APWU: Senate Set to Vote on Postal Reform Bill

APWU Web News Article 44-2012, April 24 , 2012

The Senate will vote on the 21st Century Postal Service Act (S. 1789) on Tuesday, April 24, with action expected to begin at approximately 2:15 p.m.

Ask Your Senators to Support

Sen. Casey’s Amendment #2042

Sen. Tester’s Amendment #2056

Sen. Akaka’s Amendment #2034

Call the Capitol switchboard at (202) 224-3121, or send an e-mail message via www.capwiz.com/apwu/home/.

Click here view the Senate debate live on C-SPAN

Senators will be asked to consider a revised version of the legislation, which the bill’s sponsors introduced on April 17, along with up to 38 other amendments.

“It is crucial that APWU members let their senators know where we stand on this important bill,” said APWU President Cliff Guffey. “With the moratorium on the closure of mail processing plants and post offices set to expire on May 15, we must do everything we can to improve the legislation,” he said.

“The revised bill is better than the original,” he said, “but it doesn’t do enough to ensure the USPS will be able to continue to provide the service the American people have every right to expect.”

The Amendments

The revised bill does not provide sufficient protection for current service standards, Guffey said. “It offers some safeguards, but it does not maintain service standards at current levels. Furthermore, the protection would expire after three years,” he noted.

“USPS officials have demonstrated that they will attempt to slash service, close hundred of mail processing facilities, and shut thousands of post offices — unless Congress stops them,” he said.

For that reason, the APWU is urging members to contact their senators and ask them to support several critical amendments. An amendment offered by Sen. Bob Casey (D-PA) would maintain current delivery standards for four years. The amendment (#2042) would not prevent all consolidations, but it would stop the USPS from implementing its “slash and burn” strategy, Guffey said.

The union is also asking APWU members to seek support from their senators for an amendment (#2056) submitted by Sen. Jon Tester (D-MT) that would modify the process for closing or consolidating post offices and postal facilities.

The APWU is also asking union members to encourage their senators to support an amendment (#2034) offered by Sen. Daniel Akaka (D-HI) to replace provisions that would be financially devastating to thousands of postal and federal employees who were injured on the job and who receive compensation from the Office of Workers Compensation Program (OWCP).

“The union supports numerous other amendments,” said Legislative and Political Director Myke Reid. “At the national level, we will be weighing in with senators and staff on the others.” The three mentioned above are the most important to APWU members, he said.

“After the amendments have been voted on, we will evaluate the bill and decide whether we can support the final product,” he said. “Please remain vigilant. We will provide additional information as it develops.”

They’re At It Again!

Right-wing labor haters are at it again! Among the amendments submitted are:

A proposal by Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) to eliminate collective bargaining and another to end the USPS monopoly on first-class mail; an amendment by Sen. Tom Coburn (R-OK) to require retirement-eligible employees to retire and another to establish “alternatives to post offices;” and an amendment by Sen. John McCain to adopt the hated House bill H.R. 2309.

The APWU response? NO WAY!

Click here [PDF] to read a section-by-section summary of the revised bill.

13 thoughts on “APWU: Senate Set to Vote on Postal Reform Bill

  1. From Burrus:

    “After the smoke clears, there will be far fewer employees, far fewer union members and rampant employee reassignments as the Postal Service realigns the personnel.”

    No wonder APWU is in panic mode! This is a fight APWU cannot win in arbitration and the emailing public and politicians won’t support them either. Question is…how soon will layoffs begin at 1300 L street in Wash DC? Will this summer’s pin trading party result in pay cuts to these union officials that continue living high on the hog while you (the little guy and dues paying lemming) get forced out?

  2. It’s spelled “extremist”, dumbass. Why should we take your opinion seriously if you won’t even make the effort to spell correctly?

  3. APWU is nothing more than left wing extremest. They hate everything that republicans stand for even if it will help the P.O. Down with APWU and down with our one term pres Obama!

  4. Well this is what it boils down to. Closing PDC, and early retirements, Post office insurance plan, 5 day delivery on its way. Good luck! Fellow postal people.

  5. RE: POSTAL BILL> section 104…. Wants to take us out of Federal healthcare
    section 105 wants to put us into MEDICARE PLAN

    We have a great health care after we retire, So pay Add’l monies for medicare when their are so many cuts in coverage.. Senors today are burdened with out of pocket costs because their retirement health care would not cover charges…
    This will happen to us.

    The Postal unions I think will let this happen because the USPS will give them $$$$$
    For their medical plan as they did of $300 million for 2012 contract for PSE”S into Apwu Health plan….

    Again its all about the $$$$$ not the welfare of the workers.
    The postal service will enter into negotiations with all unions to develop a plan outside THE FEDERAL HEALTH CARE SYSTEM.
    This will cost workers dearly but the APWU WILL BENEFIT $$$$$

    Next they will attack Federal Retire plan and maybe take away our matching funds in Thrift savings

  6. Relax, the postmark and scans protect you from any late filing penalties. If you wanted it there guaranteed overnight, you should have sent it express.

  7. I would think that if you were more responsible and wanted your taxes to be there in a timely manner Skye, then you would have not waited until the absolute last minute and then place the blame on the Postal Service! Take some responsibility and stop playing the blame game!

  8. Uh, it seems to me that the service standards have already been “loosened!” I sent my taxes in, postmarked on April 16th. It was dispatched to the “sort facility” at 3:48 p.m. on 04/16. It was processed at 1:43 a.m. on 04/17. The nothing…until an arrival at unit scan on 04/21 at 8:04 a.m.! And THEN IT WASN’T “DELIVERED” UNTIL 04/23/12 AT 11:25 a.m.! Excuse the hell outta me, but this letter (first class with certified) was just going from Darlington, Indiana to Indianapolis, Indiana! Why in the HELL did it take that long!? This should have been there the next freaking day and delivered that same day! And they call that “world class service!?” I don’t think so Bernice Grant!

  9. S.1789 is as good as we are gonna get. The next step if it fails is the PMG’s plan.

    None of the amendments will get 60 votes so forget that distraction….
    Support S.1789 as written.

    It’s YOUR future.

  10. (This is it.)
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    You’re goin’ no further.
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    Kenny Loggins knew this day was coming

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