USPS OIG Finds Whistleblower Reprisal At Medford, OR Post Office

From a reader: The following is an extremely rare instance of the USPS OIG finding whistleblower reprisal.  Astonishing, since ELM 666.3 | Whistleblower Protection is very weak.This letter from the USPS OIG was published in the local paper by the Southern Oregon Area Local, APWU, in Medford OR. The letter is addressed to Christopher Olivas.

OIG Finds Reprisal

4 thoughts on “USPS OIG Finds Whistleblower Reprisal At Medford, OR Post Office

  1. What do you want to bet that Lembke, the special agent in charge, will no longer be an agent in charge, but just an agent? He did not follow the rule to always protect the highest level of management possible!

  2. The EO (VER) and the Incentives and who knows what?,Congress, specifically the GOP side, may be delaying any action and/or will delay action on Postal Reform bills, until after the PMG has accomplished some of the reform by himself, that Omar Gonzalez (APWU)swan song (on Postal Reporter) tells me that the APWU is taking a stand, unfortunately the APWU stand is like “Custer’s Last Stand”,Chief Donahoe is raising that tomahawk, and USPS will take no prisoners, we are being scalped,this is a Massacre in the making.
    Many are waiting for a Congressional solution, also known as “The Final Solution”.

  3. It seems that the upper postal managers once again; see’s no evil, hears no evil, and speaks no evil about these types of violations … it just the way it is. They get away with it.

  4. Hats off to the local area paper for reporting this decision. Our media representatives can also face reprisals for reporting news that is unfavorable to entities that control and own them. In this case it is only the Postal Service but if it had been a Corporation or the wrong Politician there could have been dire repercussions to the Reporter or their Media Outlet.

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