2 thoughts on “Text of Postal Reform Bill S. 1789 As Amended

  1. This is MY TAKE on why the USPS is LOSING MONEY…..First off it is under POOR MANAGEMENT and nobody is willing to Clean House on that matter. Secondly….back in 2000 Corporations started Outsourcing good paying jobs to OTHER COUNTRIES which has now resulted in 40 Million People without JOBS! These People have also LOST THEIR HOMES too…which means NO MAIL HAS TO GO TO AN EMPTY HOME or SMALL BUSINESS. On Average…a typical home could expect 5-6 pieces or mail per day…which translates into 6 x’s 6= 36 pieces Weekly x’s 4 = 144 per month x’s 12= 1,728 possible pieces a year for 1 PERSON…..Now..Mulitply that by 40 Million people who have GREATER NEEDS than a postal products for the moment because they have NO JOB and possibly NO HOME!….That too me is what has affected the Postal Service the most…Even the Companies they delivered Mail to before it got outsourced was recieving mail too….So If you add it up…40 Million x’s 1,728 = 6,912,000,000 Pieces (Billion)

  2. The time has come to realize the USPS communication is past history. Economics laws of supply and demand show the results of demand for postal services decreasing resulting in revenue decreASING. oPERATIONS ARE GEARED TO 20TH CENTURY WHEN usps was the communicator for personal and business communication. The means for this past revenue generating service was FIRST CLASS MAIL which has declined and will continue to decrease as even the treasury department and Social Security Addmn. is requiring direct deposit by March 2013. Electronic mail has replaced the mailing of a first class message requiring purchasing a postage stamp and a 2-3 day delivery time to a physical address. The 21st century is paperless instant messaging resulting in furthermonatary loss for the USPS. Effective cost operations from headquarters to local offices must be established. Small once rural post offices that are now surban resulting from changing demographics with outrageous postmaster salaries must be eliminated or consolidated as many are within 5-6 radius and a high level office is in the town these offices surround. 6 day street delivery is a wasted expense as delivering bulk standarded advertising mail is irrevalant and has no meaning to majority of American public.Delivering mail 250 days a year would reduce fuel-vehicle cost and massive savings in carrier workhours. Every town should have a post office but the scheme of maintaing rural officies is a joke unless it is truly rural in Utah, Kentucky and not a surburban office in VERMONT OR NEW jERSEY.
    Politicans that want to maintain USPS with the present service menu need to advocate subsidizing as there is no miracle to maintain present services without incurring massive monatary losses as PMG stated loosing 25 million dollars a day.

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