Senate Action on Amendments For Postal Reform Bill S 1789

Amendments 2038 & 2059 were withdrawn

Action taken Wednesday via PostCom.orgor Twitter @PostCom2

  • Amendment 2032 (Tester): To limit postal executive compensation to that no greater than that which is paid to cabinet secretaries. (Approved)
  • Amendment 2071 (Warner): To require the Postal Service to help facilitate the processing of postal employee requests for retirement and benefits. (Approved)
  • Amendment 2050 (Schumer): To preserve door delivery of mail for those that already receive it. (Approved)
  • Amendment 2074 (Rockefeller): (Approved) [Heaven knows what it was about.]
  • Amendment 2073 (Rockefeller): Regarding accessibility of postal employees to Medicare. (Approved)
  • Amendment 2036 (Pryor): To approve a sense of the Senate to direct the Postal Service NOT close any postal facilities pending passage of S. 1789. (Approved)
  • Amendment 2030 (McCaskill): To extend the hardship exemption additional time for those who have difficulty making timely submission requests. (Approved)
  • Amendment 2046 (DeMint): To require postal unions to obtain permission from their members before using dues for political purposes. (Defeated)
  • Amendment 2072 (Landrieu): To require the Postal Service to take into account the impact of their decisions regarding postal facilities on small businesses. (Approved)
  • Amendment 2042 (Casey): To maintain current service delivery standards for market-dominant products for at least four years. (Defeated)
  • Amendment 2039 (Paul): To prohibit Postal Service employees from engag in in collective bargaining. (Defeated)
  • Amendment 2066 (Carper): On executive compensation and the requirement for senior executives to pay a portion of their health insurance cost. (Appproved)
  • Amendment 2029 (Paul): To add to the Postal Service’s long term fiscal viability plan a requirement to note whether Congress has been helpful or hurtful. (Approved)
  • Amendment 2028 (Paul): To create a pilot program to test alternative methods of postal service deliveries.. (Defeated)
  • Amendment 2027 (Paul): To close Capitol Hill post offices retaining only one in the House and one in the Senate. (Approved)
  • Amendment 2076 (Bingaman): To require that state liaisons that don’t have district offices in them be appointed and domiciled in the state they represent. (Approved)
  • Amendment 2079 (Manchin, Rockefeller, et al.): To prohibit the Postal Service from closing post offices for at least a period of two years. (Defeated)

20 thoughts on “Senate Action on Amendments For Postal Reform Bill S 1789

  1. Loosing 25 million dollars aday. MUST REDUCE HEADQUARTERS OVERPAID STAPH. Reduce delivery to 5 days aweek. Close small neighborhood post office that have no service reason to maintain existence. Reduce Postmastes positions in small offices by making ones remaining a finance station as manyhave no delivery and salarries paid to sell stamps and box mail is routrageous.Eliminate district programs that require driving 40-70 miles to do a test or survey on cost to handle flats. Cost more than is learned; a long run wased cost. Process and delivery advertising bulkmail and notime sensitive parcels 5 days aweek. Priority and Express do what is necessary to deliver for service paid for. Eliminate long wait time at retail windows. Promote customer service with positive shopping experience.

  2. Kudos to Sue Vandegenatche! You are the kind of co-worker I want. Keep the productivity up and the customers happy. That’s what will save this organization, inherent value!

    TA: You can go pound sand up your a**! I have worked beside people like you for too long. 90% of us have. We do all the work and you get paid the same for doing little or nothing. Go ahead and listen to TA if you want, that’s the kind of attitude that makes this organization fail. Slack off, do-nothing, self entitled wastes of space. Did you ever think that maybe putting in a little extra effort for the company that has put wheels under you a**, a roof over your head and your kids through college, might show the inherent value of this organization? No, you would rather sit back, collect your pay for substandard work, watch facilities close and see good people lose their jobs. I wonder what McDonalds you will be working at when this organization goes under. F’ing genius!

  3. Now that they cut the PMG’s pay nearly in half, you think they won’t be after the rank and file? I know the PMG will be out for blood.

  4. Amendment 2074 – great job Rocky-feller you just kay-o-ed health care for 1/2 a million people. The postal service can’t even handle it’s own affairs, now it wants to play OPM and shop for the (best) health plan for it’s employees. I can’t wait to see what vet I’ll be going to. Maybe with 25k I can buy some health care for a little while. One thing is for sure the union is not going to protect our position,

  5. I truly hope all of my brother’s and sister across the country remember this when re-election comes. We need to vote everyone of these crooks out of office.

  6. Sue tell me this why would I do the best job I can everyday when are supervisor are sitting on there asses doing nothing. I say does little as possible and hope for Saturdays off

  7. Since none of us have a say in what is going to be done, we need to let the dust settle and see what happens. We have no control over any of it. I still am hoping for a buy out. I think alot of people will take the money and run. We just need to do the best job we can everyday and hope for the best.

  8. Whether we like it or not you gotta make the best out of a bad situation. The only choices for Postal Employees are: 1. Nothing being done in which case “we” loose.
    2. Issa & Ross bill being enacted; “we loose”. S-1789 is the only game in town for Postal Employees. President Obama has already on several occasions thrown Postal Employees under the bus by his statements or in actions.

  9. Amendment 2046 offered by DeMint shows just how stupid your average Tea Party type really can be when given the chance. DeMint cited the Supreme Court ruling (Beck v CWA) to argue that union dues were being used for political purposes overlooking the fact that Beck only applies in a CLOSED shop which does not apply to postal unions. Keep drinking that tea Senator Dimwit.

  10. i think we have just whacked the hornets nest pretty hard. 100,000 – 200,000 good workers out the door! if this s1789 is passed we are in it deep! we have failed to improve the post office service, this bill continues to degrade it. this is a service for all. these senators are all smiles now, but as the death spiral continues, lets see who is smiling when the po goes under. don’t get me wrong , the bill has some good points, but the bill is flawed. bernie sanders is one of the few who understands.

  11. So much for colcpe and e activist, I’m pissed that Democratic senators voted with the repubs to give them a majority so they can ruin our livelyhoods. Rolando and the dems can like my stamps! What a bunch of A-holes.

  12. I’m not sure how many people will buy the buyout–not when every financial advisor is telling pople to work as long as they possibly can.

  13. It passed so now the house gets to play “look mommy I big boy” and scribble drivel all over it unless they have cooler GOP than the senate has dandy DEMS which i doubt but its gonna be interesting to see what they do in the house of pancakes with S.1789 becauses they know Obama will sign it before the inks dry.

  14. 11 billion for debt and bonuses, leaves a couple of dollars for buy-outs, top brass must get something , for 200,000 dollars doesn’t buy these dudes very much ! but then again the po doesn’t abide by contracts,laws,and acts of congress. every federal employee is gonna have to take a bite out of thi sh-t sandwich. God bless our vets.

  15. i watched most of the cspan2 hearings.. as i recall they said that no facilities could be closed for 2 years yet the list on this site says that amendment 2079 was defeated.. can someone explain this tome??

  16. Re “Amendment 2074 (Rockefeller): (Approved) [Heaven knows what it was about.] “: It required that if the USPS sets up its own health plan it must be comparable to Federal Employees Health Benefit Plan – the current health benefit plan covering USPS employees in addition to all Federal employees.

    You want to talk about something that will cost the taxpayers money? If the USPS pulls all their employees AND retirees out of the FEHBP, the rates for Federal employees will skyrocket, due to a much smaller pool of payers. The government pays 72% of those premiums. (And for those who say it would save money because we are older so we are much needier of benefits and file more claims, I say not so: WE don’t need maternity benefits, and WE don’t have a bunch of kids to be covered.)

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