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  1. Employess will be paying more for benfits while getting less, wages will be less too. Hours and days of work will be changed to like 6 hrs 6 days a week for plant workers, so on and so on…

    While the big mailers continue to enjoy generous discounts and good service?

  2. Your right its much more than ONLY the Republicans

    Botton line… sorry America nothing personal …just business

    “Whatever happens over the coming months, one thing is clear. The powers-that-be in postal world — the Board of Governors, the executive officers in postal headquarters, the big mailers and industry stakeholders, and the postal “experts” in Congress — are all on the same page. They have decided that the Postal Service of the future is going to be a lot smaller than the one we have now, and it’s going to be designed to serve the biggest customers.

    That’s not good news for the American people. While the big mailers continue to enjoy generous discounts and good service, we’re going to see our rates go up, our post offices closed, and our mail delivery suffer. The “21st Century Postal Service Act of 2012” is not going to change that.”

  3. Mister Happy – The ISSUE is about what Mr Ed is whining about. He’s blaming the Post Office problem on ONLY the Republicans, whereas in actuality, the Democrats should share some of the blame also. That is the point. I guess the original topic got lost between your “boot” comments. Anyway, instead of showing me where I was wrong, you just made very weird attempts at humor , or whatever you were attempting to do. I personally have no allegiance to either political party, so I don’t let ideology get in the way of facts. I must admit though, I do like to “pull the strings” on political ideologs, and I have just as much fun with the right wingers. I know that I should restrain myself, but by golly, it is fun. But anyway, like the man said, “Only the facts Ma’am, only the facts”. But we should be united in effort – Pass SB 1789 NOW!

  4. Liberals 101, Conservatives for dummies, the signals between right and left hemispheres of the brain? Its so underworld.

    Conservatives brains tend to have a larger amygdalas, Liberals bigger balls.

    Liberals are better equipped to make sence of conflicting information while conservatives are better able to recognize a threat? on and on it goes.

    Why dont both partys just bite each other? America can have her hybrid.

    Just a thought.

  5. What issues? am i getting beat on? The Death penalty? Gun Control? Affimation Action? Abortion? Health Care? Welfare? Social Security? Taxes? Religion? Immigration? Education? Economy? Private Property? United Nations? War on Terrorism? Homeland Security? Checkers? Cards? What?

    personal attacks and insults?

    Maybe you should look at your personal attacks and insults.

    Group Hug.

  6. It looks as if Mr Happy has been studying his Lib 101 handbook again. You know, the chapter that says, “when you get beat on the issues and facts, resort to personal attacks and insults”. Really, you shouldn’t listen to Mr Ed so much.

  7. Your right about that ceops. Most of them see the world out of a union “hour glass” and are constantly to told what to think. Sad in a way.

  8. “Most of them could’nt pour piss out of a boot”?

    Well hand me your boot pilgram and lets just see about that.

  9. Woodrow, the few union, big government, nanny state morons that are on this thread are not interested in truth, they just want someone to blame for their miserable lives. They react with anger not facts. Most of them could’nt pour piss out of a boot but yet they think they have all the answers.

  10. Great comment Jonesy, obviously you’ve done your research. When you start quoting facts, it’s funny how the Libs run and hide !

  11. The real story is this……oops where is my blackboard? I can’t find my blackboard. Who took my black board? This is anti american! In a moment….I think I shall cry…. Oh dear.

  12. Stevo happens all the time… that mail didnt get from the blue box to peoples mailbox by itself.

  13. I hope every last one of these bastsards get the boot in Nov.

    Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) has introduced amendments to eliminate no-layoff clauses in contracts, to permit an immediate reduction to 5-day delivery, to set up a commission on closing post offices, and to increase employee contributions to health coverage and life insurance plans.
    Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) has proposed amendments that would end the Postal Service’s monopoly on the mailbox and first-class mail, eliminate collective bargaining, and even a non-relevant amendment to end foreign aid to Egypt.
    Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC) has introduced amendments to diminish union representation rights.
    Sen. Tom Coburn (R-OK) has offered amendments to require retirement-eligible employees of the Postal Service to retire. He has also introduced an amendment that would allow the Postal Service to close unprofitable post office facilities.

  14. Dear wage slave, doubt it ! Been here long enough to know the truth. I challenge anyone to demonstrate 8 houres work for 8 hours pay. Anyone.

  15. things change and in time we all knew this was going to happen as did it at general motors and all the union work forces. you cant continue to pay salaries that are overblown and union dues that half of it go to the political party of your choice. the dems cant afford to loose that money that is given to them free for their political uses. so instead of coming to a agreement on a safe and secure way to save our postal workers and their future, the dems will continue to cry foul on anyone who makes a attempt to repair the damage.

  16. Yea bud, instead of flapping your lips prove what woodrow said was wrong. I have the bill summary that proves that the PAEA was voted on by voice vote in both chambers over a two day period and no records were kept as to how each member voted(..isn’t that convienent). It passed unamimously(…as in total agreement with) in the senate. The PAEA could not have passed without the Democrats voting for it.

    You liberals just can’t grapple with the fact that the democrats had total control for the first two years of this administration and yet did nothing for us. Now that an election is right around the corner they(…by virtue of this nitwit Ed) are rallying the weak minded(…that is you bud).

    Typical liberal reporting…lies of ommission, exaggeration, selective outrage, selective memories etc…red meat for the weak minded liberals. You clowns have a big surprise coming in november, but hey, your already plugged into the collective like a good little drone.

  17. This guy is bending the facts. The Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act of 2006 was voted in by Republicans AND Democrats .It was sponsored by Tom Davis (R,Va) and co-sponsored by Rep Danny Davis (D, Ill), Rep John McHugh (R, NY), and Henry Waxman (D, Ca). In fact, the Senate vote was unanimous. But he’s a political ideolog, so this is expected. The downsizing of the Post Office must happen in order for it to stay in business and that is agreed upon by everyone concerned and it’s a bipartisan consensus. This WILL happen and he’ using this issue as a great importunity to blame the Republicans( election year), and to make postal workers feel like “victims”. SB 1789 is bipartisan and is probably the best thing going to save the Post Office. We must slim down to survive, but NO ONE is going to lose their job. Even Obama said that the Post Office should go to 5 day delivery service, I guess he forgot to mention that…….


  19. “Former Boss” this must be the reason you are a “former boss”. Tell that to
    The disabled veterans such as myself that work hard everyday and take
    pride in their Postal Service. Truly the Post Office needs to start cleaning out
    all the riff raft upper management who run around in circles trying to come up with
    Unrealistic rules and regulations and making puppets out of everyone else because
    A huge majority of them could not hold a management position in any other corporation!

  20. ED, America needs to know these facts or they will truely be screwed big time. keep up the good work i,m depending on it. God bless our vets and America.

  21. You can trash the union but without it you would not have the wages you have, the annual and all other benefits. I work very hard at my job. Last year as I hit the 15th year of service I became a new regular – a nifty. So I now work 30 hours a week, 6 days a week, 5 hours a day. Just as I was to get 5 weeks vacation it was lessened because of the 30 hour to 4 weeks a year and sick leave also lessened 25%. With the sick leave I could care less I have 1500 hours of sick leave and I am very unlikely to ever get to use much of that. To use sick leave at the post office is not worth the grief. I honestly don’t even know why we have it, using it is akin to pulling teeth.

    Regardless of my grumbling I am very grateful for my job. Don’t get it wrong though the Republicans are trying to privatize and are trying to bust the unions and the middle class. The chasm between rich and poor will widen even more, even if you disagree with me just think about it. Please! To everyone the best of luck.

  22. The following are to be blamed for the USPS’ current woes:

    The economy
    Upper Management

    The “titty” is out of milk. There is more than enough blame to go around for all those that sucked it dry. Shut it down and sell it. Screw the unions…let them go grieve themselves into oblivion. I assure you this country will adapt to a different process. It ain’t the end of the world.

  23. Dear “Steve”, if you don’t like what the Postal Service has to offer….if you feel OVERPAID AND OVER BENEFITED…..and if you don’t think that you and your fellow employees work hard enough, THEN TAKE A HIKE DOWN THE ROAD and find a nice “Right to Work For Less and Less” non-union job….there are a GROWING NUMBER OF THEM because of folks like you that support the GOP/BAGGER IDEALS of low wages, and little or no benefits.

    I am proud to work here….and I earn every penny that they pay me. I have two ten minute breaks and a half hour lunch and I am constantly on the move all night long except for that….

  24. What the people of America fail to see is that UPS and FEDEX utilize the Postal Service network for final delivery of a large portion of their packages and parcels because it’s SO COST EFFECTIVE. FEDEX and UPS do not, I repeat: DO NOT have the network infrastructure that the U.S. Postal Service has. The Postal Service DELIVERS to EVERY house 6 DAYS A WEEK 52 weeks a year ! If this network is destroyed by privateering Republicans the fallout will be disasterous for every citizen and small business. Private delivery companies will pick and choose when and WHERE they will make deliveries and charge the everyday U.S. Citizen dearly for it. Delivery of your packages is the ONE thing that can’t be outsourced to China or Mexico – keep good paying jobs ALIVE in the U.S. one last note: Where do you think all the retuning Veterans of the Gulf War are going to seek employment when they come home ? The U.S. Postal Service is the LARGEST employer of disabled veterans and currently serving military heroes ! Congress: Get off you ASSES and provide corrective legislation to this debacle.

  25. But what stevo doesn’t tell you people, is that it takes 15 yrs of service to get 5 weeks off and many years of putting up with bullshit to reach the top pay scale and that if you do use that sick leave you will get dirty looks and called in the office… if you use it twice in 90 days you just might loose that job.

    There’s so much more to the story of a postal employee then what little ole stevo says.

    6 weeks and 65K after 20 yrs thats what id be asking for in the new contract 🙂

  26. When will America have enough of this BS from our Government and just can ALL the Members of Congress and the senate. time will come

  27. Send your Senators a message urging support for the S.1789 by CLICKING HERE.  This will take 20 seconds.Provides incentives to eligible postal employees (up to 100,000) to retire 
    ACT NOW:  Send your Senators a message urging support for S.1789 CLICKING HERE.   
    Forward this message to your colleagues, relatives and friends too and urge them to send the same message to the Senate to ACT NOW.
    NALC, APWU, NAPS, NAPUS, all Associations and workers, all Support S.1789!

  28. Ed, Keep telling it and airing it like it really, really is! Congress need to get off of their duss and pass legislation that will keep the Postal service opened, employees at work and universal service to all Americans! Ed, please keep up the good work! God bless you!

  29. Ed please, you as most do who find it necessary to report on the postal service for ratings are wrong. There are too many employees working now. Ed walk into any carrier station any morning and I welcome you to report the number of ‘workers’ standing around drinking coffee complaining how bad the job sucks. Clerks sitting throwing letters into pigeon holes all for 55 grand. not too shabby. Paid sick, 5 weeks vacation. If it’s so bad Ed maybe it’s time to privatize. Easy job. You don’t see people walking out the door, so really Ed how bad is it?

  30. “That was an excellent punch ED, I liked your video!” I have been working for the Postal Service 41 years and I will retire when I feel I’m ready to do so. Since I have been here they have been trying to privatize this service. Many of those Republicans may be investors in UPS and Fed Ex and other companies. It may be that Darrel Issa is one of those investors. If the USPS continues to exist, it will not benefit him and some of the other Republicans.

  31. Great video Ed thanks for setting the record straight about the Postal Service and its commander in charge.

  32. Republicans created this problem, has nothing to do with Obama. Another “let’s blame everything on Obama” groupie.

  33. Oh please ED, in 2006 the US Post office had the largest volume of mail on record. Yes congress decided to raid the Post offices funds in the tune of 5.5 billion a year for ten years to cover future healthcare expenses. Their motives were not to destroy the PO but to take any surplus and pay for other underfunded Federal workers retirement benefits. Like you said, the PO should be funded for the original purpose covering its own workers. What you fail to address is the Democrats had filibuster proof majorities in Congress for two years along with the Presidency and failed to address this raid. Lets face it the government is running deficits and both parties have raided the PO revenues for there constituencies. The money is gone, its not in an account marked PO future healthcare expenses. The economy is still in a tailspin with all mail volumes dropping. Fix this legislation and change coarse in Obamanomics to save the PO.

  34. Dear ED,

    I want to thank you for supporting the Postal Workers of this great Country of America I can only hope that the people of this country vote Dem. I am proud to work for the Post office, and can only hope i get 7 more years then retire.

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