Editorial: Your Letters U.S.P.S.

Let me transform this sheet of paper into a three-fold, slide into this self sealing envelope and prepare to get serviced at the postal café. I’m a first class letter and I just flew in from Cali via this shipper of choice. Without a massive delay please get me to my destination through your retail access point before the pleasant scent of cologne fades from my packaging. The way you people sling me through those machines wrecks my nerves, don’t get me twisted while I’m on my way. I got hot news and hope you can feel my steam. My address is inviting, and I’m inexpensively stamped for you to cancel when you’re ready to get paid.

I hear your employees talking about the USPS financial overpayment crisis and how the eagle is about to squawk 7700 (general emergency) with a closing grip on heavy duty scissors in one talon and a broke off universal service sign in the other. The weight of the slipping grasp is affecting her ability to confidently fly above the danger. In the background employees  chatter and debate not about the cost of delivering mail but concerning prospects to reduce service standards, shut post offices, empty the nest of 120,000 human resources, close 256 processing centers, and eliminate Saturday delivery. If you can hear me through this envelope, each of those thoughts stirs up winds that will blow out my service like a candle.

I heard you say all this panic is aggravated by a pre-funding requirement that should be on the ridicu-list, a grid-locked congress absent from duty to navigate our American brand to the safest landing and continue widespread delivery. The left wing of this big bird agency is tattooed with “we got to do something” and the right wing is stamped “if you are not with us, you’re against us.” I’m just a first class letter, but I know this lead agency is the thanks-giving centerpiece supporting eight million eaters in a trillion dollar industry.

For 236 years, you’ve adapted to an evolving society through delivery methods like the pony express to advances beyond the telegraph, and I admire your new era logo represented by that blue supersonic eagle. From the south to the west, the east and the north, and always to the last-mile your extensive universal delivery network was built to last. Internationally holding down the number one spot for mail service in the world, and clinging to “most trusted” six years consecutively. You deliver effortlessly and now you want to burn your letters in effigy. What happened to the post office up the block? Service like yours used to repeat customers like me.

Are you going my way? Then you better get in touch for me in the 21st Century Postal Service Act, amended of course, without inflicting long term harm on this great Nation’s mail system. There are plenty of opportunities to increase your delivery altitude and continuing to build a better “mail trap” for new revenue and the ultimate customer connect and experience.

Do me a favor before you electronically divert me, shred me, recycle me, or toss me in the circular file. Pass me around to all your Senators and the House of Representatives and show some passionate emotion with your heart, head, and for their political health strongly urging them to keep the U.S.P.S. letters on their mind. Now!

Ronald Williams, Jr.