USPS Announces ‘Modified Consolidation Plan’; Implementation to Begin This Summer, No Specifics Provided

The USPS notified the APWU [PDF] today, May 16, that it has developed a modified network consolidation plan and, “Now that the moratorium has expired, consolidation activities will begin this summer.” However, postal managers did not provide the union with a list of which facilities would be affected and when. The information will be made available to the union on May 17, in advance of the public release, the letter says.

The USPS letter, which was faxed to the union at approximately 3 p.m., says that postal managers will begin giving “stand-up talks” to employees on Tour 3 on May 16. Copies of the service talks [PDF] were provided.

APWU President Cliff Guffey said, “The Postal Service’s actions are the best evidence there is that union members must contact their U.S. representatives and urge them to address postal reform immediately, using the recently-approved Senate bill as a starting point for discussion.”

Fall Break, Service Changes

There will be a break in consolidation activities from September through December for the election and holiday mailing seasons, the letter says. Following the break, the first phase of consolidations will resume in January 2013. Phase two will be completed by the end of 2014.

The letter says that a new, interim regulation to modify existing Service Standards for overnight delivery will be introduced that “will shrink the geographic reach of overnight service to local areas.

“This new interim Service Standard will enable consolidating activity in 2013, and will be replaced with a permanent Service Standard for overnight delivery in 2014.”

The stand-up talks say that “Actions taken will comply with collective bargaining agreements, Postal Service regulations and policies, and other applicable law.” It also says, “The Postal Service is working with its unions regarding an employee incentive offer and will announce details when final decisions are made,” but the USPS and APWU have not been negotiating about incentives, Guffey said.

The talk for employees who interact with customers says, “Some consolidation activities will begin this summer, but there will be no facilities closures this summer.” The other talks do not include this language, nor does the letter to the APWU. (In fact, the stand-up talks for other employees refer to “closing facility.”)

“The Postal Service’s plans seem to be in constant flux,” Guffey said. “I hope members of Congress are paying attention. They must act quickly to prevent a severe degradation of service and massive cutbacks in the mail processing network.”

47 thoughts on “USPS Announces ‘Modified Consolidation Plan’; Implementation to Begin This Summer, No Specifics Provided

  1. In a seperate interview, APWU ackowledged that any VERA would drain their coffers and come perilously close to eliminating hospitality rooms at all future conventions and conferences to which USPS responded with, “I’ll drink to that!”

  2. Hey Bubbles…..I think YOU may have been tasered or nightsticked a few too many times. Did you read?…..those were “yes” or “no” questions……very simple….one word……”yes” or “no.” They were not essay questions. But, see, people like you can’t do that, because you can’t be grateful or thankful for anything you have……its all gotta suck, everybody is out to screw you, nothing is fair. Yeah, we know where you are coming from, and its called “Crybaby Land.” Maybe you should run for mayor…..or, hell, maybe you could be POSTMASTER….no, wait, they closed that office…..too many customer complaints.

  3. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! As I say……the door to the Post Offic has always swung both ways. If you don’t like it, you are free to leave. Bu-bye! And, oh, by the way……good luck with that temp-to-hire job at the local Japanese- owned factory that you will find waiting for you. Let’s see…..$15.00 per hour, manditory overtime whenever, no sick pay, one week of vacation for the first two years, miss three days in a year and you’re fired, pick up a mop or broom when your machine is down…….all this, of course, AFTER and IF you are hired in…..maybe in a year if you are lucky……until then, NO benefits whatsoever. But, wait, you can always complain to the Union, right? …….oh, yeah, I forgot…..they DON’T have a union……and just mention the word and you’ll be walked out the door. These are the jobs your children are finding. But YOU…..yeah, YOU have it so rough…….so you should be GLAD if you lose your postal job, right? I mean it SUCKS SO BAD that they would be doing you a favor if they excessed you, right? Well, I certainly hope things work out for you. You poor thing.

  4. Hey clerk guy,you wanna work.Get your ass outside and carry some mail in the elements.Have a supervisor follow you and try to bust you.Get off the senior craft they earned their place in the PO.The PO created their position and they payed the dues to get there.So shut the “F”up.

  5. Yea you clerkguy I’ll try to answer some questions.

    1. Still paycheck to paycheck

    2.Retro back all cola’s, with back pay, add 3% to basepay and lower health co-pays adding a good dental plan at no extra cost and i’ll get back to you on #2.

    3. If your not a CSRS empolyee with 41yrs 11 months in, it aint all that. And looking to get a lot worst. My plan everybody back to CSRS. What is Issa getting for the shitty job he’s doing? What are cops and firemen getting? Heard they get 90% at age 50, Shit give me a hose.I was getting peanuts fighting those shipboard fires in the Navy.I was shorepatrol too. Give me a taser an nitestick i’ll funk you up sucker.So to answer your stupid question? NO FERS SUCKS. And this new crap is even worst= screw working for uncle sam period… BTW hourly wage earners and blue collar workers ARE THE WORKING AMERICA. Why not compare?Yes lets compare the hands in pockets suits that have this country/world in such a fucking mess.

    4 OPM limbo? SS will tell you your full age to retire, for some its 65 others 66. Wait till your 70 and draw full retirement? What you and your shithead friends want is for poeople to take a reduce retirement so here’s your little carrot of incentives to retire..$50K & 80% or shove that carrot where the sun dont shine. Amen.

    5. Finally… you will see as you get older not only whining and crying but balding shiting your pants, getting it up or out of your chair, its all not good. Your going to need alot $$$, women aint cheap just ask the secert service.So stay working as long as you can at 100%

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  6. Hey clerkguy , I want you to figure out my generous fers retirement benefits:

    1 % of base pay mulitply by every year of service minus health care, no ss, no tsp

    if you are under 59 1/2 , no ss annunity under age 56 also if you have a spouse

    minus a spouse deduction : Maybe around $500 a month geez I can enjoy

    really enjoy my retirement.

  7. You ungrateful old fucks make me laugh. My comments are directed at those workers who are ELIGIBLE to retire, but think someone should pay them to do it. You ARE getting paid to do it!…..its called FERS, TSP and SS…..all provided for you by that terrible, unfair employeer you have been forced to work for all these years. Let me ask you some questions……yes or no:
    (1) Have you earned a very good wage over the years?
    (2) Have you been provided with very generous benefits over the years?
    (3) Will your retirement package be better than most Americans can expect?
    (4) Do the vast majority of American workers NOT get paid to retire when eligible?
    (5) Is whining and crying your hobby?
    You can disregard question 5, but what about the others? You won’t respond to those, will you? Because we all know the answers. And don’t forget, we are talking us compared to other hourly wage earners and blue collar workers. No, you won’t answer those questions honestly…..instead you will resort to stupid sexual comments……like Same ole Same ole. I, myself, hate to do that, but since he brought it up, just let me say……I don’t know about grandma, but the last time I was with his wife we did it doggie style like that, and she loved it! I’m just saying.

  8. clerkguy might be one of them bubbles coming out of that girls butt.

    Like alot of these far right freaks on here, they’d bend grandma over with her face in the apple pie if they could

  9. We, in Gaylord Michigan, are apparently on the first hit list, June 1st, for consolidation. Wow, they will save maybe 3 million by next June. Ha ha! Really, and they’re losing 26 million a day!! Gotta start somewhere! Riiiggghhhttt!!! For those of you arguing against incentives, I ask, how would you like to have your livelihood jeopardized by trying to transfer more than 50 miles from your home, all that sweat equity, money etc, going up in PMG’s grand plan of politicizing the “service” we are providing the American public! Several of us, on the losing end of his tinkering with the “network”, are war veterans with a lot less years toward retirement! Aaagghh, maybe Mr Obama and our Congress will get us make work through the much vaunted Jobs program for Veterans. And what about non vets who have worked faithfully for many years?
    Our management structure, collectively, Postal, Executive Branch and
    Congressional, sure have made a mess of this.

  10. I’m sorry you lazy old farts, but clerkguy’s got it right! Just because you have spent your entire careers getting paid to do nothing, doesn’t mean you should get some kind of a bonus to do even less.
    The Gravy Train is pulling into the staion now. Time for you to get off.

  11. This is the so-called BIG announcement? Why wouldn’t they already have the incentive info available. They’ve had the moratorium for six months. Plenty of time to get it together. The PO seems to hype up every “announcement” like it’s going to be something we never heard about. All these people who have been waiting for the incentives to retire will be waiting even longer. PO is on a downhill slide and it’s going fast!!

  12. An incentive to pay is a super good deal for the P.O., cash strapped or not.

    There are creative ways to pay that incentive. The savings would be tremendous for the company. The employee is getting the short end of the stick with any incentive to go. This is a very personal and tough choice.

  13. Clerkguy sounds like the typical non-union scab. A guy who has no clue about the jobs these posters do, whether its standing for their entire shift, or sitting at one of the few letter cases left in this world. Probably a 204wannabe who’s gonna lose his job in the consolidation process cuz he only has about 10 years in. Or less. He best start practicing the phrase, “would you like to make that burger a combo?”. Incentives for PM’s at $20K a pop, but nothing for the REAL workers that make the Postal Service what it is? Why am I not surprised? Any of you waiting to be rewarded for leaving early, you’re going to be waiting a very, very, very long time…

  14. Same double talk from Postal managrment! You cannot believe anything thaty’s printed! Cogress still need to step up and vote on legislation that will save the present mail service and workers jobs! It’s clear that Donahoe do not know what’s he’s doing!

  15. If there is an incentive is it be very worthwhile. Where else are we going to receive the same hourly wage we receive now?

  16. “Hand Stamp” is the typical lazy fuck I was refering to. Where did this idea come from that anybody should be PAID to retire? I don’t get it. Ask your friends and neighbors if they are going to be paid to retire……I don’t think so. I the Post Office is such a terrible place to work, you could have quit years ago. You people have had one of the best paying jobs in America for all these many years, yet all you want to do is bitch and moan. I repeat……if it is such an awful, unfair, sucky (and WHAAAA! whatever else) job…..then GO….adios….have a nice day and don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out! I know there would be THOUSANDS of people who would jump at the chance to take your place. You see, Hand Job….er I mean Stamp, the “incentive” for most Americans to retire is the simple concept called, “you don’t have to go to work anymore.” Of course, most of those people put in a hard 8 hour day, so they look forward to quiting……AND most of them only have Social Security to depend on. YOU, on the other hand, SIT around all day, doing not much of anything, so retirement for you would just mean sitting around at home instead of at work. Therefore you feel that somebody should pay you to give up the gravy train. It don’t work that way in the real world, pal. Now then…..If the financially strapped USPS would eliminate unnecessary, do nothing, jobs like yours, and actually put you in a position to do some physical labor, like Automation, for example, I have no doubt that that would give you sufficient “incentive” to retire……like NEXT WEEK! And, as I previously mentioned, you, unlike most Americans, will receive a GENEROUS retirement package. You should be thankful for that, but……wait…..NO! Just like your job, that probably sucks too. Come to think of it……with all your constant complaining…… we can assume your LIFE sucks. Yeah, it guess it just plain SUCKS to be YOU. Sorry.

  17. Who ever this clerkguy is dont no how long you been in the postal service and dont care, but i do no you sound like a typical dumb ass, i hope they your job you dumb bastard.

  18. Ya know whats odd to me .. Mail Handlers Union just said 3 days ago they are still in negotiations with early out incentives. And that was all they could say. What the heck is going on here. Are they or are they not? Very unfair to string people along like this .. Big announcement, once again this announcement really tells us what ..Nothing we already didn’t know.. My husband is Civil Service and hes ready to go .. We waited for May 15th to find out nothing on incentives.. I think Wage Slave what you said makes a lot of sense.thank you for that 🙂 Once again gov failed us .. I worry for the post office employees what are they going to stick to them next. My husband works in a processing plant and he is a hard worker. People that come on here and post comments on how easy of a job it is .. Wouldn’t last a day in the post office. I know you guys can’t strike, too bad…A lot of the average people don’t even have a clue whats going on with the post office. All I say is come election time post office will have their say.. Vote every last rep out of the house. Issa is nothing but a train wreck!!!! And McCain makes my skin crawl..

  19. Sick and tired of you lazy old fuckers whining about “incentives” to retire. You have two incentives…(1) you will receive a VERY generous retirement package which most Americans would just love to have, and (2) hopefully they will abolish your cushy manual jobs which are no longer needed, meaning you will actually have to WORK for a change, and we KNOW you do not want to do that. Have a nice day. And, oh yeah……shut the hell up for a change!

  20. We saw the Postmaster’s video on Tour 3, Wednesday night. The part about incentives was somewhat blurry. He was talking about employees that will be affected by the consolation and how they will be notified with letters sent to their home. Then, he said that incentives and early outs will be available when finalized, so that the affected employess can make a decision on what that want to do. Some of us took this as if incentives and vera’s might only be offered to the people that are affected by the plant consolidations. Did anyone else understand it this way?

  21. Offering PM’s $20,000 to retire what about us working people. Where is our incentive?

  22. same old crap wait and see. hold one hand on your ass and the other out in front and see which one gets filled with incentive first?

  23. I don’t want to be a carrier. I want to leave with an incentive. Come on guffy sign off on the incentive you can go back to craft or you can carry mail. PLEASE DEAR LORD OFFER US CLERKS AN INCENTIVE TO LEAVE THIS PLACE!

  24. How bout more info on the closing of the facilities and our jobs. Everyone is worried about incentives……

  25. You people that are looking for a buyout are living in a fantasy. You will serve your sentences until completion. If they are converting clerks to carriers, why would they have a buyout. Dream on.

  26. @Dorene: You will not see any VER this year, unless it is a VERY SPECIFIC AREA associated with plant closure and consolidation….LIKE THE BAY AREA ONLY VER almost two years ago.
    I realize that there are many people out there who are not INTUITIVE about the current situation….the PMG has come up with a PLAN TO DRASTICALLY CUT WORK HOURS NATIONWIDE through the “8 to 6,4,2 hours open” scheme, which means they NEED TO GET RID OF A LOT OF POSTMASTERS, and they are doing it with a “POSTMASTER VER”.
    At least for now, the PMG does not NEED TO DUMP CLERKS….YET.
    Next year will be a KILLER….and if the GOP WINS SEATS and KING ROMNEY WINS….KISS YOUR ASS GOOD BYE…..




  28. Guffy! You should be talking about early out incentives and only incentives !
    You are the one that can get this rolling.The membership has been asking for it as you can see by all the replies for the last six months! Lets get this Done!!

  29. they are waiting you to retire with nothing ,and after election they will close many facilities.and will be worst if g.o.p. takes over

  30. Turning 63 Ready to go, digging in for incentive, not going to leave unless they pay me so bring on the money and let me get the hell on.

  31. i agree!!! no talks mr. guffy??? I have been a loyal union member for almost 30yrs paying my dues….were is the loyalty to me mr. guffy??? why wont you give me my due?? using a ver as leverage to get clerk craft jobs back that will never happen is treason to us loyal members that want to take the incentive and VER… i guess we dont count anymore since we wont be paying dues that much longer…

  32. The legislative branch government is
    Broken.not one of these faker even
    Considered legislation to stop sucking
    5.5billion a year off the top every year
    All they are concern with is when the
    Next recess.these people are out of
    With reality playing with thousands not
    Just worker but families livelihood,the
    The president needs to write an executive
    Order abolishing the congress and senate
    I bet we can get some action then. Truth

  33. what ever happened to HR 1351 with its bi partisan 229 votes…I think Congress has lost its way…and we have almost lost a national treasure that is listed in the Constitution..(US postal Service..due to the bought and paid for Votes of Fedex….they own Issa and his lil whip Ross

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