Video: PMG Among Highest Paid Public Officials

MSNBC Andrea Mitchell Reports:
there is a lot of outrage continuing over government spending at the gsa. but did you know that the u.s. postmaster general makes almost $400,000 a year? that’s as much as the president. twice what the secretaries of defense and state get. leading the charge about that pay and how to reform the post office is john tester, senator from minnesota. you want to save rural post offices understandably from montana, skaus excuse me, not minnesota. and you want to save the rural post offices in montana, but you’re as upset as we all should be about the — why would we way the post masters general almost as much as the president of the united states?

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2 thoughts on “Video: PMG Among Highest Paid Public Officials

  1. Does the $400,000 include what he’s getting from UPS and Fedex to dismantle the postal service?

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