Dramatic, Visual Evidence of the New “First Class” Service Standard

If you want to see dramatic, visual evidence of what the new “First Class” service standard would mean for U.S. mailers, go to https://ribbs.usps.gov/index.cfm?page=modernservice, click on Service Standards Maps, then enter your Zip Code.

For Seattle 98101, Tacoma 98401 and the state capital of Olympia 98501, everything going to the northwestern part of Washington state would take two delivery days; everywhere else would take three delivery days.  If that is too slow, the Postal Service offers overnight Express Mail that starts at about $20.

By comparison, United Parcel Service and FedEx both offer an inexpensive Ground service that delivers OVERNIGHT to the entire state of Washington and most populated areas of Oregon for half as much.  See UPS Ground delivery times at http://www.ups.com/maps?loc=en_US.  For items up to 1/2 pound, they charge about $8 to a business address, $10 residential.  Of course, the higher shipping cost would be passed on to customers.  Thanks, USPS.

Don Cheney
Auburn WA

Modern Service Standards

Modern Service Standards were first published in January 2007 in accordance with requirements of the Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act of 2006. Modern Service Standards are updated quarterly to reflect changes in the processing, transportation, and delivery network.

Service Standards are officially defined as “A stated goal for service achievement for each mail class.” A Service Standard represents the level of service that the USPS strives to provide to customers. These standards are considered to be one of the primary operational goals, or benchmark against which service performance is compared in various measurement systems


7 thoughts on “Dramatic, Visual Evidence of the New “First Class” Service Standard

  1. A service standardchange would delay not only the 1st class overnight delivery letter mail but 2 and 3 day delivery mail would also be delayed also.The 2 and 3 day delivery mail is out of your perspective city and state mail delivery. All in all all portions of mail delivery service standards would greatly be affected. This is coming from an ex-postal worker that worked in the distribution daily operation. Postal Managrment want congress, PRC and the public to think the mail delivery won’t be affected. If the service change takes place, everyone mail will be processed a day behind the normal processing schedule. Businesses that pick up their daily mail to help run their daily business, will not be able to gettheir mail early in the morning, nor their mail in a timely manner! Their mail be be delayed and untimely for pick – up as they are now accoustom to.Congress need to act fast, not just for the shortfall, but for the long fall! Keep americans working and keep the universal mail service!

  2. Wow! Some really good rants…here I go. Quite a bit of what we’re faced with today goes way back to the PRO of 1970 (71?). Just as the founding docs of this (great?) country were flawed (slavery) I would propose it is likely the case for the USPS as well. Lincoln said ” A house divided against itself can not stand”. He was right . USPS has a divided (schizophrenic?) mandate after 1970. It is neither corporate or government but a blend or an attempt at blending. Not working so hot anymore, and I’m not sure it ever did.
    For example in apx 1999 management went for PFP. Now how in the heck can that work when you don’t get your craft employees to “buy in” to that concept. This policy engenders dishonesty (management) and rewards in good times and bad.
    Dinc (#2 commentator) pretty well nailed Don a hoe. Might I just add Amen. I think USPS is currently running on FERS overpayment (9 Billion?)
    Don a Hoe needs to go. President O did you foster him on us? Where are the Dems.? We know where the Rethugs are . Googe Darryl Issal aka ‘richest man (felon) in congress.

  3. zach… good job on researching the data to present accurate information
    to the readers. while it is possible that ups ground service will
    deliver the entire state of washington overnight, one has to go by the
    service standards released by these companies and not just lip service by
    some employee.
    i was reading the local paper here and read a quote by some politician
    running for office. he said, “when you don’t respect something you don’t
    defend it. when you don’t defend it you LOSE IT.” while he wasn’t talking about
    first-class mail or the post ofice, this is the exact problem ALL of usps workers face. usps has a dimwitted bureaucrat named patrick donahoe as postmaster general. donahoe has no respect for the product he sells (delivery/service of
    mail) and also no respect for the usps’s employees. look at donahoe’s actions as postmaster general and you will see he has no respect for the service the usps provides its customers. idiot donahoe wants to slash service everywhere and has the audacity to claim that the reduction in service standards will be
    “imperceptible” to usps customers. imperceptible is defined as, very slight or difficult to see. donahoe wants to take twice as long to deliver the mail and he thinks this change will go unnoticed by his customers! talk about having no respect for his product or for the intelligence of his customers for that matter.
    on the employee side donahoe’s actions have shown him to be an untrusting liar
    to the employees of the usps. i cannot believe one word thats spews from donahoe’s piehole. futhermore, donahoe’s administration’s “chicken-little” routine of claiming the usps will run out of cash, for at least three straight years now has turned him into
    laughing stock. when you claim you are going bankrupt in 2010 and then it dosen’t happen, then you say well we will run out of money in 2011 and that dosen’t happen….then, you claim we will be broke in 2012 and that dosen’t occur, then people just laugh at you when you make another chicken-little prediction.
    donahoe has no respect for the service the usps sells, which is the timely
    delivery of all the mail. therefore, if politicians allow donahoe to reduce service standards then there will be no one left to defend the ONLY product the usps sells, which is delivery service.

  4. Mr. Cheney is spewing incorrect data. I ran the numbers this morning based on a large envelope item in state and the numbers are as follows:

    UPS next day by 10:30am $26.45
    FEDEX next day by 10:30am $26.45
    USPS next day by 10:30am $18.95

    Mr. Cheney you would make an excellent politician with your lack of facts to back up your statements. UPS ground at $8 is a 3-5 day service. Nice try.

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