7 thoughts on “USPS Modeled Processing Network, Phase 1 List Of Facilties

  1. This is why I will retire in 3 months people is waiting for a buyout and the only peoplethe postmaster general is giving it to is the postmasters . What a shame.

  2. Will the TOP MANAGEMENT AND POSTMASTER GENEERAL STAFF AND HIS 39 vice-presidents GET THEIR performance BONUSES Check for shutting all these places DOWN. More likely they will….Why do we have 39 VICE-PRESIDENTS IF WE ARE SO BROKE,their salarys alone $220,000 a year. this is stupid.

  3. IPDC…you are not listed in this round. You may just be closed up altogether. USPS can get a pretty penney for that location.

  4. Study facility? potential to consolidate? if, maybe, when? Employees need concrete facts. You can’t make plans on the information that’s being put out there. I can retire, but people who can’t are so uptight, tense, worried or whatever that they can’t concentrate on their work 100%, so they stand around talking about it a lot. All the time I’ve worked at the Dayton, Oh. P&DC (more than 30 years) have been told that our office is one that makes money. Why close us down and send our mail to Columbus, Oh., an office that (reportedly) has at times had the lowest productivity in the nation? I cannot verify that, but our managers have said it, long before any talk of closing was made public.

  5. It’s not Obama who’s running this country into the ground, it’s republicans like ISSA, PAUL, those other cronies who don’t care about anything but the money in their pockets! They don’t care about the mail service being convenient to senior citizens, dissabled americans and the lower income families that need door to door service! Why are you’ll in office anyway; it’s definitely not because you care about america! The S.1789 bill have been in the House for over two weeks now and you’ll refuse to bring it to the floor, while thousands of jobs are riding on it! Shame on all of you!

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