Rep. Gohmert Addresses Map Error Made by USPS on Closing of Tyler Postal Processing Facility

Rep. Louie Gohmert (TX-01) spoke on the House floor concerning the United States Post Office’s decision to close one of east Texas’ postal processing facilities. He addressed the map error made by the management at the USPS.

5 thoughts on “Rep. Gohmert Addresses Map Error Made by USPS on Closing of Tyler Postal Processing Facility

  1. How’s that “watershed agreement” (aka National Contract) working out for ya! Union came thru for ya? Thumbs up APWU? Keep paying dem dues and dues assessments y’all !

  2. The increase in management is unbelievable . I think Donahoe and Issa are in bed together on this one for personal gains . The post office wants to truck mail 10 times further, congest the roads and the air and delay your mail for days if it happens to find its way. I guess this is the reason why they want to close plants over a hundred miles away instead of consolidating plants that are that same cities jusy miles apart . In Tn Nashville has 3 plants and Memphis has 4 which have excess capacity according to the PO.How is it cheaper to truck and delay the mail from over a 100 miles away to these plants then to just consolidate plants that are next to each other??? Nashvilles plant manager,James Dummer, just got a 11 grand raise, HE makes 116 grand now +bonuses and incentives .His spokesman hired in 2007 just got a 4 grand raise to 72,000.What a waste of good money, Thank you Donahoe ,for killing the Post office

  3. Rep. Gohmert hit it on the head. The mental giants in the P.O. system have no earthly clue whats going on or how to correct what is found to be the problem. This goes to show that the olde definition for insanity is go to the one that created the problem for the solution. How can it be feasible to remove employees from a shift with no nite differential pay and send the majority of them to late nite whereby their pay increases, about $1800.00 per year. Very intelligent move an it will save money, says management.
    Well, you can’t fix “STUPID”.

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