House to Tackle Postal Bill After July Fourth

From National Association of Postmasters of the US (NAPUS)

Today, in a memorandum to Republican Members of Congress, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) indicated that he “will be working” to bring H.R. 2309, the Issa-Ross postal bill, to the floor of the House of Representatives between Independence Day and the August summer recess. The summer break is scheduled to begin after the close of business on Friday, August 3.

In his memo, Cantor recognizes that: “Our constituents have been — or soon will be — impacted by the closure and hours of operation changes to U.S. Postal Service facilities across the country.” Nevertheless, the GOP notice lays blame on “yet another government backed entity that cannot meet its financial obligations”.  Regrettably, Cantor fails to acknowledge that the inequitable legislatively-required retiree health prefunding requirement and the accumulated pension over-payments have contributed greatly to the USPS’ present situation.  Also, Cantor neglects to mention that a viable, bipartisan, consensus postal relief bill is pending before the House. The House received S. 1789 from the Senate, on April 26, at 10:54 AM EDT; the Senate-passed measure is currently being held at the desk of the Clerk of the House.

This past Monday, during a regularly scheduled legislative teleconference, NAPUS Chapter Legislative Chairs discussed the implementation of a June strategy to push for House consideration of S. 1789 and to amend H.R. 2309.

8 thoughts on “House to Tackle Postal Bill After July Fourth

  1. Just want to say good-bye to all my friends that just left with a big buy-out and two years, I will miss you all………………….WAIT….. you’re still here!!! WHAT HAPPENED! You promised when I got back you’d be gone!!!

  2. If money is the root of all evil,and the republicans control the purse strings in our country.Then one must agree republicans are evil.

  3. Don’t worry. We will take care of your asses! We will sh*t can you peons and steal everything else for our corporate masters!

  4. Do the postmasters really believe that the bulk of postal employees can”t think and react to adequate congressional bills ? The fact that they keep bringing up S-1789 tells me just that fact. The bill does nothing to REFORM the po and solve what ails it. House bill 2309 is the only bill so far that will REFORM the po and put it on a solvent path. Of course most people hate change and status quo is what they prefer. This is not the time to leave the po as is, because this will not solve the problem. If EAS positions are left as they are now, no way can the POST OFFICE survive. The beauracracy within the po is TOO PESADO.

  5. July 04. What year? The people are a joke, at our expense. Something else will come up, some scandle with one of their own and it will get kicked down the road. Man, this blows. These people do not care about the PO. All they care about is themselves. No wonder the PMG is going forward.

  6. The Republican bulls in the house of representatives are running and ruining the chances of the Post Offices financial survival. We all know what comes from under the bulls tail.

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