupy Portland, OR protest to support post office

Twelve people were arrested Thursday evening during an Occupy Portland protest to support the U.S. Postal Service, according to Portland police.

About 80 people gathered at the post office on Southwest 6th and Clay. They sounded off about a large-scale layoff announced by the postal service in February.


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Press Release
Ten arrested in Occupy action at University Station post office

Portland, OR –  Police arrested ten members of labor unions, faith groups, neighborhood organizations, and Occupy Portland who refused to leave the University Station post office at closing time this evening.  Unfurling two ten foot banners, reading “Occupy the Post Office” and “No Closures! No Cuts!” the protesters blocked the closure of the retail window while a rally of over a hundred supporters chanted outside.  Earlier a line of demonstrators had marched through the office, delivering postcards addressed to the Postmaster General.

“The Postmaster General’s plan to close processing plants, delay mail delivery, and cut hours in the nation’s post offices will not fix the postal service’s financial crisis,” said Jamie Partridge, an arrestee from Occupy Portland.  “Congress manufactured the crisis and Congress or the President will fix it.  If the PMG can’t wait, he should step down and allow in someone who will protect the postal service.”

“People from across Portland are coming out to show that we value our public services and we will not allow those services to be sabatoged by corporate interests. Today we defend the Post Offices, but we know that these public services – our Post Offices, our libraries, our parks, and even our schools are all the target of corporate interests profit-driven machines, says Laurie King, organizer with Occupy the Post Office. “We are coming out to say that all communities deserve access to the mail service, and we will not have it handed over to the highest bidder.”

The Postmaster General is poised to close half the nation’s mail processing plants, including Portland’s Main Office, while reducing hours from 25% to 75% at 13,900 post offices. Donahoe is also pushing for an end to door-to-door and Saturday delivery. Organizers say that the financial problems that USPS is experiencing is due to a funding mandate passed by Congress in 2006 that requires the USPS pre-fund retiree health benefits 75 years in advance. This law was a product of ALEC and its Congressional members who focus on shrinking and privatizing public services. Community members are pressuring Congress to pass bills HR 3591 and S 1853 which will repeal the pre-funding mandate and protect the Postal Service.

“USPS is financially sound, the Congressional mandate to pre-pay benefits for 75 years is shackling the Post Office. This is clearly a part of Wall Street’s plan to privatize and destroy an honored institution of our community,” says Lataya Dailey, an organizer with Occupy St Johns. “The Postmaster is complicit in this plan to gut and cut our community Post Offices. We demand he resign immediately.”

This action was part of an on-going effort by a community coalition to support the Postal Service by Occupy St Johns, Occupy Portland, the Rural Organizing Project and Jobs with Justice.
Occupy St Johns and Occupy Portland are part of the international Occupy Movement fighting against the inequality of wealth and power in our existing economic and political systems. Jobs with Justice is coalition of labor organizations and community groups dedicated to protecting the rights of working people and supporting community struggles to build a more just society. JWJ has been an active supporter of public infrastructure like the Post Office since its founding in 1992.

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  2. from what i understand, no one is being laid off. nor is anyone losing their job. sure, some people may lose their bid job and be re-located, but they will still have a job. be thankful, people.

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  7. No entity in and of itself works well. You need a balance and for good or bad you need a counter in this case the unions. APWU, letters carriers, mail handlers etc.
    Whether you like it or not without a counter organization you would never have made the amount of money you currently make or the benefits. I am a clerk and I have worked 16 years for the post office. I am now a non traditional regular making less than I have for years. I am still very grateful for the money I make. The unions are fighting the incorrect implementation of non traditional regulars and I am doing my part in filing everything I see. The irony is that the traditional regulars in our office are making many hours of O. T. and the non traditional regulars are mainly making 30 hours a week. Somehow the logic of the post office implementing 30 hour regulars was that little or no o.t. would be needed, this I have not seen instead the o.t. in our office is through the roof. This is a small office I work in multiply this exponentially and you can see why the usps is in such trouble. Our carriers are breaking down – the extra load with the machinable flats has about 1/3 of our carriers with really bad health issues- back problems, knee problems, carpal tunnel, you name it. The carriers falling apart in our office are on the younger side. I don’t see the end to this breaking down of postal workers – they are after all human not machines!
    There are a few bitter people blogging here you are only hurting yourself!

    Romney is sure to implement non union situations- as the Republicans are mainly for the wealthy getting wealthier and the middle class going down to the poor end of the spectrum. I as an individual am doing everything I can to downsize my life as is my family because if the Republicans get there way we will all be making minimum wage or less. Good luck to us all!

  8. APWU bigwigs couldn’t make it…spending your $ at convention; sorry 🙁 But we did get President Goofy to turn down buyouts and hire more PSE’s; your welcome!

  9. save postal workers? where were these dummies when the United Auto Workers needed help? they were in the auto showrooms buying Honda’s, Nissans, & Toyota’s……Americans have moved on to E-Bill Pay and internet…….now its your turn to be kicked under the bus. self-serving po civil servents lead by a commie street thug-priceless!

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  10. Keep up the good works, Portland! Every state need to stand up, not only to the postal service, but to congress as well! They are the ones who can make the difference in thousands of workers keeping their jobs and millions of americans continued mail service we are accustomed to! It won’t be a bailout, but money that’s owed back to the postal service for an overpayment into the Postal retirement pre-funded program that former President Bush and his cronies put on the Postal servicce! Let’s keep praying and fighting legally!

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