Video: New York letter carrier smashes van into parked car, and then fled the scene

NEW YORK (WABC) — It was a not-so-special delivery by one careless post office employee. According to witnesses, the letter carrier smashed her van into a parked car, and then fled the scene.

When Johnny Anglero left his home, his late model Maxima looked pristine. In just hours, the other side was damaged. All that was left behind – a cryptic note from a post office employee.

Luckily, there were witnesses. One even snapped a picture of the accident scene. The white postal van backed into the Maxima so hard the 2 bumpers attached. A witness says a postal supervisor responded.

No delivery after postal accident

5 thoughts on “Video: New York letter carrier smashes van into parked car, and then fled the scene

  1. He was toking on that medical marijuana. “Everything’s gonna be ok (said the NALC steward) you’re covered by FMLA.”

  2. Where’s the Union protecting this driver for leaving the scene of the accident? Ah the sun was in their eye. Probally not their route covering for a FMLA protected call in.

  3. That doesn’t even look like a postal vehicle. I don’t get it. Was he a car contract? No logo on the van or anything.

  4. Thats right….now go and fire the man. After all, Postal Workers, who drive many times the mileage as the public….should not be allowed to have a normal accident like the general public….no matter what his otherwise pure driving record. And by the same token, neither should their supervisors be allowed to make a typo on either side of the decimal. After all, that kind of negligence could also slow the mails and lead to major problems…..
    …and while you Pilates are at it, support his wife kids and mother….and pay off the mortgage he didn’t finish
    …and if you ever had an accident….you should also quit!

  5. Another PSE I’m sure. When you hired people that don’t meet the requirments other postal workers had to meet ,this is what you get. YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR

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