APWU Wins Settlement In Accident Report Privacy Dispute

APWU Web News Article 30-2012, April 5 , 2012

On March 28, the APWU reached a Step 4 settlement [PDF] with the Postal Service that requires management to better protect employees’ privacy when workers report accidents.

The dispute arose when the union learned that the USPS had replaced the paper version of the Accident Report form (PS Form 1769) with an electronic version of the document, e-1769. The USPS said that using the new form would increase efficiency and eliminate unnecessary repetition of information.

In a grievance [PDF] filed on Jan. 29, 2008, however, the union charged that the electronic form violated privacy protections found in the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) [PDF] and the Privacy Act because it required the inclusion of employees’ Social Security numbers and restricted medical information.

In the settlement, the USPS agreed to discontinue the use of the improper e-1769 Form; remove all medical diagnosis from accident report forms; comply with electronic security requirements identified in Postal Bulletin 22238, and remove Social Security numbers. In addition, the parties agreed that management would continue to comply with Article 14 of the CBA, which requires the Postal Service to provide copies of Accident Reports to employees, safety committees and other APWU representatives.

The settlement does not alter OSHA’s accident reporting system as described in OSHA Forms 300 and 301 (Section 1904 of the OSH Act, Recording and Reporting Occupational Injuries and Illness), nor does it address or resolve any issues regarding the Postal Service’s current automated accident reporting system, Employee Health & Safety (EHS).

5 thoughts on “APWU Wins Settlement In Accident Report Privacy Dispute

  1. How does one WIN a settlement when one ARRIVES at a settlement via negotiations? Just a ploy by APWU in using semantics to make their lemmings feel that they are doing something however…what about that ever changing contract? Magicians use the same tactic. Its called distraction. And…by the way…how are those dues assessments working for y’all?

  2. the pse are taking over regular position and all mike gallager gives a shit about is a hot dog stand and what liz says get on the stick mike and start doing your job or are you selling the regulars down the river too

  3. Hi gang. I’m a clerk in California, 34 plus years in and 55 years old. I am waiting to see if they offer incentives to retire. If its sufficient, I will go, which will possibly also help a newer clerk to save his job……. As some of you said weeks ago, it’s true that APWU President Guffey is trying to block incentives for clerks! My local president was at a state convention a couple weeks ago where a national officer told a room full of people about Guffey. This officer himself was against the idea and said people should call Guffey to express their feelings. Guffey’s supposed reason is that OPM is behind on processing retirements. The real reason is probably that he doesn’t want to lose members. Mr. Guffey has no right to deny me an opportunity for an incentive. As I stated, my staying a little longer is also jeopardizing a newer clerks job ( who may also be a union member). So he’s actually hurting 2 union members. PLEASE LET OTHERS KNOW WHATS HAPPENING AND TELL THEM TO CALL MR. GUFFEY. THANKS!

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    American Postal Workers Union
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