Does the Issa-Ross Bill Pose a Credible Threat to the USPS?

From eNAPUS Legislative and Political Bulletin:

Over the past two months, sup-port of the Issa-Ross postal bill (H.R. 2309) has been limited to a number of daily newspapers, including the Washington Post, and Tea Party-leaning interest groups. The advertising-funded print media have never been fans of the Postal Service, because the industry views the USPS as a competitor — newspapers sell ad space and the USPS markets direct mail. Tea Party allies despise anything reeking of public service, and, therefore, cannot stomach the existence of a well-respected governmental agency. Hence, these groups advocate legislation that demeans the USPS. (The PMG mused about support at a March hearing, but within hours clarified his re-marks.)

As adopted by the House Over-sight and Government Reform Committee, the postal bill threat level, in Homeland Security par-lance, is Code Yellow, meaning “elevated” risk, rather than Code Orange or Code Red. In part, the risk assessment is based upon the potential for enactment, as drafted. Currently, the Commit-tee-approved bill, lacks the nec-essary level of support to bring the bill to the House floor for a vote. Unlike the Senate-passed bill, S. 1789, which garnered broad bipartisan support, the authors of H.R. 2309 are not making a concerted effort to expand its target group beyond the GOP. Also, rural GOP House members have publicly expressed deep concern about the Issa-Ross bill’s impact on their constituents. Consequently, Chairman Darrell Issa has reached out to GOP members of the Congressional Rural Caucus, led by Rep. Adrian Smith (NE), in an attempt to develop a series of amendments that could generate support within the House Republican Conference, a deficiency that has thus far precluded House action on the bill.

eNAPUS Legislative and Political Bulletin

23 thoughts on “Does the Issa-Ross Bill Pose a Credible Threat to the USPS?

  1. Is this the same ISSA that was supported by union contributions from APWU & NALC back in 09?

  2. This is not government of the people by the people, this is agendas of the REPUBLICANS BY THE REPUBLICANS and to hell with everyone else. Contact congress to tell them we will vote them out. They will understand that.

  3. Union decries plan

    “This is a bad plan,” said Sally Davidow, spokeswoman for the American Postal Workers Union. “It’s essentially the same plan the Postal Service released some months ago. And the only difference appears to be that the [implementation timeline] is a little bit more spread out”, we are currently negotiating the VERA/ Incentives within the jurisdiction of the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

    The National Postal Mail Handlers Union is working with the Postal Service on terms of possible early-retirement incentives.

    “We intend to work closely with those locals affected by the August closings and consolidations,” said NPMHU president John Hegarty. “And, as always, it will be imperative that we enforce the contract to ensure that all mail-handler rights are protected.”

  4. Judy, you can pray all you want but if you also don’t carry a big stick, ain’t gonna mean a thing.

  5. Judy suggest prayer can’t hurt anything thats for sure! Don’t know how many out here can leave but i wish everybody luck i am fortunate able to leave when i get ready i suggest dig in and play hard ball until you get what you want.

  6. Same ones that vote Republican are the same ones that are SCABS: They leech off the rest of the dues-paying Union membership.These hypocrites just love to bash and badmouth the Union, all the while benefitting from all that the Union has done for them.

  7. How is it that this man worth 448 million at last count, holds up the democratic process for poor working class people and morally, can sleep in his own skin. They say take pay cuts, take benefit cuts, take health care cuts, cut back entitlements, but ask them that have an abundance to share a little more with the people who has helped them, and it is absolutley a war. Then they want to snow us with the fact that they are taking the same cuts as we are, but am I suppose to be stupid enough to believe that some one with 448 million would be impacted in the same way that I would. Personally I feel as if these guys don’ even deserve a pay check, more less a pension, with the poor a– crappy job that they are doing. What do you think?

  8. Issa/Ross all the GOP House members heads are spinning out of control.

    “Tea Party allies despise anything reeking of public service, and, therefore, cannot stomach the existence of a well-respected governmental agency.”

    Think about voting… the wingman way… along with prayer.

  9. Has anyone thought about Prayer? There is alot of power in prayer. Maybe we should all try that. If we all prayed for a fair out come, I know this whole mess would be corrected

  10. Any PM’s, you overpaid pieces of shit!, as soon as i get out, will push the emails and calls to privatize, overpaid morons, goodbye PO!

  11. Code don’t even exist for hr2309 if it did it would be code black “death to po if enacted”. But of course what I read about po supervisors, they don’t know anything, just like issa n ross. So code yellow? Really? What are you smoking? Reserve your breath for talking about how pretty zero’s look on your paycheck and how you want all zero’s then you can be a hero to zero’s everywhere. Esp to issa n ross the zero’s of all zero’s.

  12. Issa is a self serving ego maniac that is positioning himself for a run at president in 2016. He is a self serving liar, without any true moral backbone, like the german SS of world war two. Issa panel on birth control was sickening, woman being treated like the jews in nazi Germany. Issa will gut the USPS just like Hitler did the jewish middle class.

  13. The HR1351 may be okayed by the House, but the Senate should vote it down. Although I think both parties have their pros and cons, I think what Issa is doing is deplorable and whoever is in favor of it is out of touch with our plight. Issa once said Postal workers should only be earning $20,000 a year. Mr Issa, I’d like to see you do my job for a week. You couldn’t do as much in a week as I do in a day! You’d be out of breath! you seem pretty judgemental for someone who probably has only seen window clerk lines and has never seen the inside workings of a post office.

  14. Wingman……you pretty much summed it up!! I do not totally agree with ANY party on ALL issues but I sure don’t have a death wish….we also have employees that vote Republican, too….probably because Mom and Dad did……who knows?

  15. Hey wingman there are some dumb ass people that work for the postal service they hate unions but reap the benefits and still would vote for issa, ross, ryan, who trying to take there jobs, nothing but dumb asses.

  16. Its amazing that a congressman who has had UPS funding in the past is able to dictate terms to USPS. If this is not a conflict of interests what the hell is???

  17. And yet I still have people in my office who will vote Republican. How anybody can be so fucking stupid and vote against their own job security and retirement benefits is baffling. It just goes to show you how, when you turn your soul over to the GOP, Tea Party and Christian right, you surrender your reason and capacity to investigate and recognize what the leaders of those groups are doing to you and your family.
    GOP leaders have to have a good laugh every time they make a stump speech that their idiot followers eat up like a shit sandwich, knowing those voters don’t understand a fucking thing they’re even saying. Example: wanting less government? Sounds nice if you think Big Brother is getting too oppressive. However, that’s feeding paranoia. GOP politicians want less government REGULATIONS so they can break the laws with impunity. Big difference, and one their dunderhead supporters don’t understand.

  18. Issa is pushing his own personal bill which only has one co-sponsor (Ross). Meanwhile, HR1351 sits in committee with 225 co-sponsors. Issa refuses to let it out of committee. Committee heads should not have totalitarian control of their committees. The Congress is a democratic body, majority rules. Their committees should be democratic also. This is a blatant abuse of power by Issa, pushing his own agenda over the much more supported bill that he doesn’t like.

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