Be Careful What You Wish For When Calling On PMG To Resign

Over the past several months calls for Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe to Resign such as …

Ralph Nader Calls On PMG To Resign
You are actively presiding over the demise of one of our country’s greatest founding institutions. The U.S. Postal Service is an institution that was conceived by Benjamin Franklin and which has succeeded brilliantly over the generations to service, connect, and allow the people of our land to communicate with each other anywhere at a common rate regardless of whether they live in urban, suburban, or rural areas…

New York Metro APWU Demands that PMG Resign Immediately
The New York Metro Area Postal Union concludes from his actions that Postmaster General Patrick R. Donahoe is either a well-meaning incompetent or a duplicitous agent of forces who actively want to destroy the Postal Service and have it privatized. Whichever case is true, Donahoe is violating his oath of office and failing to meet the requirements of his position to be responsible for the overall operation of the Postal Service. Donahoe has contracts remaining to be negotiated with the three remaining postal unions. NYMAPU questions how the other postal unions can bargain in good faith with Postmaster Donahoe after his actions following the contract with the APWU.

House Dem calls for firing postmaster general; blames Obama, GOP Congress
The Hill- Rep. Peter DeFazio (D-Ore.) on Monday afternoon called on the the Obama administration to fire Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe.

But as NALC President Fredric Rolando pointed out-when members were calling for the resignation or the firing of PMG Pat Donahoe was, “who would replace him?

In an editorial to its members by Robert Rutter, NALC President, Branch #1111 (Richmond, CA) newsletter:

” There is nobody at postal headquarters who has the kind of vision and business sense needed to lead the USPS. When you realize that a certain former Oakland postmaster is the Number 6 person at headquarters, that tells you all you need to know! That postmaster was a “bottom line” kind of guy who strove to kill every creative effort during’ the time he was in this district; a man who was leery of craft workers and got himself promoted! And now he makes hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, as part of postal management proposing to eliminate jobs and service!

I don’t envy President Rolando any part of his job, but I especially don’t envy the time he must spend to Pat Donahoe or negotiating with any of the “managers”-especially the operations “managers” at headquarters. When you see what the Postal-Service proposes=-whether cutting delivery days, closing post offices or slashing mail processing facilities-you get the sense that upper management believes there is a “postal service” that exists as a separate entity-something that doesn’t have any craft workers and doesn’t have any customers. As though it was a corporation without any shareholders! That should scare everyone! ,

PostalReporter note:

According to the USPS Board of Governors website:  “The nine governors select the postmaster general, who becomes a member of the Board, and those 10 select the deputy postmaster general, who also serves on the Board. The postmaster general serves at the pleasure of the governors for an indefinite term. The deputy postmaster general serves at the pleasure of the governors and the postmaster general.”

Currently the Board of Governors are the following members:

Thurgood Marshall Jr. Chairman (Dem)
Mickey D. Barnett, Vice-Chairman (Rep)
Louis J. Giuliano, member (Rep)
James H. Bilbray, Member (Dem)
Dennis J. Toner, Member (Dem)
Ellen C. Williams, Member (Rep)
Patrick R. Donahoe, Postmaster General and CEO
Ronald A. Stroman, Deputy Postmaster General

Katherine Tobin (Dem) and James C. Miller, III (Rep) were Nominated To Return As Members to USPS Board of Governors bringing to total to 4 Democrats and 4 Republicans. There is one more vacancy to be filled. President Obama stacked the Postal Regulatory Commission with Republicans so will it be the same for the Board of Governors? So be careful what you wish for because the grass may not be greener on the other side of the postal pasture.

27 thoughts on “Be Careful What You Wish For When Calling On PMG To Resign

  1. NALC leadership has very little balls; won’t even stand up for carriers getting bullied and harassed on a near daily basis. And Dept of Labor or OIG could care less about workers. Maybe the FBI should get called for Civill Rights violations.

  2. Fuck postal supervisors, fuck management, fuck Gay W. Bushy! Fuck republicans! Fuck DonAHoe! Fuck the police! And if you don’t like what I say then Fuck you too! The USPS is managed by a bunch of fucking corrupt white monkeys!

  3. The problem with the NALC is there is no vision. They still think we are providing a service and they try to stick to that. We have been replaced by technology and he only service we provide is delivering junk mail and nobody cares how accurately that is done. Rolando and all the other fat cat dinosaurs should wake up and stop trying to bail out a sinking ship with a bucket

  4. It is an interesting dilemma on the issue of replacing the PMG. Does Donohoe deserve to be fired? Yes, of course he does. He has steadfastly refused to work with the unions, and has wholeheartedly agreed with fascist asshole Darryl Issa’s H.R. 2309 which would put the Service on the fast track to privatization and cost thousands of people their jobs.
    Who would replace him? Another asshole insider? None of these people have spines. They are all chasing the same goal – executive pay which would be more lucrative in private hands. Is an outsider an option? We got Marvin Runyon from Coke for a while and he was a fucking disaster. I’m not sure an outsider would know enough to do an effective job.
    There are competent people in lower levels of the Service that are not in lock step with Donohoe and his minions. What it would take is somebody with balls from Area or even the District level, maybe someone who has actually been in the trenches and speaks to real customers. It’s obvious the upper echelon is so out of touch with the public that they probably couldn’t figure out how to use an arrow key if they ever had to deliver mail.

  5. Buyout Watch

    Postal Service May 2012 $20,000 early-out incentives offered to eligible postmasters in plan announced May 2012. Buyouts offered to 7,500 administrative employees in March 2011. May 2012. $15,000 early-out incentives to eligible craft employees in plan announced May 2012.

  6. We all need to take a deep breath and exhale! Ignorance is blitz. First of all we have to understand the power of congress and the responsibility of the PMG. We also must realize the power players in this whole game to include the union. we all have an interest in the survival of the Postal service, whether it be our personal jobs or the postal service as a whole. Name calling and pointing fingers will solve nothing. Lets just educate ourselves first, second, think of a solution; even if it’s not favored, (At least you’re thinking). Third, then respond or speak your mind. Let’s try to stay off the political train and use common sense logic when trying to solve issues. Our country is being devided over all this us vs them and Replublican vs Democrats, rich vs poor, Free Market vs Government!
    Let’s stop the foolishness and bickering and approach the problem in a more positive and productive way.

  7. Nice writing, but many of the Craft Employees want out, we really care less about service and/or standards, we hate, detest those abusive, inept, “I worked my way up under the desk”, managers,
    yes a truly perverted culture, you want to move up?, no problem, you have no skills , especially to interact with employees, no problem, sex for promotion, then once promoted, you can use brute force , abuse, torture, whatever, to get the mail out, get those numbers, get me and you (Management), those nice Bonuses, I mean incentives, many of us do not care, get that down good, we do not care!,
    Privatization will be a Godsend!

  8. And yet, he should be removed, and will be gone before the end of the year.

    And all the shennanigans of a certain ethically challenged VP out there will get it done!

  9. Why not offer VERA to everyone eligible regardless of craft. Many would leave and that would open positions for the junior employees. Just seems like the logical thing to do…

  10. It’s not Rolando’s concern who would replace Fat Pat. He has run the USPS into the ground by not cutting management bonuses and curtailing USPS credit card abuses; any decent manager of any public or private enterprise would know after one year that the 5.5 billion dollar mandate was unsustainable. Yet cap metro feasted on Redskin, National, and Capitol tickets. Even now, alcohol is permitted to be purchased by managers ” in certain situations”. They ripped the NALC off on JARAP and about every other major issue that comes down the pike. Next will be the streeter/caser deal, yet Rolando has never commented on the bloated management ranks. If he hasn’t now he never will. Pat should certainly be fired, and if Fred doesn’t grow a pair and start telling it like it really is, then he should go too. We need someone who is not afraid to offend people or hurt their feelings.

  11. Tim, please don’t be a one issue participant. Likely the next president will appoint at least 2 supremes. That is where the real power now lies….until a gutsy president tells them to try and enforce the things they’re passing. Think “citizens united” from our current conservatives.
    Donahoe is the worst dealing with the worst. His theory seems to be in order to save the company we must destroy the service. Really? Kind of like trying to stimulate the economy by cutting jobs.
    One of the problems is credibility. Don a hoe has lost that a long time ago. We’ve been going broke I mean really there won’t be any $ for wages etcetcetc since at least last year. WTF!

    RM Nixon would be proud. Raygun would be delighted. And “W” is coming out with a book on how to fix the economy. REALLY?!

    Tim, please check out the “new kid” on the block politically. His name is Rocky Anderson for the Justice Party. Won’t make the cut this year but worth a look for 16. We need to build for now and the fututre. Long game, short game.

  12. If the VER is not across the board, be a wave of Sick leave, maybe a riot , a lot of anger building up, would not want to be a PM nor any EA-ASS, not a good scenario arising!
    VER or ?

  13. Have you people all lost touch with reality???? Do you see what we process and deliver, yeah, It’s all junk. We are not providing a service that keeps the country moving, this is not 1983. Have any of you heard of paying bills online?? Guess not. Wake up, we deliver garbage, thats it.

  14. It’s really sad that so many employees believe that our PMG is the root of the problem. Congress has the ability to let our organization continue to survive, and keep the employees working. Proposals have been offered that make sense, and have been backed by private firms, that allow for us to make business changes, that any normal business would make to remain, or become profitable.

    Contact your congressional representatives and let them know that you want your job, that you need your job, and that they control our future.

  15. fire the lying knucklehead donahoe. certainly, there is
    MORE than enough “just cause.” in donahoe, you have a
    guy that has lost all credibility because of his actions, lies, and
    deception. the mindset of be careful if you fire him because
    you might get somebody worse is just nonsense. while i guess
    there is a remote chance this could happen, this type of thinking has
    no place in a decision to fire someone. either they are an incompetent
    liars who have made serious enough mistakes to be fired, or not.

  16. You should replace Fathead Donahoe with someone with a brain! Congress should appoint a csar and replace them all.

  17. can’t we seek an outside source to be post master general? Someone with business sense? Is that not allowed?

  18. Note: Obama stacked the PRC with Republicans. He is so pro-union that he is bending the unions over and making them pay for their support. Yeah Unions keep that money and time and energy flowing, he will keep screwing you because he is a turncoat like Benedict Arnold who will smile in your face then soon as possible stab you where you stand for a vote.

  19. Ironic is that when the President (Reagan) appointed 2 staunch conservatives (Casey & Tisch). They with the Reagan philosophy and outside business experiences kept the Postal Service running for the country. They saw the necessity. It began to flounder under Bush (II) with the prepayment. If not for this prepayment the Post Office would be facing similar hardships like the rest of the country but they would be transient and not impossible to overcome. Donohue has not represented the needs of our customers whom are the citizens of the country.

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