List of Post Offices Affected Under USPS New Plan

USPS: “The U.S. Postal Service has announced a new strategy that could keep the nation’s smallest Post Offices open for business and serving rural America, while providing significant cost savings as part of our plan to return to financial stability. Existing Post Offices would stay, but with modified retail hours to match customer use. Access to retail lobbies and to P.O. Boxes would remain unchanged, and the town’s ZIP Code and community identity would be retained.”

USPS Postplan Affected Post Offices 5-09-12

4 thoughts on “List of Post Offices Affected Under USPS New Plan

  1. Ever town should have a post office but not suburban neighborhoods that 50 years ago were in rural areas shopping at community general store as shopping malls were yet to be on a large scale . The 20th century is history. The 21st century is the era of advanced technology in communications. The computer changed business operations. The internet created instant messaging and with time new apps in communications became available to process automatic instant messaging via texting cell phones, I pods, and the list is growing. Instant messaging less paper has impacted the USPS as First class mail volume has almost reach demise stage resulting in massive revenue losses. The losses cannot be overcome with supply of postal services exceeding demand resulting in builtin losses.The USPS must be totally restructured from closing officies that no longer need to exist to provide once need postal services. Delivery operations, box sections can be consolidated and zip codes maintained. Every town must have a post office and zip code but not every neighborhood. Street delivery reduced 1 day a week would not be missed or affect Americans communicaions in any way.
    Headquarter staph, area and district staffs must eliminate duplicate operations. District staffs should be competent to the extent that area must review and approve district decision.Postmasters at small community officies near towns with large high level office should not be paid $63000.-$72000. to sell stamps and box mail whichis high paid clerk work. Many such officies exist around the country and in the past had a need but no longer exist and is a wasted cost with alternatives.
    Stamps can be purchased at national grocery and drug stores by the book at post office prices; no markup. Economic laws of supply and demand must be taken into cosideration as demand for present services are not in demand to create the revenue to pay for the services provided. Last quarter losses 3.2 billion dollar loss.
    No sound business decisions to operate cost effective only political manuvering by parasite politicans.

  2. Amazing! People never appreciate what they have until it is gone. The more offices that close earlier, the less service. The more that…just close…well, NO SERVICE. For all who complain about the Post Office, try a trial run of driving to the next largest city to mail a letter, and see if it’s worth giving up your constitutional right to have a post office. As for me, I’d rather keep my post office.

  3. This is ridiculous! My thoughts are that if a town doesn’t have a grocery store, then the people have to go elsewhere for that anyway. Their fight for their post office in their town is bogus. By doing the above-captioned and reducing the hours the postmaster works does really nothing for the people in the town. I can’t get to my mail anyway due to the hours that this post office in Darlington, IN is open! And to top it all off, the lobby is sometimes open a little later – maybe close to 5 p.m. – yet you don’t know when that will be or how often because it isn’t “official.” And this still doesn’t help me get the parcel that I’ve had a notice for all week long but can’t get to!

    Why don’t you guys do like the Fishers P.O. and make the P.O. a “brick hut,” and provide box mail and parcel lockers? If you’re not gonna do that, then I want curside service and the rural carrier can provide any of my needs! In fact, that would be the preferable thing, as far as I’m concerned. The only need the smalltown post office provides is a place for the smalltown folk to go and gossip all day long. Otherwise, their revenue would be much higher than it actually is! Give me curbside service and an APC machine and I would NEVER need this crap post office that provides no service whatsoever!

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