Senate Passes Cloture Vote on Postal Bill S.1789


Slightly before noontime, the Senate voted to bring up S. 1789, the Lieberman-Collins-Carper-Brown postal relief.  The vote was  74-22,  14 votes more than necessary to invoke “cloture”.

The Senate is conducting general debate on postal reform and will proceed to consider amendments, the first being the “managers’ substitute” that will be filed by Senators Joseph Lieberman, Susan Collins,  Tom Carper and Scott Brown.  Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Chairman Lieberman outlined and explained the provisions that were to be included in the amendment to NAPUS legislative activists at NAPUS’  recent Leadership Conference. In part, the amendment make changes to S. 1789 that would strengthen the protection of community post offices and provide the Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC) with authority to overrule a USPS post office closing decisions; permit Medicare-eligible retired postal retirees the opportunity — not requirement — to enroll in a new less expensive FEHBP option to complement Medicare coverage, rather than duplicate it;  maintain overnight mail delivery in many regions; and create opportunities for postal innovation, making better use of USPS assets. NAPUS reviewed  the provisions in the amendment and has communicated its support to members of the Senate.

After voting on the managers’ substitute, individual Senators will offer additional  amendments.  NAPUS will carefully review each of these amendments and  share our views with Senators regarding them.


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  1. Send your Senators a message urging support for the S.1789 by CLICKING HERE.  This will take 20 seconds.Provides incentives to eligible postal employees (up to 100,000) to retire 
    ACT NOW:  Send your Senators a message urging support for S.1789 CLICKING HERE.   
    Forward this message to your colleagues, relatives and friends too and urge them to send the same message to the Senate to ACT NOW.
    NALC, APWU, NAPS, NAPUS, all Associations and workers, all Support S.1789!

  2. averages speak, avg postal worker processses 15 times to 10 times the letters of comparable number# 2,3,4, all th way to 20 countries including japan, germany, china, india, uk ….so on….

    this is average…meaning more the odds of finding a good postal worker is more than 90% in this organisation…i mean a carrier, clerk and so on..numbers dont lie…..( for bad mouthers, they need listerine mouth wash and orbit chicklets!)

  3. Tammy. Actually I have had countless times notes left in a mailbox with their phone number, sometimes with homemade cookies with the notes asking to go out with them. Prior to finding my wife, I vow not to date anyone off my route. I broke my vow and we have been happily together 3 years.

  4. Thank you “Jonsey”.”60s Dude” is just brainwashed like most postal workers. And yes I am a letter carrier in Oregon and proud of it. 10 years but my feet say 30 years. I was brainwashed for 8 years and then I seen the light.

  5. I work for the PO for 23 years plus 3.6 military time under fers. The entire government system is weak due to the Greedy Wealthy 1%. The GOP represents this class of citizens only. The continued assualt on funding government vs privatized companies have caused our recent problems. The studies have showed time and time again private companies enrich the very few at the expense of extreme taxpayer dollars and middle class workers. The work is usually not completed or done with corner cutting for the management to pocket the most they can while they can even to the point of not fufilling their contact.(just change the company name and get the same contract). ALL contacts have cost more within the first six months than the original cost est.
    Hope you noticed the new title our Postmaster General has since the oversight suggested his pay be on the table-POSTMASTER GENERAL / CEO.

  6. the repulicans want a rich and a poor so they can control please if you see this dont vote republican they will destroy this country

  7. you can bet on your usps letter carrier to deliver your mail, not usps management, thru rain, sleet, snow, darkness, dogs,animals,irate customers,floods,tornadoes,hurricanes, temps -20 thru 105+, wind chill factors,ice storms, etc. couple this with constant management harassment and you will see that a usps letter carrier has a job like no other. now imagine doing this job while being sick,having family and personal problems, and having low morale due to mis-management. i guess this job [from what i see and hear] is really a minimum wage deal. so do away with backround checks and drug tests and replace all these LAZY postal carriers with new people who will do this job for nothing with no benefits! heaven help us and God bless our vets.

  8. 60’s dude…your a dope smoking idiot! Erik is right! You clowns on the left are just “Tools and Fools” of the Soros clan. If you put your bong down long enough you would see how that works. Is there anything you libturds belive in that isn’t based on lies of omission, exaggeration and manufactured outrage?

    For example…the PAEA. To lay that at the feet of the republican party is a lie in and of itself. It could not have passed with out the support of the Democrat party and was voted on in the house and senate by voice vote with no records kept as to how each member voted. It is no wonder the GOP is hostile towards unions because of lies they spread to the weak minded fools and tools of the left.

  9. I’ve worked for the postal service for 29 years and have seen how customer service has declined over the years. The goal was keeping our customers happy with our service now management from the top down could care less if yr in line for a half hour just to mail a pauckage. At one time it use to be management talkg about customer service now its never mentioned. I’m a union member but also they have their own issues.

  10. Erick, you’re a stupid Flat Earth, Fake News douchebag. You fools are just tools of billionaires like the Koch Bros.

  11. ELLISON, I have an answer to your questions. Speaking for myself, yes, I do work for the United States Postal Service. In fact, It’s 1:00 AM on 4/18/12 and I just got home an hour ago.
    So, do you work for the USPS? I have another question. What does your statement “just to stay mess” mean? And, its “DOES anyone know what they are talkinG about?

  12. If we had a Republican Senate, we would have no trouble getting S1789 passed. We can only hope that the Democrats pull through! Vote YES !

  13. I have a question 4 everyone on this site. Do any of you really work for the USPS, OR are you on here just to stay mess? Do anyone know what they are talkin about?

  14. Its the fault of the unions. By supporting the Socialist Democrats election after election, you caused what is going on in this country. You and the unions opened it up for the Republicans and the Tea Party to get in and decimate the working people of this country. Don’t give to COLCPE! I gave to COLCPE for 8 yrs. When the healthcare bill was passed and supported by the unions against the wishes of the people I cut COLCPE OFF! They will just continue to give money to the people who will screw this country. Remember the president was supported by the unions and now he is stabbing us in the back with 5 day delivery.

  15. What I love is when we get a new body off the street.
    “We recently got a guy who was a temp at UPS”

    They always say this job is way harder than I ever believed.

  16. I wonder if a republican senator knows the price of a gallon of gas and milk? I bet they would say cheap and not answer the question since they do not pay for either one of them personally.

  17. After hearing Sen. McCain today on C-SPAN2… It’s sooooo clear and obvious that Republicans don’t care about the middle class and the average american worker.. let alone the Postal Service.. He did nothing to promote us. He talked so negative about the unions and our wages… Hmmmm.. I guess we should’ve left his ass in Vietnam and died as a POW!!!! Ungreatful motherfucker!!!!! How old is he anyway??? Shouldn’t he retire.. Would love to see his retirement package.. Disabled vet, free lifetime healthcare, VA benefits, SS and GOD knows what else they get.. It’s crystal clear that Republicans are destroying America.. They don’t care about saving jobs and veterans… FUCK YOU ISSA/ROSS/McCAIN… I HATE REPUBLICANS!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Puuulllleeeesss…. Your a Moran. If we could strike, I guarantee u that there be NO mail what’s so ever. Machines require a jogger and a puller. Then u got to stack and sort the trays into the offices they go to. That’s just the letter mail. Flats are still manual working when it gets to the carrier and sure the AFSM100 can sort the flats but it takes 5 people to run it. 3 to feed it and two pull the tubs. If we did strike. Mountain of mail and each day would be a continuance of pilling of mail. A week strike would take 3 weeks to get back to norm.

    Of that 1970 strike… that was only in New York and to my understanding they brought the city down to it’s knees. Last week a study found 30% still have ever used a computer.

  19. Awesome,,,Congress finally got rid of the politics, & are taken care of business. I am glad to see as part of 1789, taken some of the PMG’s power away from him & to a committee , with checks & balances in affect the way our government was designed to work. Postal management is so wasteful and most abuse their authority. I am a proud 30 year postal employee & Vietnam Vet and want to see 1789 passed. Let’s rebuild & downsize the USPS and hire management with some accountability! We need a working USPS…..this current one is abused and broke.

  20. Wingman, u hit the nail!!!! This is my second office and both offices I have been to, the GOP (uckups are rude and don’t give a shit about their routes. Over the years those (uckups are the ones that get to 204-b and then get promoted as supervisor. At the end of the day, they would have a carrier carry a 14 minute pivot across town that’s not on the OT list and send the carrier that is on the OT list home in 8 hrs. I would imagine we all seen this in every large office.

  21. lots of fun everyday being observed by management that are hiding in bushes, unmarked vehicles, buildings, etc. having been spied upon by binoculars, cameras and video the results were such; didn’t use handrails, missed scans, 31 minute lunch, didn’t cross lawns, didn’t have headlites on , and didn’t curb wheels close enuf to curb. of course letters of warnings and paper suspensions. such is the e-z life of an american letter carrier. come on down an apply for a carrier job, i’m sure you will see what a piece of cake job i have after all these years.

  22. Years ago craft work in the USPS required a brain, today it no longer takes one, the machines do the thinking for you. I wish you would strike and see how much mail still hits the streets this is no longer 1970

  23. It always seems those who don’t what the hell they’re talking about usually have some ignorant smart ass comment. If you haven’t walked a mile in another man’s shoes, you have no business critiquing him. Republican union haters have no fucking idea what carriers do on a daily basis, and I seriously doubt they could do it. The handful of GOP suck ups in my office are either incompetent or rude as hell to their customers, one of them constantly shooting off his fat mouth about everything under the sun to his customers when he should be keeping his trap shut and just delivering mail. He gets more rude complaints than anybody else.
    I don’t know how to explain the tendency that these type of people have to think they know everything, but lots of them get into management all over the country and in every business. And we wonder why this country is fucked up.

  24. Unionyes…. I like to see you carry 30 lbs strap to your shoulder, walking up 40 steps to deposit one STD rate letter into a mailbox, walk back down those 40 steps and repeat that process for 700 other deliveries; In 115 degree heat index or 40 below windchill, in severe and/or rainy weather, dogs off the leash and snow, for what u believe is of an overpay salary. I am a proud letter carrier and I believe I deserve the salary I get.

  25. I’m a clerk and I think they have no choice but to pay carriers $25/hr or more to do a thankless job with the abuse they get from management. It’s a crappy job plain and simple.

  26. UnionYesabuseNo
    let me explain something to you,
    It’s a privilege to belong the any Postal Union, these are premium jobs,
    Sounds like you are under paid, move up to the middle class before you condemn
    your fellow American workers, you can do it!

  27. This is not the post office of the past. With fss I have over 600 stops and am busy for 8 plus hours a day.

    The redundant work that mgmt does is rediculous!
    They create more paperwork to justify their jobs.

  28. clerks and carriers are UNDERPAID, management are OVERPAID but just hang in there for kissing each other and abuse employee for fun.

  29. Unionyesabuse You don’t know what your talkin about….Maybe your carrier didn’t take a lunch and is tryin to eat while making sure the mail is delivered on time. Maybe you should carry a few routes befor you open you uninformed mouth!

  30. hey union ypour a freakin ass hole every job has people that dont perform to standrsa lmao i bet you are one also.

  31. Carriers like all other Postal Employees are WAY overpaid. My letter carrier breaks on each block to make sure his route takes him all day. When I go to the Post Office, I always have to wait in line for 20 minutes while the other 3 windows are closed for some mysterious reason. You FAIL as a business!

  32. finally some movement on Postal issues. Now good luck getting the house and commandant Issa to do anything.

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