Video: Postal workers put off by naked customers

(WTKR–by Barbara Ciara)Two letter carriers are taking action against what they call a hostile working environment.

They say they are forced to deliver packages to unclothed customers.

It`s a culture clash between those who enjoy being naked and workers who don`t want to see their nakedness.

Letter carriers are a devoted bunch. They live by the pledge “neither rain, snow, nor gloom of night would deter it`s couriers from their appointed rounds.”

Darden Gillette says he is willing to deal with nature’s weather, but not unclothed customers who greet him up-close and butt naked. Full story at

12 thoughts on “Video: Postal workers put off by naked customers

  1. Dumbo is that you saying VERA would help to push USPS further into the Abyss?, saving all those benefits and paying no more of the salaries of those who leave, that is called Voluntary Early Retirement, if PMG wants to hasten this demise, he will keep offering management the VERA throw the bones though small, to his right and left balls (Management), like being on a sinking Cruise ship , and there are never enough life boats, APWU Cliff Guffey knows this is the end, now wants you to beg the GOP House to save us , really Cliff? , all part of the plan for a total collapse, we may be heading towards a Postal Armageddon, and very soon, make sure you do not miss those scans, watch those coffee and smoke breaks, work hard to the end, let your abusive inept Supervisor and /or Postmaster know you are there for them, treat the Customer with as much disrespect as you can do your job well !

    Unions like APWU gave it all away in the CBA, should have done the proper investigation, found out the lies, stop the overpayment into managements bonus pocket, think how many PM’s and Supervisors there are Nationwide, throw in graft, corruption, Incentive pay raises and bonuses, failed human resource policies and mechanization experiments, then tell me we are broke because of overpayment’ s into FERS alone.

    Moo Moo Clerk Cow says; Milk the Cow until they give better, More “Moo-la”and time, save AL, Use SL ,a day in the Life ;coffee break, smoke break,throne brake, Drain the Dragon break, smoke break, regular break, coffee break, smoke break, throne break, wash-up, lunch, coffee break, smoke break, Drain the Dragon break, smoke stress break, regular break, sugar Coke break, wash-up, home, and you want me to leave ?, (the above is not intended to show all breaks?)

    PMG loves hearing how the masses will go for 15k or 0k, he’s using us as Chess pieces, in his case, Checkers.

  2. The motto of the nudist is “In the proper setting”. which is at a resort. NOT when you are answering the door for the mailperson or anyone else. A genuine nudist would not think of doing that. These people who are doing that are ‘whacko’s’ as my son-in-law would put it. My vote is for the mailperson.

  3. What a bunch of WHINNERS, I’ll bet if these naked customers were HOT!! to look at they wouldn’t be complaining. Like them or not they are paying for service that’s keeping you employed – so stop pissing and moaning and just do yuor f***king job. But I do hope they are not exposing themselves to kids.

  4. I am a retired letter carrier and also belong to a nudist resort here in FL…….IF you don’t like delivering to naked people…….bid off the route. You knew the resort was on your route when you bid on it. If you don’t like it, bid off the route and get over it………grow up people!!

  5. I sure wouldnt want to go to a nudist camp and see all those fats ass people naked, trying to talk to you like its normal. Its not normal…………its bad enough that you have to see your old man lying around the house naked with his privates hanging out………..I dont blame them. I hope they win!

  6. Maybe the nudist resort should give the carriers free passes to experience their lifestyle and get over their nude-ophobia! Win-Win!

  7. Civilized society still has some rules of decorum. If these customers refuse to don so much as a light robe when they answer their door I say flag their address and leave a pick up slip in their mailbox. My biggest concern here is that children soliciting for school fundraisers would be exposed to these cretins. They provide a very bad example of nudists, if indeed that is what they are. Or perhaps they’re just exhibitionists forcing people who are not voyeurs to be just that, and that’s just sick.

  8. These two jackasses above live to post negative comments about postal workers. Get a life morons!! Its not NORMAL to encounter naked people in the performance of your job as a postal worker..

  9. I’m sure these creampuffs were aware that this was the case on the route. The culture in the PO nowadays is to look for any opportunity not to do your work. So you say the magic word…Hostile Work Environment, and bingo, you don’t have to work. Take their routes from them and put it up for bid. I’m sure some straight heterosexual carriers will bid on it. Easy fix! Management didn’t create this environment sweetie.

  10. What a bunch of WHINERS! F_ _KING GOODY TWO SHOES!!!
    Go work in the Private Sector for less money and less benefits!!!

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