USPS puts Consolidations on “Hold”

Northwest Illinois Area Local,American Postal Workers Union, AFL-CIO

Earlier this month USPS officials met with Postal Employees at the Carol Stream Mail Processing Center in Illinois and informed them of the following:

Carol Stream Meets with Employees..

Carol Stream met with employees on tour 1 and tour 3 in a series of one hour meetings to present information on staffing changes they will make when service standards change on 5-19-12, unless congress stops it. Mr. Colao and his staff worked up a power point presentation that aided in providing information on what is happening on the plant consolidations, what jobs will be posted for CS mail processing, and what the timeline of events will be for the staffing changes planned for 5-19-12. The change in service standards will change mail processing from a tour 1 to a tour 2 operation and bids will be shifted accordingly. Employees were given a hand-out listing the bids that will be posted in each unit as they left. As Mr. Colao said they want to give employees as much time as possible to review the new jobs because they will begin retreat right canvassing on 4-2-12.

But recently the Postal Employees were told:

USPS puts Optimization Plans on “Hold”

Employees are by now aware that the staffing changes planned for 5-19-12 are on hold. Carol Stream In-Plant Manager John Colao stopped canvassing for tour 2 retreat rights and has not issued any abolishment letters at CS. CS will continue to get Fox Valley LO-11 mail. Palatine Plant Manager Chuck Sciurba called me on 4-19-12 to confirm that the changes are on hold per Headquarters and no staffing changes will occur on 5-19-12. He confirmed that all Palatine abolishment letters will be rescinded. The consolidation of Chicago PARS mail to Palatine is also on hold. The reason that USPS has placed optimization plans on hold is because the Senate is discussing S. 1789, the 21st Century Postal Service Act. The 79 amendments submitted as of 4-19-12 have been reduced to 39. There is talk of an early out being offered but no official announcement.

4 thoughts on “USPS puts Consolidations on “Hold”

  1. There was to be communication from USPS to workers, there is none, was none, only lies and more lies, so USPS workers have little or no hope of retiring on the VER or at all, bad place for a career, will become the Walmart of Federal agencies.

  2. Forget worrying about Plant Consolidations. I’m worried that our poor PCES employee’s might have their “Deferred Bonuses” in jeopardy. This would be too sad. We must organize some type of “Moment of Silence” with a “Group Prayer” to assure this doesn’t happen.

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