USPS Southwest Area has changed its name to Southern Area

Area name change

Southwest Area has changed its name to Southern Area.

se2southernExplaining the change, Southern Area Vice President Jo Ann Feindt notes, “With territory that spans the entire Gulf Coast and other southern states, we felt Southern Area was our most accurate description.”

Southern Area will use the acronym “SA.” Employees working in Southern Area should order new stationery and business cards only after existing supplies are exhausted.

USPS News Link Story – Area name change.

7 thoughts on “USPS Southwest Area has changed its name to Southern Area

  1. Guess this means additional APWU coordinator jobs.

    Question: Ever wonder why if mail volume is down and offices are closing and people getting excessed, APWU officials remain at same staffing levels as if nothing had ever happened?

    Answer: Someone has to file grievances on the size of lockers in a facility.

  2. The Catch U Next Tuesday ruined Great Lakes Div 5 years ago. Must have been when she was chewing up carpet.

  3. Who cares no management will get fired, they will move to Fla and will get paid for everything. The problem is too many high priced executives running a company into the ground. I mean here in OKC we have 6 MDO’s and some others training to be MDO’s. Thet ride around in golfcarts honking all day and night, that’s over 500k a year and most nights, if someone calls in like a PSE, then they take my partner first and I do a 2 man job alone, and with no extra pay, how is that fair. Yet I’m getting blamed for our downfall, Yikes! Half our stupidvisors on T-1 are out drunk or crazy, and 204B’s are trying to run the place,what a joke!

  4. How much of a bonus did she make for this life altering statement ? $ 1 million , $ 2 million ? What ever it was it was not enough .

  5. So that explains the “Southern Area” meeting in Dallas for all Finance Mgrs n crew. Replace Oklahoma with Missouri and we could call it the SEC like the NCAA does.

  6. I used to work with this BIMBO in Miami P&D! Look how quickly she has climb the ladder of success…..UNBELIEVABLE!!!!

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