APWU Urges House: Address Postal Reform Now, Start With Senate Bill

APWU News Bulletin 13-2012, May 10, 2012

“I encourage all union members to contact their representatives and urge them to consider postal reform legislation immediately. Be sure to ask them to use the Senate bill as a starting point.”

— APWU President Cliff Guffey

As the May 15 expiration of a moratorium on the closure of post offices and mail processing facilities approaches, the APWU is urging the House of Representatives to address postal reform immediately, and to use the Senate bill as a starting point. The USPS’ May 9 announcement about keeping rural offices open isn’t binding and won’t solve the USPS financial crisis, so we must keep fighting, the union says.

The attention of lawmakers, postal workers and customers shifted to the House after the Senate passed a bi-partisan postal bill (S. 1789) on April 25, but, so far, House leaders have displayed no sense of urgency in addressing the issue. As CNN Money reported on April 27, “Aides say Republican leaders don’t feel pressured to take up the House bill right away, because they’re not worried about postal closures.”

But the union, postal customers and many legislators see things differently. “We cannot allow legislative inaction to force the USPS to implement drastic cuts that will destroy the nation’s mail system, damage service, and jeopardize tens of thousands of jobs,” said APWU President Cliff Guffey.

“I encourage all union members to contact their representatives and urge them to consider postal reform legislation immediately. Be sure to ask them to use the Senate bill as a starting point,” he said.

The Senate Bill

“The Senate bill is flawed,” Guffey said, “but it is much better than an earlier version — and it is infinitely better than the bill that was approved by a House Committee last year.

“The improvements to the Senate bill are the result of the efforts of postal workers, customers, and legislators who recognize the importance of the USPS to American life — and have fought to protect it,” he said. “We now must apply the same determination to the House.”

The APWU is seeking several improvements to the Senate bill:

  • Strengthen the language that addresses congressional mandates that are bankrupting the USPS;
  • Improve the protections of service standards, which are essential to preserving the Postal Service and postal jobs, and
  • Eliminate provisions that would have devastating consequences for the thousands of postal and federal employees who were injured on the job and who receive compensation from the Office of Workers Compensation Program (OWCP).

“Despite the weaknesses of the Senate bill, it would provide the USPS with short-term financial relief, and it would allow more community input in the decision-making processing for closing or consolidating post offices and postal facilities,” Guffey said. It also would give the Postal Regulatory Commission authority to reverse USPS decisions on closures and consolidations.

Ask Your U.S. Representative to:

Address Postal Reform Now

Use the Senate Bill as a Starting Point

Call 202-224-3121 or
visit www.capwiz.com/apwu

House Bill Would Destroy USPS

H.R. 2309, the bill that was approved by the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, would “destroy the Postal Service as we know it,” the union president said. “We must not allow it to serve as the starting point for discussion in the House.”

The bill, which was sponsored by Committee Chairman Darrell Issa (R-CA), and Rep. Dennis Ross (R-FL), would  require the USPS to implement $3 billion worth of cuts in post offices and mail processing facilities in a two-year period, and would slash “door delivery.” The bill also would gut collective bargaining — prohibiting postal unions and the USPS from negotiating protection against layoffs and allowing an appointed board to reject labor contracts it considers too costly.

The APWU enthusiastically supports another House bill, H.R. 1351, introduced by Rep. Stephen Lynch (D-MA). The legislation has 227 co-sponsors, which constitutes a majority of House members, but Rep. Issa has refused to allow a vote on the measure.

17 thoughts on “APWU Urges House: Address Postal Reform Now, Start With Senate Bill

  1. VERA won’t push USPS into the abyss…now, APWU? Ah – that’s a different story! Goofy knows to get his parachute on – it’s called the APWU Officer Retirement plan. You’re not in it? Well, better gets that parachute on…here come dat abyss!

  2. The gay blade in Buffalo, Kathleen Burns, is the Western NY District manager, if she was a heterosexual, she would be gone and Buffalo too, so the Gay Pac gives so much money to Chuck Schumer, he begged the PMG to save Buffalo, what a scene that was, Big White Irish shit, and the little Jewish Twit.

  3. Dumbo is that you saying VERA would help to push USPS further into the Abyss?, saving all those benefits and paying no more of the salaries of those who leave, that is called Voluntary Early Retirement, if PMG wants to hasten this demise, he will keep offering management the VERA throw the bones though small, to his right and left balls (Management), like being on a sinking Cruise ship , and there are never enough life boats, APWU Cliff Guffey knows this is the end, now wants you to beg the GOP House to save us , really Cliff? , all part of the plan for a total collapse, we may be heading towards a Postal Armageddon, and very soon, make sure you do not miss those scans, watch those coffee and smoke breaks, work hard to the end, let your abusive inept Supervisor and /or Postmaster know you are there for them, treat the Customer with as much disrespect as you can do your job well !

    Unions like APWU gave it all away in the CBA, should have done the proper investigation, found out the lies, stop the overpayment into managements bonus pocket, think how many PM’s and Supervisors there are Nationwide, throw in graft, corruption, Incentive pay raises and bonuses, failed human resource policies and mechanization experiments, then tell me we are broke because of overpayment’ s into FERS alone.

    Moo Moo Clerk Cow says; Milk the Cow until they give better, More “Moo-la”and time, save AL, Use SL ,a day in the Life ;coffee break, smoke break,throne brake, Drain the Dragon break, smoke break, regular break, coffee break, smoke break, throne break, wash-up, lunch, coffee break, smoke break, Drain the Dragon break, smoke stress break, regular break, sugar Coke break, wash-up, home, and you want me to leave ?, (the above is not intended to show all breaks?)

    PMG loves hearing how the masses will go for 15k or 0k, he’s using us as Chess pieces, in his case, Checkers.

  4. The Union is good for somethings, we know that the APWU has not been upfront with it’s members, yet the NALC, the Mail Handlers union, NAPS,NAPUS, Rural Carriers, they all spit it out, about the VER and any incentives and what is going down, Guffey has been talking to USPS, but cannot be decent enough to allay the fears of the members, just like local Presidents , you end up fighting your union and management, and that is wrong !, the Union was good, but really, even at the bottom, as stewards, as members, you and you, and the officers go against you, tell the National, and they stick by the Union President, corrupt to say the least, many clerks are on Comp, have been removed, on SL / FMLA ,or fighting for Disability retirement, these clerks were required to become carriers, with age, ailments etc.,
    and the union said; “We can’t help you anymore, bye , bye !”, the APWU should push the PMG for the Craft VER, or is the suffering of the members and ex members, dying to get out to save what they have , not good enough, or are the dues more important to the National?, Is the National not been clear and transparent because it is their jobs they are trying to save first?
    If Guffey knows what is good for the existence of the APWU, tell us what is going on!, or the flood gates will open for exiting the Corrupt APWU!

  5. Dan the man has it incorrect. The union looks out for the union and no one else. The senate bill passed last week sucks and will solve exactly nothing. Any one with any semblence of intellect knows the po’s problem is the number of positions created but not needed , such as too many management positions from DC Headquarters, too much redundancy at the area, the field offices have so much duplicity also, and last but not least the number of eas positions that do nothing but move paper and numbers each and every day. Well the po can not afford to continue with business as usual anymore.

  6. Is there no stopping the managerial incompetence? Arkansas U.S. Representative Mike Ross put the blame for the USPS’ woes squarely where it belongs, on the backs of incompetent management. This is a prime example of what happens when rampant nepotism, ass kissing and snitching is the principle vehicle for advancing up the management ladder. For decades it’s always been favoritism and connections and the inevitable happened: productive smart employees were left in craft or maybe in a few cases at lower management levels because those in the higher ranks were dependent on the labor force to justify their own bloated pay and job.
    They are deluded with their own sense of importance, and the truth is they have no real impact on anything other than making a difficult job even more so when they try to implement idiotic policies for no other reason than to try to show their higher ups how smart and great they are. I’ve heard stories of management conventions and meetings that were drunken orgies and little else. There are not so secret affairs, sex favors and the like rampant all over management world, but that’s to be understood from a class of people that know how to do little else besides screw people.
    We must keep up pressure especially on that asshole Issa and force him to allow H.R. 1351 to be brought to a vote. Of course, the article is right – the Republicans are in no hurry because they want to kill us anyway. Is there a party any more mean spirited and just plain vile than the GOP?

  7. 1. Burrus and the APWU were adamantly opposed to the PAEA in 2006. The only postal union to do so.
    2. The Postal Service is a civil service, not a business. Commenting on solvency as a conservative capitalistic venture is missing the point. Police, Fire, Military, the Postal Service, all serve a civil, not a business purpose. Believe it or not, not all Americans live in cities, subdivisions, or are computer savvy, but all deserve to be tied together through lines of communication that a for profit only business will not provide.
    3. VERA is not a union only proposition. USPS management has to make the decision when and how to offer one. The union cannot just demand one.
    4. Dues are a necessary evil to having a union. They do not work for free any more than you or I would, and with a federal mandate of an open shop (allowing for all benefits to be shared by scabs who don’t pay for them), dues from members with conscience are the only way to fund the organization. None of us would be working here without the union, pre union wages and total lack of benefits. along with current pay to non union part time help (ex. recent casuals ) show what management in the USPS feel is an acceptable wage for the work we do.
    5. (and last) Congress more than likely will not do anything before the November elections. Extensions will be granted, conservative politicians will lie to the public about this costing taxpayer money, and no body will listen to voices of reason (Ralph Nader’s page asking for Donahoe’s resignation for one), and 2013 will begin with the continuing uncertainty that we face now.
    Things could always be worse. Just don’t confuse the truth with rhetoric.

  8. Is Goofy the APWU whore for real?, begging Issa to change his bill, call your GOP guy, Issa and Ross have them by the balls and other body parts, here we go, Cliff Goofey trying to save his job and will do anything for more dues!
    Hey Goofey!, How about a God Damn VERA, you A-Hole!
    Don’t forget, the APWU needs the money for all your local and National Officers to go party out in LA, the National Screw you dues paying members Convention, choke on your Filet Mignon steak you Jerk off !

  9. When is congress going to stop with the (overpayment of billions of dollors) into the furture retire funds, Congress is raping the postal service,There the ones trashing the place Huh? Huh? Huh? When Huh? Huh?

  10. Who is going to pay for this nonneeded postal service to deliver junk mail.Where are the Conservatives that were going to deal with wasting money and increasing debt. USPS, GSA, needless spending wasting money. WHO IS GOING TO PAY. USPS loosing 25 million a day. Lost 3.2 billion last quarter. 19 new conservative elected when are they going to take action to stop wasteful spending and restructure USPS to operate cost effective as means to grow revenue no longer exist.

  11. House passes bill to cut feds’ take-home pay by 5%

    Loverboy lets not forget about these increase

  12. If that doesn’t work Goofy says we can always go to more commercials (after the dues assessments of course) and more pickets.

    The matter will come up in June and be tabled for summer break. It will again come up in September some time and will be overshadowed by election year campaigning. Meanwhile, dues will be increase in accordance with the APWU constitution.

  13. Postal Service is a sinking ship same as Titantic. Politicans ignore hazards such as failure to close small offices that are not need for postal services or 6 day delivery which are same as HAZARDS the Titantic faced.

  14. Alot of people hold the union responsible for pushing the PAEA act through. But that was 2006, the economy and mail volume were fine. Donaho has got to go, he is being paid by the postal service to destroy the very same organization he took an oath to protect. Has is betraying his employees and the stamp buying public. Issa, Ross, and Donaho would be tried for treason in a different time.

  15. Stand your ground Issa. You are doing the right thing. We’ve already seen what happens when our beloved unions have a say in where the money should go.

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