APWU, USPS Settle Dispute on Covering Custodial Absences

APWU Web News Article 49-2012, May 1, 2012

The APWU and Postal Service have settled a grievance [PDF] regarding the proper procedure for covering absences of custodians, Maintenance Craft Director Steve Raymer has announced. The April 25 agreement [PDF] stipulates that in offices with multiple custodians, the staff that is present can work additional hours, using additional part-time flexible hours or overtime for full-time regulars.

In offices with just one custodian, the duties may be performed by non-custodial personnel, including mechanics, part-time flexible clerks, part-time carriers, etc. Normally, when the work is to be performed by non-custodial personnel, it will be assigned to available APWU-represented employees.

6 thoughts on “APWU, USPS Settle Dispute on Covering Custodial Absences

  1. While you and I are worrying about whether we’ll retire or whether the APWU will be able to save our jobs, the following might interest you about something you have paid for with your union dues that you will be unable to enjoy like our union officers do:

    APWU Officers Qualified Retirement Plan is a 401k plan which has $55,398,175 net assets as of end of year, which is drastically more than the average for all Company 401k Plans. The plan has been in effect since 7/1/1971, and is a Multiple-Employer.

    The APWU Officers Qualified Retirement Plan’s 401k plan has 119 active participants , which is slightly more than the average for all Company 401k Plans. The APWU Officers Qualified Retirement Plan 401k plan has 102 retired or separated participants receiving benefits, which is drastically more than the average for all Company 401k Plans.

    So contact APWU today for a piece of their pie! You stewards should also contact them! Wonder why nothing is posted bout this on APWU.org. You didn’t know about this? You should ask bout it at the next union meeting. You should ask…and keep paying dem dues bruthas n sistas sos we can continue raking in the dough.

  2. Janitors in our building filed grievances when I removed the tv sets from sattelite break areas. TV sets had been removed after cable stations were eliminated which also led to grievances from the janitors. Funny, no one else grieved other than the custodians. Even funnier was the apwu steward that argued with a straight face that it was their contractual right to be entertained while on break and a past practice. Arbitrator asked steward to explain how removing the tv’s impacted the terms and conditions of employment at the facility. The silence from the steward was precious.

  3. Hell our custodians are all blind from sitting to close to the TV. The others hate the light on the workroom from hiding in the men’s locker room. We have like 20 custodians on Tour 1 and the place looks like hell! But if you need a score or who won american idol, they know!

  4. Yeah…right! On hand clerk staff is going to clean commodes because the union won’t let management discipline lazy ass malingering janitors that spend their time outside sneaking a doobie and trying to tap cougars as they buy their stamps.I knew a janitor that used to spend time at granny’s house on the clock while his cohorts inside manned a broom all day long. maintenance craft should have split from APWU when NALC & NPMHU were bowing out of the “team”. Why cut deals for clerks that aren’t about to flush toilets for their pay. Maintenance should be putting in work orders to stock embalming fluid for the clerk craft. Yeah…right, don’t make the janitor come to work…just try and get the clerk to do it or better yet have some stand-by malingering injured do it! Yeah…right, that’s the ticket. This is why nothing gets done at the PO. Union cuts deals with management then files grievances when management tries to comply. Not only that…but a few times flushing toilets will make that clerk uniquely qualified to perform the job once his menial manual clerical duties disappear. First thing that clerk will do is get injured!

  5. I am glad to hear this. We currently have one custodian who tends to do more clerk work than maintenance. When he goes on vacation the place gets pretty nasty and I don’t cross crafts..
    Good to know that we can do his work on a need be basis.

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