USPS May 15th Deadline is Approaching, So What Happens Next?

May 15th is Approaching, So What Happens Next?

As we approach the deadline of May 15, 2012 on the Postal Service’s self-imposed moratorium on closings and consolidations, there is much uncertainty as to what happens next.

The Postal Service has indicated that there will be “no wholesale big changes” on May 15. That is a quote from the PMG.

There may be some closings and/or consolidations over the next couple of months, but the Postal Service has indicated that it will not make any changes during the Fall mailing season. We also do not yet have an accurate listing of plants that may still be on the chopping block, but we’ve asked for that information, and will circulate it once it is finalized.

Indications are that the latest list of 250 or so closings will be pared down to somewhere in the neighborhood of 120. This means that many of the plants that were on the original list of 250 may now be spared (at least for now). We expect that many of those 120 plants would be smaller facilities, but we just don’t know yet.

What about an early out? That too is still up in the air, as the Postal Service does not appear ready to make a final decision on its Voluntary Early Retirement Authority (VERA) until the agency knows which plants may close or be consolidated, and how many employees that may affect. And, as always, the Postal Service has to negotiate about the VERA with the Union before it can be implemented.

Please stay tuned, and continue to check our web site for the latest information. In other words, when we know something, you will know something.

source: National Postal Mail Handlers Union

39 thoughts on “USPS May 15th Deadline is Approaching, So What Happens Next?

  1. While you and I are worrying about whether we’ll retire or whether the APWU will be able to save our jobs, the following might interest you about something you have paid for with your union dues that you will be unable to enjoy like our union officers do:

    APWU Officers Qualified Retirement Plan is a 401k plan which has $55,398,175 net assets as of end of year, which is drastically more than the average for all Company 401k Plans. The plan has been in effect since 7/1/1971, and is a Multiple-Employer.

    The APWU Officers Qualified Retirement Plan’s 401k plan has 119 active participants , which is slightly more than the average for all Company 401k Plans. The APWU Officers Qualified Retirement Plan 401k plan has 102 retired or separated participants receiving benefits, which is drastically more than the average for all Company 401k Plans.

    So contact APWU today for a piece of their pie! You stewards should also contact them! Wonder why nothing is posted bout this on You didn’t know about this? You should ask bout it at the next union meeting. You should ask…and keep paying dem dues bruthas n sistas sos we can continue raking in the dough.

  2. Who cares what the APWU says? If the PMG wants to do an early out he his going to do it. And we all know he wants to do it. And the Senate wants him to do an earlly out.

  3. APWU says…NO VERA! Now, get back to work and don’t forget dem dues and dues assessments!

  4. 1789 62 senators… 1351 229 co sponsors…Darrell Issa 1 congressman holding the entire mailing industry 564000 Postal workers..and the entire mailing world hostage…wow he is the FED EX man…wish he could invest my money too..

  5. 2012 2:57 am

    Its amazing to me that a Congressman Darrell Issa is more powerful than 62 senators…(1789) and 229 Congressman(Hr1351)…man that guy spits in their presence…he must be one bad dude the rest of congress must have NO BALLS

  6. F U, two previous pussy posters. I am burning all my remaining sick leave on FMLA before I go later this year. Don’t like it? TOO F**KING BAD!!!

  7. I am a vet and have been a Union member for years, but I am sick of these call ins and FMLA riders that creates more work for me and everybody else. Management tried to fire 3 clerks that call in every Friday for months Superbowl etc… and the union bailed em out. So who’s fault because I’m doing somebody else’s work? I’ll be becoming a scab my next anniversary date. Management attempts to make a correction and the Union fights em. Getting the mail out to the customer (our actual job) was why we hired. I wished they video taped the interviews of when someone was hired and played it back to them. You’d here Oh I can work any shift any day I never call in sick etc.. The APWU certainly keeps jobs in place by creating extra workload for everybody except the sickies who create the problem to begin with. These folks are the 91 day wonders. 90 days model employees. 91 days a transformation takes place and the model employee becomes a dud that hides behind the Union. There is no right way to do the wrong thing even if the union says so.

  8. The VERA is a coming down the line, USPS just waited to see what House might do, but now lining up the Horses in a row, VERA like 2009!

  9. Make a donkey move with a “Carrot at the end of a stick” There will be an early-out BUT… the incentive will be so-o small that only the “desperate” and “ready-to-retire” will take it. THIS IS A POKER GAME…ARE YOU GIVING AWAY YOUR HAND? Management can see how much you want to leave. Remember the last incentive for clerks was $15,000 in two payments… Management gave their supervisors $20,000 to leave… DO YOU REALLY THINK THEY ARE GOING TO GIVE YOU $25,000????? I say… Keep dreaming… but keep on working.

  10. You know the union is responsible for these wonderful salaries that we make they may not be perfect but they are needed, but if yall dont think so vote for Romney, Mccain, Issa, and all those republicans that want to take your jobs, this is it for me i am out of here, oh and dont forget to vote republican ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha idiots.

  11. If you think you are going to get cash to leave you are a dumbass. Why would they give someone cash to go, when they should have retired already. Sorry you cant manage your financial future.

  12. No need for early-outs. just excess employees every six months or put them in the “time out corner” for months on end, and they will retire or quit sooner or later.

  13. Just wondering what ages are qualified for the VERA and $25K? some people said from age of 50-60? how about from 60 up?

  14. Yeah, so unions are bad. Words no doubt of a scab and/or an ass kisser trying to suck up into management him or herself, or worse yet, some dumb Republican voter who doesn’t even work for the USPS and is putting their totally worthless uninformed two cents worth in.
    I’m a branch president and while I’ve been off for just four days, the local management has disciplined two carriers and violated their Weingarten Rights (right to a union representative at an interview where they think they could be disciplined, and they were) by not waiting for me to get back next week which is Federal law. And the PM threatened to discipline a rural carrier for telling another carrier she could consult EEO on a work related problem, even though the EEO is a program designed to help workers and management work out their differences! While the cat’s away, the mice all play. I agree, our unions are not perfect, but where would we be without them? No system or organization is perfect. You just have to effect change, not drop the ball and run when things don’t go exactly your precious way every time.

  15. There’s money, if some supposed Arab Muslim terrorist farts towards Israel we would come up with $1Trillion in a heartbeat.

  16. The PMG has actually mentioned a buyout….think that it was a go if the PO went to 5 day delivery. I know many,many people that are eligible for retirement, but won’t go unless there is a buyout. Guess the youngsters will have to put up with us CSRS for a while!

  17. All you complaining about the union, democrats, congress, obama, and the republicans issa and his co-horts are selling all of you down the drain ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

  18. let’s go with the $25,000 incentives….. now,please….
    this is getting stale.

  19. The Unions have become the problem! One of the best things I have heard lately is the PMG’s talk of doing away with the FEHB and allowing the Postal Service to go after their own health insurance plan. This would allow companies to actually compete by getting us the decent health care we use to have at a lower costs, rather than allowing the Unions to go from one carrier to another simply so they can rake in the money from associate dues. The Unions have completely stopped working for it’s membership and are only concerned about lining their own pockets and retirement accounts (which they have already done!)

    It is obvious that facilities will have to close and operations be combined, if the USPS is to survive for anytime into the future what-so-ever. Anyone who can’t see the big drops in volume is simply not paying attention.

  20. bad postal management.
    bad usa management by affirmative action president.
    people put in charge of places they don’t belong, and have no knowledge to run.
    usps run into the ground… you see what kinds of people are in management at your own facilities – bunch of creepy dudS!!
    same misguided person in the white house… run this country into the ground, like a ghetto.
    you really think that an affirmative action guy will do you any good????
    your pockets drained yet???
    been on vacation lately??? while that free loading ugh 1st lady use your tax money to go on her free loading vacations, along with her ugh granny mother.
    your union dues going to support those crook politicians, and you keep paying.
    O.M.G. = Obummer Must Go.
    goofy Guffey is not looking out for the best interest of the postal employees.
    our local union have their website with news and postings from 2010!!!!

  21. Management can bich all over, but FMLA is a definite loss and can bring Federal legal action, USPS cannot go past that law, they try, but USL, hang you, but if management needs to use SL or USL, free to do so, Western NY District allows management to burn up SL when they are to retire but not craft, Orivatization is a coming !

  22. Why would the future of any organization be grim just because they can terminate the employment of incompetant workers without a bunch of red tape?

  23. 1. Any carriers dreaming of early out can forget it, it’s not happening
    2. Why is the word of the PMG worthless? Seems to me he does exactly what he says he’s going to do, which makes him very truthful. Now, if you don’t LIKE what he is saying, that is another thing, but it doesn’t make him a liar.
    3. No one is getting any money until the bill is signed into law. Until that time the PO does not legally have the dough. It will be months before this is signed off on by Congress and the President.

  24. oh our union was in the other day giving us the GOOD NEWS. We are getting a BRAND NEW PSE. THE new “casual”. No benefits,…but they can join the UNION. LIKE WHY? Should have seen the Union President braggin like he robbed a bank and got away scott free….”oh the USPS just hired 97 PSE’s for our district and we got 88 of them to join the Union”. Union stealing their money and they haven’t a leg to stand on….they do the slightest thing wrong….bye bye. The future of the USPS is grimm.

  25. Hell the union just screwed all these PSE’s to pay dues and most of them will be fired after 1 year. It’s like migrants here paying into social security, it’s free money because they will never collect. I mean they promise them benefits after a year, here most of ours call in more than regulars. I haven’t seen any of them fired so far! So I think the union is behind that with management, if a regular with FMLA calls in they are all over them!

  26. The unions wont approve the early out. They want your money. They dont want you to leave. So keep on paying your dues and stay a while. As for me…..I’m out of this sorry ass union!

  27. what money? congress used it to bail out the large banks 2 and 3 years ago. the money is gone thats why they haven’t reinstated it

  28. Why are the Postal Managers waiting ….let folks go on a VERA and they save money! Whats the problem ?

  29. i know carpentry. i have a B.A. 4-year degree in English. if offered a buyout, i will cede to the younger ones. Absolutely. Just give me a little incentive and I will go.
    Will start a new career.

  30. Since everyone seems to be in agreement about refunding the FERS overpayment, maybe the House could separate it from the main bill and pass it as a singular bill. It would pay down debt, provide retirement incentives and allow more time for debate on the more controversial issues.

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