Video: Arizona woman blames post office for losing 10 packages

MARICOPA, AZ – Victoria DiFranco flew to Cleveland last October to be by her sister’s side before she died of cancer.

“I spent her last couple of weeks with her. She passed on November 5th,” DiFranco said.

After the funeral, DiFranco mailed several packages from Ohio to her home in Maricopa filled with irreplaceable memories.

“Family pictures, family heirlooms. It’s stuff that was important to my family,” DiFranco said.

But DiFranco said 10 of the boxes she sent never got delivered. She called the U.S. Postal Service office to find out what happened.

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4 thoughts on “Video: Arizona woman blames post office for losing 10 packages

  1. the question is, did she package them properly?

    Its astonishing how much poorly/inadequately packaged mail people send.

    always use a rectangular cardboard BOX (not a plastic bag, not a puffy envelope, not a coffee can – if you need to mail one of those, put it INSIDE a box)

    always use REAL shipping tape – not masking tape, scotch tape, electrical tape, etc.

    Wrap the shipping tape ALL THE WAY AROUND the box, in BOTH directions. Amazing how many people just put one strip across the opening between the flaps.

  2. 10 Boxes lost? How many were sent? Put all in one crate, send by freight, there in 5 days. Done! Now, seriously; it appeared that all were sent insured NOT requiring a signature. Was anyone home to accept them? Did any of the total get delivered? The blonde bubblehead said it was difficult to know if delivered without a scan. WHAT! a #’d insured and no scan. Honkey please. If they were delivered, with or without a scan, but nobody was home, did the neighbor brats steal them. Tell the local constable to check the pawn shops. If the carrier lied. . . arrest-fire-incarcerate.

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